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Crush Your Goals with these 7 Great Tips That Empower Entrepreneurs


We all know that as an entrepreneur, you’re self-motivated and up for a challenge. Your drive and determination led you to begin that hustle and start your own business. We also, though, recognize that at times, self-doubt and apprehension kick in and you find yourself wondering why you even chose this route, to begin with. In times like these it’s best to remember your why; why you chose to break out of the mold and take on the world as an entrepreneur and boss. If you’re feeling stuck, here are 7 great tips to empower entrepreneurs at all stages.

Just Jump in and Do The Thing

If you’re just getting started, one of the best tips to empower entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their journey is to not overthink every aspect. Once you’ve made the decision to go into business for yourself, launch that product or service, or start that blog, just jump in and do it. Spending time second-guessing all of the details is the fastest way to derail your progress. Be clear about your goals and just begin. Once you’ve determined how and why of your endeavor, do something each day that will lead you to your goal. Spending too much time working out the details will quickly cast doubt in your mind, so jumping in and running with it while the ideas are fresh in your head and while you’re still excited, is the only way to go.

7 Great Tips That Empower Entrepreneurs-Tiffany D. Brown

Never Stop Learning

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your business is to keep learning new things. Once you’ve mastered one aspect of your business, don’t let things get stagnant. As the industry changes and new social media platforms and applications come and go, you’ll need to change and evolve. To stay relevant, adapting to the changes around you is key. Empower yourself as a successful entrepreneur by taking classes, participating in masterminds, and learning about your industry from others who are doing the work that you wish to do.

Don’t Just Consume, Create

While it’s easy to get caught up in the trap of watching all of the videos and reading all of the books, don’t forget to get in on the action yourself. Empower yourself and promote your business by positioning yourself as an expert in your field. The way to do this is by creating your own content. If you’re just starting out, this could be as simple as documenting your process as you begin and running your audience through a regular day in the life of an entrepreneur. You can post this type of content to YouTube, Instagram Reels, or Tik Tok. People want to see authenticity and will feel more a part of your journey if you take them along for the ride, from beginning to end.

For the most part, your ideal client or customer doesn’t want perfection; they want authenticity and they want to see that if they too chose the route of an entrepreneur, it could also be possible for them. Creating content and documenting your process will draw people in and hold their attention. This also positions you as a subject matter expert and solidifies your place as an expert in your field.

You Also Need a Passive Income Stream or Two

Everyone is an expert and something and there’s a good chance that you know something right now that you can share with your audience and earn an income from. Granted, it may not be a six-figure product right now, but creating a quick product that you can sell immediately, is a surefire way to build momentum to propel you forward and inspire you in your business venture.

The reason why creating a passive income stream is one of the most important tips to empower entrepreneurs who need to launch something quickly is because it works when you’re doing other things. A product like an e-book, paid challenge, or course can earn extra money for you while you’re working your 9-5 job. Having that income stream in the background and knowing that it’s generating a few dollars here and there could be just the catalyst you need to motivate you to keep going. So, write that e-book or launch that course and watch as more income-generating ideas come to you in your free time.

Sit with the cool kids

Any good entrepreneur knows to surround themselves with people who are doing what they aspire to. Empowerment comes from being in the spaces where you’re inspired. These spaces encourage you to strive for all the things you dream of.  One of the important beginner tips to empower entrepreneurs, especially those who struggle with imposter syndrome, is to, right off the bat, immerse yourself in excellence. Join a mastermind or coaching group to get feedback every step of the way in your entrepreneurship journey. As you move through the stages of owning your own business, you’ll be able to give and receive feedback. This helps keep lines of communication open. It allows you to see things from a broader perspective than your individual worldview. Having a community to fall back on is key to empowering yourself and your business.

Keep Working Your Plan

If something flops, don’t give up. Keep working your plan, try a new approach or rewrite that Instagram post in a different way. There’s quite a bit of trial and error that comes with starting a business. Dropping off after the first 6 months to a year is common. Keep at it and work on your initial plan. It can help to revisit your goals and your reasons for starting a business too. If after eighteen months of continually working your business, you fail to see any return on your investment, then you may want to consider mixing things up. Give it time to stick and adjust and pivot as necessary.

Take Breaks When Necessary

All of the work and hustle in moving your business forward is great but when it comes at the expense of your energy and mental bandwidth; any headway you gain as an entrepreneur is quickly diminished. You cannot pour from an empty cup; this is true in life as it is in business.  Taking breaks when needed is an essential part of building a business.

Continually posting, creating, and engaging, day in and day out without reprieve is a sure way to burnout. Give yourself the freedom and ability to step away for a time, and rest and reset. This time away will allow you to come back to your business with fresh new eyes. You’ll approach your business from a place of excitement and joy vs. stress and drudgery. Take regular breaks and delegate tasks when feasible. This will allow you to give the best of yourself to your entrepreneurial endeavors.


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