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Create These Rainbow Eyebrows If you know me, you know that I love filling in my eyebrows. The other day I mentioned on my IG Stories that my eyebrows are my number one travel necessity! Seriously, my makeup is not complete without my eyebrows. Since it is pride month, I had to film an easy tutorial […]

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Fun Colorful Makeup For Pride Month Pride Month is HERE! I was excited to get in the studio to create some fun pride makeup looks. This look would be a great look to create if you are heading out to the local Pride parades and other fun events! My goal is to do a least […]

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Back with another post to help you keep your eyelash extensions in check! By the way, let me know if you would like to see a video of me getting my lash extensions done. Today I will be sharing 3 Tips to help your eyelash extensions last longer. We know that eyelash extensions are not […]

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Lash Extensions- What You Need To Know   It has been a while since I actually had eyelash extensions. However, I wanted to share some tips you should consider BEFORE you get lash extensions that I am sure you will find super helpful. Now, before we get into the post I want to mention that […]

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The Lip Bar  I’m back with another product review/swatch post for you. Today I am reviewing the matte lipsticks from The Lip Bar. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about purchasing yet more matte lipsticks but I am glad I did. As you know, I review a lot of beauty products but now that I […]

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I am featuring my newest beauty product purchase…the Riviera Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. In this quick tutorial, I will be creating an easy bold eye makeup look that is perfect for Spring or Summer! By now you should know that any makeup product from Anastasia Beverly Hills will always have a place in my […]

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Eyebrows For Beginners Eyebrows. The one thing that I don’t like leaving home without. In today’s post, I will be sharing how to fill in your eyebrows for beginners. There is just something about having well-groomed eyebrows. Now, before we get into the post, I want to share that there are many products on the […]

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Everyday Basic Makeup Tutorial in just 10 Minutes!   Sharing my 10-minute everyday basic makeup tutorial today! Believe it or not, this is my everyday kind of makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I love to create makeup looks with bold, bright colors. I firmly believe that every woman who loves to wear makeup need to […]

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Fake Eyelashes I am so excited to start bringing more “how to” blog posts and instructional videos to my platforms. To kick it off, I am starting with How To Apply Fake  Eyelashes. I get so many questions about false lashes and I figured what better way than to take you to step by step […]

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Gold Holiday Inspired Makeup Look That Is Easy To Re-Create   Yall, Thanksgiving is THIS THURSDAY! I can’t believe that it is here already! I must say I am thoroughly enjoying my time at home with the kiddos this week. Today,  I am sharing my Gold Holiday Inspired Makeup Look. This makeup look is easy to […]

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