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Show Notes:

: [00:00:01] Hi welcome to the P word podcast. I am Tiffany Brown and I am here to introduce my very first episode of the show.

: [00:00:11] Now I know what you’re probably thinking the P word. What is the P word?

: [00:00:17] I know it’s not what I think it is. Well, actually I don’t know. Do you know what the p-word stands for? If not I’m going to share it with you very soon.

: [00:01:18] My name is Tiffany Brown. I am an entrepreneur. I am a social media influencer and I am a sales professional with 12 plus years of experience within the pharmaceutical sales industry. [00:01:30] Now this career of mine that I have had the experience of working for so long comes from a passion for serving others. I have a true found passion for helping others that just have questions about general things in life and how to land jobs and positions.

So back to the question at hand as to what the p-word stands for this show, It stands for professionalism. I [00:02:00] know you’re probably thinking. What?! not professionalism I clearly thought it was something else. But no, it stands for professionalism, and the reason why the show is going to be centered around the P word. There are so many words that drive who we are, for example purpose, perception as many of you probably thought this show was about something else and it wasn’t. Perception, power, what [00:02:30] else can I say.

There’s just so many other words that this show is going to be centered around with topics is going to help educate you motivate you. But more importantly empower you. Empower you to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do and I’m going to help provide resources. We’re going to have some expert interviews on the show.

We’re going to get down in the nitty gritty and really get to the real talk behind how we do what we do what keeps us motivated and how we as people and as influencers [00:03:00] and entrepreneurs help motivate those in our circle and those within the world. Now you’re probably thinking on my watch this podcast and I’m glad you asked because funny story though I’m going to tell you. When I was in high school,

: [00:03:16] Many of you know we have class nights you have class nights on your senior year high school and we had class night at my high school and the class thought that one day Tiffany was going to host her own talk show and [00:03:30] funny, Here we are now and I’m hosting my own talk show although it’s been many many years later it’s finally coming to fruition. And here I am recording my very first talk show.

My goal with this show is to help women men. People like to find their purpose. It is my purpose with this show to help motivate you and encourage you. Because let me tell you I’ve been rejected many many times and [00:04:00] going through the process of being rejected is very very hard. It’s something that we have to learn to cope with. We have to deal with and we have to pick ourselves back up off the ground and tell ourselves you know what it’s OK it’s a no I can do this and I can’t push forward. And I can make this happen. So for me it took me two years to get into the pharmaceutical sales industry two whole years.

I’m talking interview after interview flight after flight rejection after rejection. But now look at me 12 years [00:04:30] into a career that I genuinely love. So if you want to tune in and go on this journey with us, with the P word podcast, please be sure to hit the subscribe button and head over to the site for more episodes, more information about the P word podcast. As always thanks so much for tuning in.

: [00:04:49] And we will chat very soon. Thanks for listening to The P Word Podcast

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