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Easy Ways To Compromise When Conflict Arises



[00:00:50] I know that I have been a little MIA over the past week due to just traveling and also being under the weather and so I’ve finally got my voice in check enough to get on here and record some more episodes for you guys. So as always thank you so much for tuning in and downloading and I really hope that today’s show helps you in some kind of way.

We are going to be discussing just a couple of ways how we can learn to compromise. As we all know, being able to compromise improves our relationships be it a partnership be it a business partnership being a personal relationship. We know that that is vital.  Today I will be sharing a few tips on learning to compromise and how it will help improve any of your relationships. Starting with number one:

We don’t always have to be right.

[00:02:22] This is one that’s big for me because anytime we get an argument with anybody at a friend’s like it’s a co-worker you know we always want to be right and you know the first problem with fights is that everyone that’s involved wants to be right. We all want to win. It’s understandable that we feel that way. But you know it’s something that we really need to stop feeling. That feeling of I have to be right I have to win this argument. When you want to win you’re not listening to the other side of the argument or conversation.

[00:02:57] So sometimes we have to take a step back and listen to our partner friend or co-worker and understand their point of view because of nine times out of ten, we probably are not right. Although we may feel that we are and hearing the other person’s side of the argument is vital to any relationship and is definitely vital to being able to compromise. The other thing you guys we need to learn how to do is:

Let things go.

[00:03:27] Now I know this is a tough one for many people. Heck, it’s a tough one for me. I mean I can dredge up stuff from like seven years ago and bring it up to the T but you know needing to be right is just the first thing you need to let go of.

[00:03:45] So we don’t want to hold on so tightly to all the things in the past when somebody has wronged us. I mean you’ve heard the saying you know you have to forgive and forget. You know it’s really not the other way around. Where is forgive but hold a grudge and a lot of times we can get sucked into that holding a grudge aspect to where we lose relationships. Holding on to grudges and basically carrying that burden is one that we have to learn to let go of.

Re-think your expectations.

We all have expectations of people we have those expectations that are known. But more importantly, we have expectations that are unknown.  You know we have to be aware of the expectations that we put on other people. Many times people don’t have any clue that they have that expectation. Then we get upset and we get frustrated and we get mad. Another thing you guys,

We have to be willing to change.

I know. Change that word right. The one word that nobody probably really likes to hear. But deep down inside we know there’s a lot of things that we could do to change that could help benefit us in the long run. But we have to be willing to change. So after you rethink your expectations you know you’ve got to be willing to act on those changes as you see fit. Now it’s one thing to say that you’re going to actually compromise and you’re willing to compromise. But you know entirely different when you actually have to act on that change because a major part of compromising is actually following through with the resolution.  I know we can you know to the very end.

But you know once you tell someone that you’re willing to change and that you’re going to do better and you go to work towards doing better and being better make sure that you’re following through on that because not only does it hold you accountable but it also shows how much you value that relationship that you have with that other person.

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