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This past Sunday we attended a local church in our new city of residence. As people are walking in and taking a seat, I took a moment to look around. I looked around at how we are all different.  We are all from different walks of like, dealing with different situations, and we all have different needs.

Sitting in my seat, deep in my feelings and thoughts, a family comes in and sit in the seats directly in front of us. There was, who I “assumed” to be the mom, dad, and 3 little ones all under the age of 5. As they settled in, I couldn’t help but notice something. I noticed how each time one of the children needed something it was the ” mom” who had to take care of their needs.

It was the “mom” that had to take each one to the potty and back, mom had to pull out the snacks just to keep the little ones quiet. All while the other capable and able “adult”  just sat there as if nothing was going on. Seriously, he was completely unbothered. Not a care in the world, and completely oblivious to what was going on.

Now, normally this would not have bothered me but for some reason on this day, it did. I couldn’t help to think to myself, that we as moms have a HELLUVA job! All while other capable adults sit back, as if it is not their responsibility, as if “we” are the only ones “qualified”  and “capable” to take care of children’s needs.

After church ended, we exit and I see “mom” sitting in the foyer with 2 of the three kids. Mind you, other “adult” was able to listen/watch the entire service without getting out of his seat. Granted, maybe that’s what works for them and their relationship. But I saw one tired momma. A momma who could have used a little help.

I saw myself in her, how I try to take it all on and never asking for help. There is no doubt or question that I “can’t” do it because I can, but to be a team and have help is not a bad thing. My point in saying all of this is, yes, we can be “super moms” but honestly we shouldn’t have to be.

If you are in a relationship with the father, partner, or whomever they should give just as much of themselves as we do. It is hard, really, really hard and I doubt he even gave her a simple “thank you”.

Finally, to all my “super moms” don’t be afraid to “ask” or “tell” someone you need help. I’m sure not only would you feel better but your kids would appreciate it too.


Are you are “super mom” who is afraid to ask for help? Why?


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