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First Day Back-To-School During A Pandemic


I can’t believe that today is the first day back-to-school.

Now we know that this year will be much different for all of us. For our children, teachers, and parents we will have a lot on our hearts and minds. One thing I wanted to share is how we as mothers and parents, need to be understanding during this process.

My children. My choice.

Back-To-School During A Pandemic-Tiffany D. Brown

Let me explain why I am making this point. Recently, my husband & I were having a discussion about our decision to send our kids back to school this year. We decided that we were going to send them back into the classroom to learn. Now, I know that everyone will feel some kind of way about our decision. Let me be clear.

I don’t’ care about YOUR opinion.

We had other parents that we know question our decision to send our kids back to school with all that is going on with the pandemic in our country. The mother even questioned whether or not we cared about our kids because we decided to send them back into the classroom.


Do NOT, I repeat…DO NOT question my care about MY kids and my decision to send them to school. You see, everyone has a different situation not to mention circumstances so please be mindful before you open your mouth to give your thoughts/opinion to another parent. The decision was made because it is the best thing for our family. My husband and I still work our full-time jobs. We don’t have family near that can do virtual school with our children or even help for that matter. So again, our situation is different.

I am not a bad parent because of this decision.

One thing I will not do is encourage my children to live in fear of the “what if’s”. As a parent, it is my job to educate my children on what they should do to protect themselves. Let’s be real… parents can’t protect our children from everything. Instead of instilling fear, we are instilling our children with the education and tools they need to manage their new environment.

I can’t keep y children sheltered from what is now our new reality. I am concerned about their mental health and being stuck inside all the time. As well as keeping them safe from the CORONAVIRUS.

Back-To-School During A Pandemic-Tiffany D. Brown

They NEED to be social.

They NEED to have independence.

Back-To-School During A Pandemic-Tiffany D. Brown

I will never risk my children’s lives for the sake of my convenience. My children will know what it means to be “socially distant” they will understand that wearing a mask will not only protect them but protect others as well. They will also know and understand why hand-washing is so important. But, my children will also learn how to navigate these unusual times that we are now having to manage.

So, if you are a parent that has decided to send your children back into the classroom, virtual learning, or homeschool that is YOUR choice. At the end of the day, education starts with us: the parents. We as parents try our best to make the best decisions for our children and this is no different.

If you know a parent that has chosen a different back-to-school option than you, be happy for them.

Don’t criticize them.

We have enough of that already. Instead, be there to support them. Because you will never know the true reason why the parent made their decision. There is more to this than just going back-to-school.

Some children don’t have loving home environments and returning to school is something they need to get away from that situation. Some moms and dads have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet so they may have to send their children back into the classroom. Whatever it is, remember to stay in your lane and keep your opinions of other parents and their back to school choice to yourself.

Even if my children return back-to-school for a week or a year, they will be prepared. I pray for God’s protection over them. They will have an amazing year and I truly believe that although things will look and feel different they will come out of all of this stronger than ever before.

Back-To-School During A Pandemic-Tiffany D. Brown

Back-To-School During A Pandemic-Tiffany D. Brown

I will be there every step of the way supporting them and encouraging them to do their best this year.

We are all in this together.

There is no RIGHT or WRONG way.

Remember that.

I hope that the school year is full of new friends, great laughs, and many memories for our kids. What are you looking forward to this school year?

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