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Baby: 4 Essential Products That Grow With Your Baby


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Baby Products That Grow With Baby

Looking back, I still can’t believe that I am a mom of 3. I remember the level of stress I had just knowing that I was Advanced Maternal age. One thing I did not have to stress about was finding baby products for my little one.

Specifically: products that would grow as my baby grows. Let’s be honest, there are many baby products on the market and finding the right ones for you and your little one is very important. That is why I am so happy that The Boppy Company and their products have been with me since I had my very first child.

The great thing about Boppy products, is that they are designed to not only support your baby, but to support you as a mom. This is especially important as you adjust to having a newborn and navigating motherhood.

Today I am sharing 4 products from the Boppy Company that I can’t live without. Again, I know how important it is to choose the right products for your baby, so I will be sharing the features that are important to me. I will also share the safety information to help you make an informed decision on which products that you may want to purchase for your little one. Ok. Let’s get into the products.


Let me say that Baby E fell in love with her Newborn Lounger immediately. She still loves to hang out in it every day. A few features that I love about it – it is the perfect place for your newborn to kick and stretch. Even better it can provide you with a hands-free moment to get those important tasks complete. I also love that the Newborn Lounger is a product designed to grab-and-go. It has soft, lightweight fabric and comes with a convenient handle for easy travel. Last, I love how the new newborn lounger has a unique recessed interior that is specially designed to cradle Baby E’s bottom which helps to keep her relaxed and secure

Baby: 4 Essential Products That Grow With Your Baby-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 4 Essential Products That Grow With Your Baby-Tiffany D. Brown


When using the newborn lounger, you should always follow the safety instructions to keep your baby safe. I know how tempting it may be, but never allow your baby to sleep on the Newborn Lounger. Never use it on an elevated surface, and the recommended age for the lounger is from newborn-16lbs, or until your baby can roll over on his/her own.


This product is a staple with many other mamas I know. The Boppy Pillow allowed me to comfortably bond with Baby E while feeding her. The pillow gave my arms and back a break by lifting her in a more comfortable position. One of the great features of the Boppy Pillow is that it truly grows with your baby. The design is so versatile that it offers support from propping, tummy time, and sitting. Now that Baby E is 4 months old, she loves her tummy time and sitting up watching her brother and sister play and talk to her.

Baby: 4 Essential Products That Grow With Your Baby-Tiffany D. Brown

Another great feature that I like about the Boppy Pillow – it comes dressed in a cotton blend all-over fashion slipcover to match your personal style. You can also get additional slipcovers if you want to switch it up. The slipcovers are machine washable, just in case having fun gets a little messy. The Boppy Pillow is designed for babies 3-4 months old and the recommended age is 0-12 months. Talk about a product that grows with your baby!


After my first two kids, I never had the opportunity to try what most of you know as “baby carrying.” But as a family of 5, we are always on the go, and sometimes it’s too hectic to pack up the stroller every time we have somewhere to go. This is exactly why every mom should have a ComfyChic® Baby Carrier. This carrier has an adaptable seat width, which can be achieved through different wrapping techniques, it also provides a comfortable seat for your baby in all four comfy carrying positions from 8-35 lbs. The best thing about the ComfyChic® Baby Carrier is that there is no infant insert required. Your baby can front face-in (newborn), front face-out, and you can also side-hip carry your baby with this carrier.

Baby: 4 Essential Products That Grow With Your Baby-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 4 Essential Products That Grow With Your Baby-Tiffany D. Brown

Now the last thing you want to carry around is all of the things such as keys, wallet and your phone. The ComfyChic® Baby Carrier has a padded waist belt with zippered storage pockets which makes it super convenient for any busy mom on the go. It is machine-washable which is amazing!


The 4 & More Multi-Use Carrier Cover is a great accessory to use with your ComfyChic® Baby Carrier. Due to the current pandemic, there are not many places we can go and have fun as a family. But one thing we have been doing is making time for family time. Every afternoon, we go on our family walks. Like I mentioned before, sometimes I prefer less of a hassle and opt to leave the stroller at home. To keep Baby E’s legs safe from the pesky bugs, I love to add my Boppy 4 & More Multi-Use Cover over the carrier. It is so easy to use and has multiple uses. Mama: Who doesn’t want something you can get more than one use out of?

Baby: 4 Essential Products That Grow With Your Baby-Tiffany D. Brown

The Boppy 4 & More Multi-Use Cover is designed with soft, lightweight yoga-inspired fabric. One side of the cover is for privacy if you are breastfeeding and the other side has cool mesh fabric. If you are looking for convenient storage while you are not using it, the 4&More Multi-Use Cover has an Integrated Stash n’ Go Pouch and is machine washable. No matter where our family walks may take us, the Boppy Company has us covered


Baby: 4 Essential Products That Grow With Your Baby-Tiffany D. Brown

One thing is for sure, the Boppy Company designs products that allow you to bond with your baby during very important development milestones. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that Baby E will be able to experience while using Boppy products. Know a mama that would love to know more about these products would you share this post with them?

Which Boppy products are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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