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Product Review: NEW Compact G-SHOCK Women’s Watch – GMS5600

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I am always on the go. Working my full-time sales job, being a busy mom of 3 little ones, and running a business, I need wardrobe accessories that can hold up to my busy lifestyle. In today’s post, I will be sharing my product review on the NEW compact G-SHOCK metal-covered series for women, the GMS5600 model.

You can tell me … have you ever worn a watch that didn’t work because it matched your outfit? No judgment over here!

I have done this exact thing, even knowing that the battery was dead. Now, I don’t have to stress about that anymore because the G-SHOCK Women-GMS-5600 watch has me covered. First of all, you can choose from four color combinations, and they had me at Rose Gold. And the reverse LCD displays? Watch out, now!

Product Review: NEW Compact G-SHOCK Women Watch - GMS5600-Tiffany D. Brown

But what good is an accessory if it can’t fulfill all of your needs? I love a beautiful piece, but I am a techie and need the bells and whistles, too. I might be a busy mom of 3, but my style game says anything but that! Whether I am in business and professional settings, having an online happy hour with the girls, or spending some quality time with my family, I always keep it cute & classy.

You can VIEW view and SHOP the G-SHOCK Women Digital GMS5600 collection HERE!

Product Review: NEW Compact G-SHOCK Women Watch - GMS5600-Tiffany D. Brown

There is something about having a watch that you can dress up AND dress down and it still looks good! I’m telling you to seriously consider checking out this watch. But you see, when it comes to watches, there is another important feature that is a must-have for me. That feature is… 


It needs to have all of the great functions and capabilities that help me stay on task and look good doing it. To be honest, I feel naked without a watch! I have to wear one every day or I would be in trouble and not productive.

The thing is, it can really be a struggle to find a watch with all the tricks that’s not too big and bulky. This model, G-SHOCK GMSS5600PG-1, aims to please. See for yourself: It’s elegant, sophisticated, and lightweight — plus, I can set up daily alarms, a countdown timer, and it has a stopwatch.

Product Review: NEW Compact G-SHOCK Women Watch - GMS5600-Tiffany D. Brown

Product Review: NEW Compact G-SHOCK Women Watch - GMS5600-Tiffany D. Brown

From pounding the pavement for work, coordinating daycare pick-ups and gymnastics drop-offs with the hubby, and handling business calls, I need something that will keep up with me and keep me organized! The functionality of this piece is everything. I also love how it’s shock and water-resistant. As much as these children have me running around, I feel good knowing that my watch is kid-proof, too! 

Product Review: NEW Compact G-SHOCK Women Watch - GMS5600-Tiffany D. Brown

For more information on G-SHOCK Women, visit the website HERE.

Best of all, it just looks really good and it’s made just for women. It’s lightweight and customized for a smaller wrist. So, if you love watches I highly recommend that you check out the G-SHOCK Women-GMS5600. Grab one for yourself and get your Boss Women friends one this holiday season. This watch is the perfect gift for the women in your life!  

G-SHOCK-GMS5600: The watch that is … beautiful, strong, and resilient-just like us.


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