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Celebrate The Small Wins-August 2020 Edition


The Small Wins.

July and August have been extremely challenging months not only for me personally but with my business as well. One thing that I realized is that I can be VERY hard on myself. Especially with celebrating my monthly “wins”.

It seems like I get started off on a great track, I feel motivated and inspired then life happens. When “life” happens, I tend to get distracted and unmotivated. So, I have decided to start documenting my wins for the month.


Celebrate The Small Wins-August 2020 Edition-Tiffany D. Brown

Oftentimes we naturally want to focus on the “BIG” wins and when those don’t happen, we get discouraged. But what we fail to realize is there are a lot of small wins that we don’t give ourselves credit for. Moving forward, I am going to change that. By documenting every single win each month, I can stay motivated to know that I am still doing the things I love the most. Most importantly, I am taking the time out to give myself grace.

Today, I am sharing my “small” wins with you in hopes to motivate you to start doing the same thing. We can get so caught up in everyone else’s successes and wins that we fail to realize we have wins of our own.

Celebrate The Small Wins-August 2020 Edition-Tiffany D. Brown

August 2020 Wins

  • Reached over 1,000 Pinterest Followers

  • Instagram content was reposted and shared by Medela, NubyUSA, The Curly Co, Cloud Island by Target, Axum Coffee (Winter Garden) and Walk-Ons (Orlando)

  • Ordered a new camera for my business

  • Sold 3 Digital Products

  • Became an Auntie to Baby Luna Rae 8/8/2020

  • Partnered with Toyota USA for our first family trip of 2020

  • Had my first photoshoot since having Baby E

  • Reached 3,900 YouTube Subscribers

  •  BIG 7 Travel Article featured some of my favorite spots in Orlando

  • Featured in Huffington Post Article

  • Featured in Business Insider Article

  • Winner of sales contest for my full-time job

Celebrate The Small Wins-August 2020 Edition-Tiffany D. Brown

Looking at this list has me SHOOK!

Surprisingly, I had more wins than I thought I did in the month of August. Some of these wins I have not even shared with ANYONE! That is why documenting your wins daily or weekly will put a lot of things into perspective for you especially if you are feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything.

Crazy Right?

So today, I am holding myself accountable to share my small wins and to document all of them moving forward. By having so much to do all the time it seems as if these wins don’t exist.

But, they do.

I just have to be the one to acknowledge them and use them to keep me motivated to push through every single day. Yes, it will be hard. But it can be done. Everyone has their own journey and purpose path. This will help you to stay focused on your own goals and wins while also celebrating and supporting others that are out here winning too.

Celebrate The Small Wins-August 2020 Edition-Tiffany D. Brown

Celebrate the “small wins” not just the big ones.

Do you have a method for documenting your wins? I would love to hear about it. Share in the comments below!

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