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Podcast: The Power Of Networking-5 Tips To Network Like A Pro


5 Tips To Networking

Today’s topic is going to be all around the power of networking and I love this topic because I believe in it wholeheartedly. I think that is so very important. And today I want to give you a few tips about the power of networking.

You have probably heard the term, it’s not about what you know it’s about who you know.

I think that is so important when it comes to networking and I think that people who are really great at this skill set is because they understand the value of people. And when you’re connected with the right people you know the right people.

A lot of amazing things can happen which I’m sure you would agree with me on that. But networking. Professionally personally whatever that looks like for you is very crucial. And I believe that it definitely is a skill that you have to learn how to master.

When it comes to the power of networking, it is more than just exchanging business cards or exchanging Instagram handles. There are many different ways and platforms that you can connect on that you can network on. But honestly, I would say there’s actually a little bit of art in finessing that goes into networking. When done skillfully when done correctly it can open doors to job opportunities. It can also help you land new clients.  And when you are networking properly you know you can really tap into a lot of potential talent even if you get to the point like me where you need to hire a virtual assistant or you need to hire an assistant to help you manage other tasks.

The great thing about networking is…

It is something that we all really need to learn how to do. We need to get familiar with networking effectively if you have bigger goals for yourself. If you have different opportunities that you want to be a part of you need to learn how to network with people.

Talk with people and understand that there is so much value in people. But there are some steps that go into effectively networking. As I said, this is an art. This is not something that’s going to come overnight. It’s gonna take some finessing is gonna take some practice for you to get comfortable especially for my introverts out there.

1. Give before you receive.

That’s the problem out here in these streets is that people are always expecting to receive or better yet,  they want you to do for them. Show them how. Teach me how. But oftentimes, they’re not ever really open to giving.

They’re always open to receiving.

To be a powerful networker you want to make sure that you give before you receive. And I think that if you don’t do it this way it’s one of the biggest mistakes that people make is jumping the gun and asking for a favor. We really need to learn how to give more than we receive. We need to pour into others more than we expect others to pour into us.

If you really want to form a relationship with another person you need to first show them how they’ll benefit.

How will they benefit with this relationship that they’re going to form with you?  I remember I went to speak on the panel for A Tribe Called Venus here in Orlando, Florida and at the end of the speaking panel we were given flowers as a token of appreciation for showing up and sharing our time and expertise.

I was like wow! I was really impressed that they showed appreciation for me being there.

It’s the simple things that help build powerful relationships. Some people just like to have that connection and I think that when you take the networking outside of the event and you actually continue to talk to people outside of the event and you had those conversations with them outside of the events or whatever it is that you’ve been invited to I think is so very important and it helps basically solidify that relationship that you’re trying to form.

2. Ask for a strategic introduction.

Now, what does that mean exactly? Strategic introduction like coo over my head. Actually, what it means is that say for instance you’re going to an event and there’s a specific person there that you’re hoping to connect with. You want to go ahead and do your research. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn find out to see if you have a contact that knows that person that’s going to be there.

Be sure to leverage that. It is so so important. So especially having someone to basically endorse you in a sense I guess you could say as to say like you’re a huge fan you’ve been dying to meet them. And it comes from somebody that they know and trust then the likelihood of you actually having the opportunity to network with them and meet with them in person is a lot higher. So definitely leverage those other platforms. Do your research on a person that you want to see while you’re at that event that you want to network with. You can start forming and building a relationship that is very important. OK.

3. Don’t just collect business cards or Instagram handles.

You’re at this event for more than that right. It could be a networking event. It could be a conference. We have gotten into the habit instead of handing out business cards anymore we want to hand out Instagram handles. Right. Maybe have a business card if you’re freelancing or you are trying to get in it to a certain industry. Or have a business card or have something that you can leave behind with them outside of an Instagram handle. Because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to events and people leave their Instagram handle and they tell me their names in person and after meeting like 50 people.

make sure that you’re getting more than just an Instagram handle and that you’re doing more than just simply handing out you know business cards.

4. Follow up and then follow up again.

You can’t just follow up one time and walk away. Most of us assume that the people we met at these events do not want to connect or build a relationship.

But guess what? People get busy. You can get lost in a ton of emails and a ton of direct messages. And I know this because I do this and is always not a good thing to do. I can see a message and I get totally swamped and I simply forget. It takes that follow up to the follow up to see that relationship come to fruition.

Don’t ever think that by you following up and following up again that you’re bugging people sometimes it shows your character. I honestly feel like people who I network with are taught to our reach out to them if I don’t hear from them that’s fine you know but if I’m in the business of trying to build relationships and network I’m going to continue to follow up.

5. Figure out what your contacts passions are.

For example, there is a person at an event that you’re dying to meet. You want to meet them in person because you feel like there are a lot of things you have in common.

Well, the commonality is different from what their passions are. A lot of times just because we see people and we think I would get along great with her/ him and I think we’ll get a great relationship.

Maybe what it is that you see that relationship becoming into or turning out to be isn’t really what that other person is passionate about.

Understand what that person’s passion is. So that way when you do your research and you get in contact with them you can have a meaningful conversation around the passion that your contact person is into. And then maybe where it fits in with you. So basically you’re building a relationship step by step block by block and it takes time. Some people want these relationships to form overnight.

Newsflash it won’t.

Some people hit it off great but they never talk again. Relationships take fostering. It takes time and it’s so very crucial to take the time to build relationships because that’s how you really get to know the other person.

I have met many of those types of people in my days and I’ve been to conferences where these people that I know and I’ve seen I thought we may have something in common and they’ll walk right by. Never even speak. Keep in mind that a lot of times we need to know the other person too.

Protect your peace and only try to network with people that you can build a meaningful relationship with. Remember what I said at the beginning of this post, you have to give the first gift first and receive later. Don’t go into any relationship networking event any of that with the expectation of something being returned to you or expecting someone to do something for you just because you did something for them. You’re gonna be let down. Most of the time. If you go into it with a genuine heart a genuine mind and you’re really genuinely trying to grow and build a relationship and you’re not expecting anything in return. That is the best way to go.

That’s the power of networking.

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Podcast: The Power Of Networking-5 Tips To Network Like A Pro-Tiffany D. Brown

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