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How to Discover Your Niche and Create Amazing Content


As a content creator you may have heard that to truly be successful you should niche-down and create content for a very specific audience.  The reasoning behind this is two-fold. When you discover what your niche is you’re better able to create specific content that appeals to your target audience.

Having a distinct niche also means you’re able to position yourself as an expert in your chosen topic. This can mean higher page views for your blog, as Google begins to recommend your content in search results. Being considered an expert in your field of expertise means more opportunities. A by-product of additional opportunities, of course, is added influence and income.



How to Choose Your Niche

Defining your area of expertise and knowing how to choose your niche means digging deep to discover who you are, what your core values are, where your interests lie and what you want to share with the world. While this may seem like an easy task, things can often get cloudy. By nature, humans are complex. For most of us, there’s not just ‘one thing’ that appeals to us. We have a variety of interests and passions. The difficulty that arises when you work through how to best choose your niche, is narrowing down all of those interests into one quick phrase.

Take into consideration your background and your goals. To that, consider who you want to reach and the message you’d like to get across. If you’re a mom who works from home while raising a family and running a small business with a small farm on your property, it’s likely that you won’t be blogging about life in the city. More likely, you’ll be blogging about how to run your business with small children around and sharing recipes, gardening, and animal care tips with your audience.

Discover Your Niche

We all have that one topic that we talk about with whoever will listen. If you find yourself constantly thumbing through home decor magazines for inspiration or have an eye for home organization and design, you may just have an interest in beautiful spaces. But, if your friends always send you photos while they’re out shopping asking for your opinion on a side table or pillow pattern, this could be a clue as to what your blogging niche should be.

Take into consideration the things that interest you and what people ask your opinions about. Could you spend hours talking to anyone who will listen about the one thing you love? If so, chances are, your niche is your passion and something you should create content around.

What if you’d rather create content on a topic totally unrelated to your interests? That’s absolutely fine. Often, creators provide content about topics that they have some interest in that they know they could earn an income from. The key, then, lies in motivation. If your main motivator is income, you’ll likely be able to continue creating content around that so-so topic. The important factor to consider when figuring out how to discover your niche is whether or not you can create content around it consistently.

Defining Your Target Audience

Once you narrow down your personal perspective and what you intend to share, it’s time to define your target audience. Most often the target group of people you want to reach will have a similar background and similar interests to yours.

One easy way to define your target audience is to work through who it is you’re creating content for. Imagine that you’re creating content for one specific individual. Giving that person a name, job and background will make things much easier. By figuring out who your ideal audience member is, you can easily identify what information she’s looking to glean from you. Define her pain points and help her solve a problem or issue that she has. This will allow you to create targeted content that reaches exactly who it’s meant for.

The Benefits of Niching Down

Defining your audience in such a way allows you to reach a very specific demographic instead of constantly creating content that appeals to absolutely everyone. There’s no way to reach everyone, all the time, so work toward reaching one, specific person. This will help you hone in on your exact audience and reach the people who need your message the most.

How to Create Amazing Content

Often we put too much thought into how to create content that resonates with our readers. It really boils down to simply figuring out what problem your audience is trying to solve and providing solutions to that problem. 

If your target audience includes moms of young children who are looking for natural parenting tips, the best place to find content is to go where your audience is online and figure out what people are looking for. Often, public Facebook Groups are a great starting point to help you create amazing content that people are looking for. Scroll through posts to see what people are looking for; topics like natural diaper rash remedies or how to comfort a teething baby, come up regularly. If you know how to make an all-natural diaper rash cream, consider writing a blog post with tips on how to make a coconut oil-based ointment along with ideas on how to prevent diaper rash from occurring.

You can use this method for any niche; it’s just a matter of going to where your audience congregates online, figuring out their pain point or what information they’re seeking, and providing that information. Solve your target readers problem, consistently, succinctly, and regularly, positions you as an expert in your niche.

As you begin to receive continued page views around a certain subject, Google will recognize your site as an authority on the topic. This creates a chain-reaction in which your site starts to show up in Google search results. This positioning gives you additional bargaining power. You’ll be able to monetize your site through ad networks, sponsored posts. Discover your niche and you’ll increase your influence and earning potential. 

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How to Discover Your Niche and Create Amazing Content-Tiffany D. Brown

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