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3 Important Reasons You Should Be Creating Video Content

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There are three important reasons you should be creating video content for your audience. Not only does it allow your audience to see the real you, but video analytics give you a better sense of what part of your content resonates most with your audience. The final important reason you should be creating video content is that well-researched SEO will ensure that your videos place well in search engine results pages (SERPs). Here we will explore these main reasons you should be creating video content. We’ll also expand upon how they ultimately help you build your brand.

The Most Important Reasons for Creating Video Content 

If you’re primarily creating written content through a blog, on Facebook or Instagram, you know that connecting with your audience is key. One of the best and arguably, the most important reason is to create a relationship with your audience. This helps you build community and truly let people get to know you and one another.

When you create video content, you’re able to pull back the curtain and let your audience truly see you. This works to your benefit in a few ways. Most often, people buy products and services from people or brands that they trust. Similarly, when you tell your story or talk about your service or product through video, you can use emotion and body language to move your audience. 

You Can Easily Track What Resonates With Your Audience Through Video Content

While it’s true that measuring metrics and analytics of your blog, Instagram or Twitter account is easy, there are benefits to creating video content that helps you further drill down and get inside the minds of your audience. Looking through Google Analytics does tell you which blog posts are the most popular and you are able to determine how long a visitor has stayed on your page. You can also tell whether they come back to your site and how often.

Video, however, goes deeper. In YouTube Analytics, for example, it’s easy to see where exactly within the video that users clicked off. This gives you a better understanding as to what content within your posts resonates and what content turns your audience away. 

3 Important Reasons You Should Be Creating Video Content-Tiffany D. Brown

Creating Video Content Can Help to Increase Engagement

When you’re aware of which aspects of your content resonate with your audience, you’re better able to create additional content that increases engagement. An increase in engagement helps you reach a wider and broader audience. This can open up opportunities for you, ultimately leading to more income.

Video content is the preferred method of many for consuming content and you know that you have your audience’s full attention. It’s very easy to try to multitask when listening to a podcast or reading a blog post. Everyone is busy and people tend to skim articles or half-listen to your podcast while driving or washing dishes. When watching a video, your viewer is focused on your words, body language, and emotion. You can use this to your advantage to provide meaningful and useful content with a clear call to action to get your audience to do what it is you want them to do next. 

People Remember and are Attracted to Video Content

It has been found that blog readers only remember a small portion of what they read.  Viewers of video tend to remember nearly all of what they watch. This range can be the difference between a follower remembering you mentioning your brand new e-book vs actually seeing you flip through the pages in a video walk-through. Similarly, for those who use email marketing, simply referencing in your subject line, that there’s a video within the body of the email leads to better odds of your email being opened by your subscribers. 

Video Content is Easier to Find Online 

Google search results tend to rank sites higher when they include video content. The chances of getting your site on the front page of Google increases exponentially if there’s video. Similarly, Instagram and Facebook tend to serve video content more often than other types of content. 

In 2006, Google acquired YouTube making it the 2nd largest search engine. This is a significant and important reason for creating video content for your audience. YouTube videos live in perpetuity and there are almost 2 billion users on YouTube. It just makes sense to create content for this powerful and popular platform. You can also create video content that can be distributed across a wide variety of platforms. This gives you an easy way to increase your impact and influence in the social media space without a lot of extra steps. 

Make Video Content Easy to Consume 

Ensuring that your video content is easy to consume is important for audience retention. How many times have you been scrolling through Facebook trying to get your little one to fall asleep? Laying in bed next to them with the volume of your phone all the way down is a rite of passage for most parents. Often these stolen moments are the only time busy parents get a chance to check out social media.

Moms scrolling through Facebook are more apt to stop and watch a video with subtitles rather than come back to it later. There are benefits to making videos accessible in this way. Studies have shown that over 75% of viewers watch videos without sound, so be sure to capitalize on that when creating video content.

Video content is not going anywhere anytime soon. You want to ensure that your video content strategy is effective. You have social media and income goals to reach. To be successful, it’s important to create engaging videos that solve a problem for your audience. Couple engaging video content with a strong and effective call-to-action, and you’ve got a winning strategy on your hands.

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