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Our First Family Trip Of Five With The 2020 Toyota Highlander

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This post was done in partnership with Toyota USA. The 2020 Highlander featured in this post was loaned to me for 7 days to travel with my family. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

We did it!

We took our first trip as a family of five. To be honest, I’m still shocked that we were able to escape for a few days. 

This would not have been possible without the help from Toyota and Local Toyota Dealers.  They allowed me and my family to enjoy the new 2020 Highlander Platinum AWD for 7 days.

This vehicle had everything I would need or ever want in a car. I was riding in luxury! 

My Top 10 features of the 2020 Highlander were:

  1. 12.5-inch display screen

  2. Digital vehicle display when the vehicle is put in reverse 

  3. Automatic side mirror adjustments when reversing

  4. Heated steering wheel

  5. Hands-free liftgate 

  6. Panoramic moonroof

  7. Cell phone charging dock (inside center console)

  8. Multiple charging ports for everyone’s devices

  9. MPG (fill in information) 

  10. On-windshield speed projector 

Another thing I absolutely loved about this vehicle was the color! It was beautiful: Moon Dust

The wonderful people at Local Toyota Dealers were so very thoughtful helping us prepare for our trip. Not only did they let us test drive and borrow the vehicle for 7 days, they also sent us a cooler bag stuffed with snacks and games for the kids AND a mat for the beach which came in so handy during our trip.

I’m sure you are wondering what all did we get into for our first vacation. We wanted to make this as fun as possible for the kids and not stressful for us. 


We promised the kids that we were going to take them to the beach for Spring Break back in March. However … CORONAVIRUS was just making its impact on the United States and we had to cancel our plans. 

When we initially told the kids we were taking a trip, they were under the impression we were going to visit their grandparents in Mississippi and Louisiana. When we finally told them (the day of) where we were going, they were so excited.

They had been asking to go to the beach for so long and we were making it happen. 

We decided to visit Sarasota. On the way there, we stopped by The Florida Aquarium. The kids had a blast. We finally made it to our hotel, got unpacked, and headed out for the closest beach. 

We visited Lido Beach that evening. I snapped a few pictures and the kids didn’t want to leave. I had to inform them that if we didn’t leave, the mosquitoes were going to carry their baby sister away! (Not kidding!)

But I promised them that we would return and they would have more time to play. The next day, we packed in 2020 Highlander, opened up the panoramic moonroof, and cruised to the Marie Shelby Botanical Garden. 

To be honest, they were not too happy because all they wanted to do was go to the beach. However, they had fun exploring and checking out all the different plants and flowers. 

We finally made it to our final destination …

Siesta Key Beach

This beach was just as beautiful as we had hoped it would be. The kids did not want to leave! To be honest, neither did I. But Baby E was getting a little irritated and sleepy, so we stayed as long as we could.

I wish we could have stayed a few more days but overall we had an amazing time. It was so great just to be present and enjoy the moments we had together. This will definitely be a trip they will remember for many years. 

When we finally made it back home, a gentleman was waiting for us to pick up the vehicle. My son asked me to use my “influencer skills” and tell them that we wanted to keep the car. Y’all?!…

I laughed so hard.

He was so serious. He absolutely LOVED this car and was disappointed when we had to turn over the keys. 

I told him maybe we can convince his daddy that this momma needs a new car and this would be perfect! Let’s just say, we are still working on convincing him. It just goes to show how much everyone enjoyed the ride just as much as they did the trip.

If you are looking for a vehicle that is not only safe and reliable but one that everyone in the family will enjoy, I highly recommend you visit your local Toyota dealers and test drive the 2020 Highlander.

Also check out “Becoming Highlander” ‒ a behind-the-scenes docuseries that will take you on the journey from the 2020 Highlander’s initial unveiling at the New York Auto Show to how it is made, marketed, and finally delivered to customers.

If you want to see more of our trip, head over to my Instagram page, and select the “Toyota” highlights.



Have you had a chance to drive the 2020 Highlander? What was your favorite feature? Let me know in the comments below!



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