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7 Steps To Grow Your Brand Website – check. Instagram – check. YouTube channel – check. Where do you go from here? There are a million different questions going through your mind. Where do I start? Are people going to like my content? Do I need all of those social media accounts? Will it be […]

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This post was done in partnership with Halo Sleep. The products featured in this post were gifted to me and all opinions are my own. You may think that because I have an 8-year-old and a 5-year old I have this motherhood thing down to a science. Newsflash … I don’t. Now that Baby E […]

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Purpose. More than ever, I have noticed that there are so many people searching to find their purpose. They are searching for their calling and trying to figure out what they were put on this earth to do. If you were born in my day, you were taught to go to school and get good […]

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I thought I would never say it but it is true. Now that we are officially in 2020, it is time to consider picking your niche and sticking to it. In 2019, this was really not my focus because, like most of us superwomen out here, I feel that I can do it all. The […]

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This post was done in partnership with Delta Children. The furniture featured in this post was gifted to me and all opinions are my own. To be honest, this process has been one of the most emotional things that I have experienced in a while. In just a few weeks we will welcome our “surprise […]

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One Word For 2020 Happy New Year! Can you believe that 2020 is here and we are officially entering a new decade? To be honest, I am just happy and blessed to be here to experience it. Over the past couple of days, you may have seen everyone posting all of their highlights of 2019. […]

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It’s been a minute! I know I have been slacking on sharing my bump updates with you. Blame it on all the last minute things that I have been trying to get together before Baby Brown’s arrival. So I decided to do a pregnancy vlog this time an around. This vlog I would have to […]

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I can’t believe it! Yall, we are only a few days away from meeting Baby Brown and I am not gonna lie… I am NERVOUS. I am nervous for many reasons but mainly because this is my first rodeo having a baby in Florida. My other two children were born in Louisiana and I absolutely […]

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Get Your Life Together. It started out as a pretty laid back Wednesday. No conference calls or corporate work to stress about just over here living my best life. Our M had a ceremony for being selected as a Kindergarten Terrific Kid for the month of November. So we attended her ceremony then I had […]

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I can’t believe in just a couple of weeks we will be adding a new member to our family. When I first found out about this baby I did not want to have a baby shower. There were a few reasons for this. The first one was because I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. My […]

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I am the type of person that likes to put up the Christmas tree on or after Thanksgiving. As soon as I found out the due date of Baby Brown, I quickly realized that I would have to change my plans. New Christmas Tree Funny story, I actually tossed my Christmas Tree last year because […]

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