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If you’ve ever considered moving beyond simply posting on social media and taking control and ownership of your space online, you may have pondered the idea of becoming a social media influencer. But the question then often becomes, how to determine your rate as a social media influencer. Before we consider that, it’s important to […]

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Within the realm of social media marketing, influencer marketing is a popular choice for many brands and companies. Social media users with a dedicated group of followers and fans can position themselves as experts in a particular industry or field and as a result, are highly sought after by brands to help promote products and […]

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Are you looking to land brand partnerships with less than 1oK followers? As an influencer, part of your income may come from sponsored content or brand partnerships. This means that a brand pays you to post about their product. You would create a YouTube, Tik Tok, or Instagram IGTV video or Reel, write a blog […]

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How to Discover Your Niche and Create Amazing Content

As a content creator you may have heard that to truly be successful you should niche-down and create content for a very specific audience.  The reasoning behind this is two-fold. When you discover what your niche is you’re better able to create specific content that appeals to your target audience. Having a distinct niche also […]

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Brand Ambassador A brand ambassador is an online content creator or influencer who helps a business by promoting a product or service to its audience, usually through their social media outlets. Influencer marketing is a modern-day word-of-mouth form of marketing that relies heavily on the use of the internet to create a buzz around a […]

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Content That Provides VALUE. When it comes to being a content creator, there is so much more that goes into it than most people think. Creating content goes way beyond taking pretty pictures and posting them across your social media channels. Trust me, I know. Before I started out on my journey of being a […]

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Original Content I know you have probably heard this before, and you are probably saying to yourself, “What is she talking about? Seriously: 3 Reasons Why Creating Original Content Is Important?” You’re probably thinking to yourself, but I create original content all the time. But, is your content truly original? Have you copied someone else’s […]

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High-Quality Content If you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel, you know that I have been sharing tips on being an influencer. Actually there are a few videos where I share tips, tricks, and insights on the questions I get asked the most about. Recently one of my subscribers reached out about my 4 Tips […]

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Influencer Networks It’s about time I start spilling the tea on being an influencer. Recently I have been receiving a lot of questions about being an influencer. To be honest, being an influencer is something I am truly passionate about. Not for monetary reasons but because I get to connect with you (my audience) every […]

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