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Become an Entrepreneur and Build Your Dreams on Your Own Terms


So many of us are intrigued by the idea of becoming our own boss but are afraid of taking that first step. If there’s something that you’re passionate about, or you’re interested in pursuing a new career path or starting a business in your area of expertise, there is no better time than the present. The last year and a half has taught us that nothing is promised and your 9-5 job doesn’t owe you anything. If you’ve always wanted to work for yourself, it’s time to start listening to that inner voice that is telling you to go for it. Here are 3 easy ways to become an entrepreneur and start building a future on your own terms.

1. Become an Entrepreneur by Meeting a Need

All good businesses solve a problem or address a particular pain point. You may already know what is needed in your field or industry. Is there something that you wish existed that doesn’t and if there is, is it something that you might be able to provide?

Figuring out what’s missing shouldn’t be too difficult but if you’re having a tough time of it, check in with colleagues and coworkers – provided you’re currently working a corporate job. See what needs they’re looking to be met. Take stock of what you’ve consistently been missing as a resource, tool, or service and brainstorm ways to meet that need.

It may take time and dedication, and depending on contracts, NDAs and legalities, you may be unable to launch your product or service after a period of time or upon leaving your current role. The important thing to realize is that if there is something that your industry needs and you’re able to provide it, this may actually be the path for you.  

2. Find Products to Sell if You want to Become an Entrepreneur

Setting up a shop and jumping in as a reseller is one of the easiest ways to become an entrepreneur these days.  Wholesale sites, dropshipping opportunities, and selling via Amazon make it easier than ever. Becoming a reseller is a lucrative business and an ideal entrepreneurship opportunity for those looking to start a business.

Shops like Shopify, Etsy, or eBay are a great place to start. Knowing your target audience is key, and determining where they spend most of their time will be your best bet in choosing the right platform. If you wish to sell wholesale products, you can check with some of your favorite local sellers of course, but there are also wholesale sites that link buyers to numerous businesses that offer wholesale products. Sites like Abound, Handshake, and Bulletin are popular choices for those wishing to dip their feet into entrepreneurship.


If you have a knack for fashion, consider a reseller platform like Mercari or Poshmark. Many entrepreneurs do well selling used clothing and accessories on these platforms. They’re a great way to become an entrepreneur because start-up costs are minimal and you can get started fairly quickly.

3. Offer Services and Become Your Own Boss

We all are an expert in something and many people have become their own boss by harnessing their knowledge, expertise, and experience and helping others. Whether it’s through coaching, consulting, or other types of services, sharing what you know about your industry or area of interest with others is a great way to become an entrepreneur and run your own business.

As a result of lockdown due to the global pandemic, in 2020, business startups increased by 24%. Layoffs, furloughs, and fear of the unknown drove aspiring business owners to lay it all out on the line and open up shop in hopes of bringing in an income from home. Discovering your strengths and taking stock of what it is you’re good at can be challenging, but it’s possible to use your abilities as a subject matter expert to help others build or grow their business or learn a new skill or industry.

Entrepreneurship can seem daunting, as we never know what may happen, but it is this unknown that we should embrace, especially if it’s something that has been on your mind for a long time. Start out slow, weigh all of your options and do the research. With a commitment to success, chances are you’ll find your way and become an entrepreneur in charge of your own direction and finances in no time at all.

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