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Business: Your Purpose Doesn’t Need Permission



More than ever, I have noticed that there are so many people searching to find their purpose. They are searching for their calling and trying to figure out what they were put on this earth to do.

If you were born in my day, you were taught to go to school and get good grades. Then you needed to go to college to get your degree in order to secure a good job from which you could retire one day. 

Business: Your Purpose Doesn't Need Permission-Tiffany D. Brown

But now …That is no longer the case.

Today, people want more than just working for someone else. They are on a mission to turn their hobbies into businesses and to make their own schedules. I know this because, for starters, this is me as well as other people I know. Recently, I was having a conversation with someone and I had this epiphany.

For so long (without knowing it), I have been asking for permission to fulfill my purpose. What does that mean? We have people in our lives that unknowingly dictate our every move and decision. We never take the trip because others think its too expensive. We never start our blog because someone is telling you that it would be too much work. So what happens?  Without even thinking about it, we conform to what the other person wants us to do. Meanwhile, we feel boxed in and unhappy. So, we wake up every morning to clock in on a job that we hate and come home to just going through the motions of “life” rather than walking in our purpose.

Business: Your Purpose Doesn't Need Permission-Tiffany D. Brown

You don’t need permission.

I am learning early this year to be careful about taking on someone else’s fears. Just because they don’t believe you can do something doesn’t mean you won’t. I have talked about this on my podcast, and it is true. Stop asking for permission to follow your passion from people who lack motivation and (more importantly) have no passion … for anything.

Business: Your Purpose Doesn't Need Permission-Tiffany D. Brown

You don’t need to settle.

Especially if people “don’t understand” why we do what we do. It is not their purpose; therefore, they may never understand. Stop wasting your time trying to explain yourself. Stop trying to justify to them why you make the decisions you make. Trust me, it will only discourage you and we are not here for that this year.

Business: Your Purpose Doesn't Need Permission-Tiffany D. Brown

You don’t need to give up.

This one is tough. Especially when the people who are telling you to give up or not to pursue your passion/purpose are the people you love the most. This person could be a spouse, partner, parents, siblings or friends. I don’t know about you, but a lot of times when the people you care about this most don’t believe in or support you, you may want to give up. Don’t. You need to find the strength to push through and do it anyway. Because remember, this is your passion/purpose and if you have been called to do it then it will always be on your heart and in your mind until you do it.

Business: Your Purpose Doesn't Need Permission-Tiffany D. Brown

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