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First Impressions Can Make Or Break Your Business


 First Impressions are everything.

 This is especially true when it comes to service providers within the beauty industry. I am so sick and tired of “professionals” serving up piss poor customer service. Yes, I said it because it needs to be said. As always, I love giving you a backstory to the reason why I think this is important to share.

Since having baby E, I haven’t applied any makeup, had my nails done, no eyelash extensions and no eyebrow grooming. It has been at least two months. After a while of being cooped up in the house and attending to a new baby 24/7, I needed to get it together.

So, I started researching on Instagram for a service provider that specialized in eyebrow threading. I was looking for someone local and had great work (images). After researching a few hashtags I found a couple of providers. I tried to get information on how to go about booking a service with one particular provider and to my amazement, it wasn’t as easy as it should be.


I should not, I repeat … I should not have to book your services via text message. I understand not wanting to have potential clients or existing clients booking services through DM. So, why don’t you have a website or pay for booking services to help manage your clients? I just don’t understand.

This particular service provider wanted clients to text her to book an appointment for me, so I did. It took a whole day for her to respond (which I understand). When did she respond, she asked me what time did I want? I replied, “What times do you have available?”

“Anything after 1:30 p.m.” was the text back to me. Sidenote … Why are you going to ask me what time but all along you had a certain time already in mind for appointments? 

Luckily, I was able to have some free time to come in early and I noticed the salon that she was providing services out of posted her availability for the day. I then sent another text asking if one of the time slots was still available. 

She responded yes. 

Me: “Well, how do I go about booking?” 

Her: “I have you booked.” Shortly after, I received a text from a service to confirm the appointment … 

The Appointment.

Being a stickler for being on time for an appointment, I arrived at my appointment 15 minutes early. Mind you, this is my FIRST time at this location. I go and check-in at the reception desk, and she directed me to take a seat in the back because the waiting area for eyebrows was full. I was told by the receptionist that the service provider would come and get me when she was finished with her client. My appointment was at 2:15 p.m.

She didn’t provide my service until 3:15 p.m.

She did not come to get me.

Did I mention that this was my FIRST time at this location and with this service provider? She never came to get me for my appointment time, but just kept servicing others without even notifying me now that she was running behind (if that was the case). When I finally made it to the chair I mentioned to her that I was the 2:15 appointment me, and she looked at me as if I had horns growing out of my head.

She was confused about why I was making a point of it. I wanted her to know that I was there on time for my appointment and I didn’t want her to think I didn’t show. She never introduced herself, explained her process or even explained when I should schedule my next appointment.

This was not the first time I have had my eyebrows threaded. I understand that each service provider has processes but all she did was thread my eyebrows.

She didn’t trim or apply witch hazel or alcohol afterward. I thought, OK, this is different. She also did the following which is why I won’t be returning:

1. She stops providing my service to send text messages.

2. A vendor came into the shop selling mangoes, fruits, and other items. She stops to go and make her purchase — leaving me in the chair. Did I mention my appointment was at 2:15 and now it’s like 3:30 to do a 10-minute (if that) service?

First impressions are everything and it can make or break your business. When it was time to pay for my service, I paid her rate. I was asked to leave a tip and although I had to think about it because I understand how important tips can be in the beauty industry I declined. I declined simply because of the treatment of and the horrible customer service that I received.

Listen, we need to stop patronizing service providers who do not appreciate us as clients. We spend our money to help you perfect your craft and make money doing it. Then you act as if you’re doing me a favor. No, this is not how this goes.

Take time to get to know your client and be grateful they chose you. Needless to say, I will not be returning to have any services done.


Do you have a similar experience? Please share it below!

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