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How To Properly Credit An Image On Social Media

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due (Especially with images)

This topic right here…I just have to be completely honest. This is a topic that I have found myself discussing more than I actually want to. The reality is…we need to be informed. We need to know what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to giving credit.

As creators, there are some things that we need to start taking into consideration. To some of you, what I will be sharing in today’s post may not apply to you. But for those of you who are aspiring creators and bloggers please continue reading.

How To Properly Credit An Image On Social Media-Tiffany D. Brown

When it comes to creating content (taking photos) you can:

  1. Take your own photos
  2. Hire a photographer
  3. Purchase stock photos
  4. Use royalty-free stock photos
  5. Share other people’s amazing photos via social media (from public accounts) Tagging them, of course.

Now, for number one it is pretty straightforward. You take the photo, you own the rights to the photo. We will get into some details on number two later in the post. numbers three and four are also pretty straightforward.

Number five is where we are going to start.

Sharing other people’s amazing images via social media (public profiles)

Now before you start to stress I want you to know that it is perfectly fine to use someone else’s social media images on your social media platforms, as long as you are giving credit to the original source. If you are wanting to share an image from an account that is “private” you would need to ask that person for permission to share it.

Here are some ways that I give credit on the images that I post and share:

  1. Included “PC” which stands for “Photo Credit” with the photographer’s personal or business page. In most of my images, you will see the following: PC: @angiegarciaphoto
  2. I will use the camera icon with the Instagram username. By using this format, it will help save you character space which gives you more room to be creative with your words.
  3. Lastly, I always make sure to tag the photographer “on the photo” it’s great to give credit to the photographer in the caption of your post. I just love going the extra mile to give credit where credit is due.

I can’t begin to tell you how so many creatives have this process all wrong. If your blogger friend takes your photo for FREE the best way to say thank you, is to give the credit for taking the photo for you. I call it mutual respect but more importantly community over competition. Why? Because, by sharing who took your photo with your audience, that helps your friend connect with new people. We can all grow together.

Tag the people who take your photos for FREE.

Just because they are your “friend” and they do it for “free” doesn’t mean that they are ok with you not giving them credit for taking the photo. Can we agree to do better in the area? Ok. Good.

Now we are going to briefly discuss number two.

You hire a photographer to take pictures for you. Having a photographer take pictures for you is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously. It saves so much time and it allows you to create a ton of content in a short amount of time. When it comes to hiring a photographer there are some things that you need to know.

If the “photographer” is your friend and offers to take your pictures for free, you need to know that there will be strings attached. Not in a bad way. For example: Let’s say your photographer friend takes your pictures for free, and you decide to use the images in your blog post. Not just any blog post, but a sponsored blog post. (you were paid for the post) You would still have to give photo credit to the photographer in that post for those images.

Free or Hired. It doesn’t matter.

I have seen situations where a photographer has taken pictures and a brand uses the photos on all of their social media to promote a product or service. Guess what? The brand failed to credit the photographer because the brand was unaware that the FREE photographer friend took the photos. This is not cool and it happens a lot.

We as content creators and bloggers need to be respectful of people and their craft. Everyone wants credit for their hard work. Free or not. Most importantly, if you do not have a contract and the licensing rights to use the image then you may be playing with fire. (i.e. LAWSUIT)

Just do the right thing.

I will get more into contracts and licensing rights in a later post. I myself use a contract when I hire a photographer to shoot my images. I also have a contract for “friends” who take my images for “free”. It is the easiest way to protect myself and my friends who are helping me grow my brand. I know it may seem crazy, but sadly it is something that I feel like I have to do. Honestly, this is one reason why I recently stopped working with a photographer and I started taking my own pictures with a tripod and a remote.

What are your thoughts on giving credit to images?

Does it matter if it is free or paid? I would love to get your feedback on the topic!


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