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Survival I’m not going to lie — the first month with a newborn is a challenge. It is survival of the fittest. You have to be ON all the time. When people tell you to get rest when the baby sleeps listen to them.  Today, I want to share with you a few tips that […]

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We did it! We survived the first two weeks of Distance Learning. I am not going to lie to you — it was hands-down a very challenging week. And no, it’s not because I take for granted what the teachers do. Instead, it’s the processes that the school district has put in place that have […]

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Self Care. As a mother of three, I can’t tell you the last time I had a pedicure, my eyebrows groomed, or a good massage! We get so caught up in caring for the babies that we forget about ourselves. Men, on the other hand, might not have this struggle.  When I met #Husbae in […]

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Document your moments. Do you ever get sick of hearing people tell you what you should or should not do? Well, I do. Honestly, it is the very reason why I am so independent now. I remember when I was in high school and I wanted to get a cell phone. This was way before […]

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It’s day four of being in self-quarantine due to the Coronavirus, and we are all about to pull our hair out. This week has been full of adjustments and grace. Instead of spending the week in West Palm Beach for the kids’ spring break, we are staying home and trying to make the best out […]

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Today, I broke down. Yes, I, Tiffany Brown, broke down in tears. Some of you can probably relate; others may not quite understand. Being a working mom has its challenges. But being a working mom at 37 with a newborn is completely a different challenge all in itself. I am blessed to have a job […]

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Yeah, I said it. Now that I am on baby number three, there is something that I have noticed over my tenure of motherhood. People always seem to ask the question …  Are you Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding? See, for some, the question may seem pretty straightforward. But for me, it’s complicated … and this […]

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Mom Guilt I know I am not the only mom of multiples who has dealt with this feeling. We have only been home for a few days with Baby Brown in tow. After some complications, we are so happy to be home but now the reality of this life change is setting in. The Struggle […]

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One Word For 2020 Happy New Year! Can you believe that 2020 is here and we are officially entering a new decade? To be honest, I am just happy and blessed to be here to experience it. Over the past couple of days, you may have seen everyone posting all of their highlights of 2019. […]

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I am the type of person that likes to put up the Christmas tree on or after Thanksgiving. As soon as I found out the due date of Baby Brown, I quickly realized that I would have to change my plans. New Christmas Tree Funny story, I actually tossed my Christmas Tree last year because […]

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