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Podcast: How To Build Healthy Professional Relationships


How To Build A Healthy Professional Relationships

[00:00:01] So Tiffany why is it important to have good healthy working relationships?  That is a really good question and that is what we’re going to get into today on the show is talking about number one defining what a good healthy working relationship is. And number two some things that can help you build a good healthy working relationship.

[00:01:23] All right you guys let’s get into today’s show. Thank you so much for tuning and downloading so we can learn a little bit more about building relationships before we get into this topic I want you to ask yourself is there someone that you work with either personally or professionally that you just don’t know how to build a relationship with maybe you’ve been trying and you’re just struggling you can’t seem to figure out what it is and why you’re not connecting. Well if so this is for you. So today we’re going to be discussing ways to defining a good relationship but more importantly a good working relationship. So if that is you and you are in that boat just keep reading.

Why do we have to have good relationships especially in the professional realm?


[00:02:17] Well for starters good relationships are necessary if we hope to develop our careers. After all, if your boss doesn’t trust you it’s unlikely that he or she will consider you when a new position opens up. And overall we want to work with people who were on good terms with. And we also need a good working relationship with others in our professional circle. I mean think about it customers suppliers you know any key elements to our success in those relationships is so important to build and maintain really great working relationships with these people. So we’re about to get into defining what that looks like.

What does a good relationship look like?


[00:03:01] Now there are a few characteristics that make up a good healthy working relationship and we are about to go through those right now number one trust is the foundation of every good relationship. Really when you trust your team and your colleagues you form a powerful bond that helps you to work and communicate more effectively if you trust the people you work with. You can be open and honest in your thoughts and actions and you don’t have to waste your time and energy watching your back. You guys have all heard the term C.Y.A. cover your you know what you don’t have to waste your time watching your back or see whining. I guess you could say when you trust the people that you work with. Okay

Number Two: Mutual Respect

When you respect the people you work with you value their input and ideas and they value yours in return. So working together you can develop solutions based on your collective insight, your wisdom, and creativity. And that’s really where we want to be. We want to have respect for each other. We want to have that trust. You know that is really the foundation of it all.


Number Three: Mindfulness

This means taking responsibility for your words and your actions. Yall know how we can be sometimes when we get angry or somebody says something to us we want to go and say something back.


[00:04:28] You have to be mindful of what you say and how you react to the things that people say to you so people who are mindful and careful of what they say they really normally don’t tend to let their negative emotions impact the people around them.

That’s what you have to focus on if you’re trying to build a good healthy working relationship.

Number Four: Open Communication

We communicate all day whether we’re sending e-mails instant messages even if we’re face to face the better and more effectively we communicate to those around us the richer your relationships will be. I mean really all good relationships opinion open honest communication. It all goes here and here. So now it’s you know what the definition or a few aspects of the definition of good healthy working relationships.


Let’s get into how you go about building a good healthy working relationship.

What do you need to do?

Where do you fit into this equation?

Number One:

You want to make sure that you’re developing your people skills a good relationship starts with good people skills. A lot of times it goes by just interacting with people. It goes with you being respectful of people. It really goes back to that definition of defining a good working relationship.


Number Two:

You want to schedule the time to build relationships.


[00:06:02] I mean seriously you guys we gotta got to put the work in a little bit if we’re hoping to have a good healthy working relationship with our co-workers and or our employers devote a portion of your day toward relationship building even if it’s just 20 minutes and you can break that up if you at like too. For example, you could pop into someone’s office during lunch and you know maybe send a couple of messages out on LinkedIn and just check and you know some of your co-workers and just to see how they’re doing. Or maybe you want to take a lunch break outside of work and go get a cup of coffee or what have you. There are these little interactions that help build the foundation of a good relationship especially if they’re face to face. We have gotten so far away from face to face interaction is now become more social media-based.


[00:06:51] And we really do thrive for that connection with people and sometimes we have to put the phones down.


[00:06:58] We have to really consider the other person and let them know that hey I see you I’m paying attention to you and what we’re doing here is building a really great healthy relationship and that’s worth it to me. So make sure that you are scheduling the time to build relationships.

Number Three:

Appreciate others show your appreciation whenever someone helps you. Everyone from your boss to the office cleaner. I mean seriously god everyone wants to feel that their work is appreciated. So generally compliment the people around you when they do something well. This will open the door to great work relationships. Like really just think about it for a second. If you did something where you really weren’t expecting to get any kind of recognition for and you’re doing it because it’s your job and your coworker comes up to you because they’ve taken notice because they’re building this relationship with you and they say you know what I really appreciated you-you know taking those copies off the copy machine for me.


[00:08:02] The other day and laying them on my desk. I really appreciate that to be like dang, you know I was just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. Ace gives you this sense of you know what. Thank you. Thank you for noticing guys appreciation goes so far. I don’t care if it is the smallest act of kindness. Let them know that you appreciate them. You also want to be positive. You guys we have to focus on being positive at all times and this could be a tricky one because a lot of times we want to get in the road of. Knots day. You know I’m not I’m not trying to feel happy and all of that great stuff. Not today I’m having a really bad day but positivity is attractive and contagious and it will help strengthen your relationships with your colleagues.


[00:08:45] Because think about it no one wants around someone who is negative all the time. Nobody wants to hang what negative Nancy. Nobody is going to come to sit with you at the lunch table. Now nobody is going to want to come to sit in the break room with you.


[00:08:57] So be positive at least try to be positive while you’re at work because it really does go a long way. And it is contagious when others see you being positive. And last but not least you want to listen actively practice active listening. When you talk to your customers and colleagues I mean is it can be difficult sometimes because you want to get and talk about me me me.


[00:09:21] This is what I’m doing. Check me out.


[00:09:23] Watch this see that this is what I did and people respond to those who truly listen to what they have to say. So focus on listening more than you talk and you’ll quickly become known as someone who can be trusted. Guys, I’m telling you. Active listening. Trust all of this stuff is where it’s at. It is what it takes to build a good healthy working relationship.


[00:09:50] Yes it can be challenging. No, you’re not going to have great relationships with everyone but if you put your best foot forward and you put in the effort at least at the end of the day you know you tried.


[00:10:03] So there may be some people that just flat out don’t like you for whatever reason they’re never going to be nice to you but you always take the high road and do the right thing and at the end of the day they’ll see that you know what you know is so bad after all.


[00:10:21] Like after everything I’ve done and said you know she’s still nice to me and not to mention the fact that your employer and your other colleagues are paying attention. So make sure at all times you’re doing the right thing and you’re taking the high road.


[00:10:36] You guys I really do hope that you enjoyed today’s show. If so please please please please head over and rate it and write a review and let me know what you’re thinking of the show so[00:11:20]  I want to send a huge thank you out to each and every one of you who have downloaded the P word podcast we are now over 200 downloads and it really hasn’t even been a full month and I’m so excited. So thank you thank you thank you to each and every one of you I really do appreciate it. And as always thanks for tuning in and we will chat on the next show.

Podcast: How To Build Healthy Professional Relationships-Tiffany D. Brown


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