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You Need An Exit Strategy From Your Corporate Job and Here is Why!


Whether you’ve been in the workforce for five years or twenty-five years, there comes a time in almost everyone’s life they feel as though being their own boss or working for themselves would be a better option. Many women make that transition and end up in a better financial, emotional, and physical position than they ever imagined. If you’re ready to quit your day job, here are 5 important reasons you need an exit strategy for your corporate job and how to go about determining whether or not now is the time to start working toward that strategy.

You’re Starting to Dread Monday Mornings

Life is far too short to be miserable and unhappy at your day job. Yes, the health insurance may be good, and yes it’s wonderful to have a steady income, but if you’re working at a corporate job you hate and dreading every moment you’re there, what is the good in that. Your mental health and interpersonal relationships are far more important than any bank account balance. If you’re having a difficult time making the commitment to leave your corporate job, consider creating a timeline and a hard date on the calendar where you can give your two-week notice. This will allow you to make those baby steps you need so when it’s time to leave, your side hustle will be in full swing.  

You Need An Exit Strategy From Your Corporate Job and Here is Why! - Tiffany D. Brown

If Your Side Hustle is Thriving You Need an Exit Strategy From Your Corporate Job

If you’re working your corporate job simply for the safety and security and fear s holding you back, it may be time to just finally cut ties with your 9 to 5, especially if your side hustle has proven successful. Once you’ve launched your business and are bringing in an income and you have done the research to ensure that it is a viable business with growth potential, this may be an important indicator that it’s time to put your exit strategy into motion. 

You Need an Exit Strategy if You Can’t Envision Yourself Getting Ahead

For those with lofty financial goals beyond what your corporate job can provide, making the shift from employee to entrepreneur is imperative. You can only get so far working for someone else. Often times in the corporate world, you can only grow as far as your supervisor will allow. There’s always someone vying for your position and often you’ll be in competition with your co-workers for enviable positions and areas of growth. 

If you don’t see yourself getting ahead or feel as though your efforts are being sabotaged, it may be time to begin working on that corporate exit strategy. When you have full control over your future and your income, you set the pace for how fast you grow and how much money you can make. 

You Can’t Think of Anything Else But Being Your Own Boss

When you’re passionate about an endeavor and find yourself thinking about what it will be like to be your own boss and be in charge of your own time, it can become all-consuming. Getting up every morning and going to a job that isn’t for you, can often find you daydreaming about how it’s going to be when you’re in control. 

These daydreams can become a reality but you need to take the first step. Rather than spend your time working your day job and being miserable, take the baby steps you need to finally fulfill your goals. If you feel as though you’re ready to be your own boss and recognize that it will take hard work and sacrifice, then the time is right to begin setting up your exit strategy from your corporate job. You recognize that you may end up working more hours as you build your business, but that’s a small price to pay for freedom from the 9 to 5.

Your Company Doesn’t Value You or Your Contributions

We’ve all been there; unappreciated and disrespected in the workplace. If you’re taking on more and more with little to no recognition, then it is definitely time to move on. Having a strong support system cheering you on is key, but knowing deep down that what you’re doing isn’t for you, speaks volumes. No one will respect you, your time, and your effort more than you will for yourself, and not being recognized for your contributions is an important reason you need to set an exit strategy from your corporate job into motion.

If you’re showing up every day for someone else’s dream while putting your own goals on hold until ‘the time is right,” you may never take that first step. Valuing yourself, your abilities and your ambition will take you further than any corporate job ever will, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

If you’re struggling with taking that first step, I would encourage you to get in touch with me for a discovery call. We’ll discuss your options, your strengths, and abilities and determine whether working together would be beneficial in your future goals as an entrepreneur. You don’t need to have all the answers. Chances are you won’t, but a coach can help you see what you may be missing. 

If all of the above factors are in place, you’re more than ready to begin working toward the exit strategy that will allow you to leave your corporate job. It is now just a matter of implementing, seeing it through, and following the timeline and course you’ve set for yourself so that when the time comes, you’re ready to jump in with both feet. Reach out to me and we can discuss ways in which you may wish to proceed and determine whether or not the time is right to begin working toward your corporate exit strategy. 


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