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Crush Imposter Syndrome: Ways to Combat Self-Doubt in Business


No matter who we are, what we do, our skill level, or our industry, there are always going to be times when self-doubt creeps in and we begin feeling a little self-conscious about our abilities. Imposter syndrome sets in and has us feeling like skillless frauds. We start thinking, “Who am I to be doing this thing that I know I’m good at, but how dare I try to earn an income from it?” We question our abilities and doubt our skills, even when we know we’re amazing at what we do. But, I’ve learned that in order to grow and thrive in my photography business, I need to crush imposter syndrome and keep it moving. Here are three ways I do exactly that.

Affirmations and Mindset to Crush Imposter Syndrome

I recently shared an affirmation on my Facebook page: My photographs transform ordinary moments into extraordinary moments

And I truly believe this. My ability to capture amazing photographs that truly mean something is a skill that I have worked long and hard for. It’s not just ‘natural talent,’ though of course, it’s good to have an eye for aesthetics, color, lighting, and composition, however, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes, that comes from education and experience.

I have been honing my craft for so long, and continue to learn, grow and expand. Coupled with regular affirmations, because I know I am really good at what I do, I can crush imposter syndrome. It’s not easy when doubt starts creeping in, but a growth mindset can do wonders with self-confidence.

I Crush Imposter Syndrome By Celebrating Myself and My Accomplishments

Celebrating my accomplishments goes hand-in-hand with affirmations. Combining the two helps me combat imposter syndrome. Knowing that I am good at what I do, gives me the confidence to give myself accolades.   share my work and accomplishments with others and essentially let the world know what I do, how I do it, and that I am proud of my work.

This makes it easier when those imposter syndrome feelings come creeping in. I can be having the best day, feeling really great about a photo session, and then that feeling of doubt sets in, and I can find myself overthinking and spinning out of control.

When this happens, it’s helpful to center myself, relax and remember that I’ve come too far and learned too much to let self-doubt into my thoughts. I remember that clients love my work, and have told me many times how much they appreciate my ability to capture their special moments, perfectly and enjoy sitting with me.

By sharing what I do on social media, I simultaneously market my business and skills, while essentially tooting my own horn and letting others know that I know I am confident in my photography skills. Confidence is where the magic happens, and if I’m putting those vibes forward, I am sure to attract the same in return; clients who book with me and love what I do for them.

So, by celebrating myself, my work, and my accomplishments, I crush imposter syndrome and am building my brand and business beyond my wildest dreams.

Knowing That My Only Competition is Me

And, the final way I crush imposter syndrome in my business, is by recognizing that I’m not here to compete with anyone else. My skills and talents are just that, my own, and I owe nothing to anyone apart from my clients. I’m not here to make other photographers like me. I’m just here to do the best possible job for my clients, capture the images they want, and use my skills to create the best experience for everyone.

Imposter syndrome can kick in when we begin to compare what we’re doing with what others are doing. In the photography industry, this could be by trying to purchase new equipment to keep up with what influencers are sharing on YouTube.

It could mean trying out backgrounds or photography elements, tricks or techniques that we’re not fully skilled at, or even trying to do things that we plain do not like, in order to keep up with what other photographers are offering their clients.

And it’s not just other photographers we often try to hold ourselves up to. Sometimes a client will request something that we know deep down will not look great. Of course, it’s up to us to make the best of any situation. As artists, it’s entirely possible that we can work in any case. However, when trying to compete or keep up with trends that are just a passing phase, we tend to cheapen what we’re really good at. We disregard our strengths.

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No One Does it Quite Like You

By owning our skills and understanding what we’re good at, we can provide the absolute best for our clients, without sacrificing quality or morals. So, to crush imposter syndrome, not falling prey to competition is key.

No matter how good we are at what we do, there’s always going to be someone who does things a little bit better. But, that’s no reason to give up, it’s a reason to be inspired and motivated to learn more. No one does anything quite the way you do. My photography and style are vastly different from anyone else’s, and that’s the beauty of the industry. Each photographer brings their own experience, background, and style to their work, and attracts exactly the right clients to their business.

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