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How To Prevent Damage To Your Child’s Hair To Keep It Healthy And Strong


There are many ways to prevent damage to your child’s hair but learning exactly which products to use and how to use them can take time. Each child is different and there are so many products out on the market that it can be confusing to know what to use and when and how to use it. While individual needs may vary, there are some basic ways to prevent hair damage and breakage.

Prevent Hair Damage in Your Child’s Hair with Protective Styles

There are countless protective styles for kids you can choose to prevent damage to their child’s hair. Whether your child prefers puffs, twists, buns, braids, or cornrows, a protective style is an ideal way to keep hair healthy.  Designed to prevent breakage, keep the hair safe from the elements, and promote growth, protective styles are a fun way to bring some versatility to your child’s look as well.

What Can Cause Damage in Your Child’s Hair

Protecting hair from the elements is especially important. Tight buns and pulling the hair back can cause hair loss, as can tight braiding techniques. The use of blow dryers, straightening and heating tools can damage hair ends. Using the wrong shampoo can be drying and strip nourishing oils from the hair and scalp.

How Does a Protective Style Prevent Hair Damage

Protective styles keep natural, textured hair in place and minimize damage. When choosing a protective style for your child, take into account their activity level. Consider what they like to do, and the types of styles they prefer. If your child is prone to split ends, try a protective style that keeps then ends tucked inward toward the scalp. For kids with flyaway ends, two-strand twists work well to keep the hair in separate cohesive sections while looking cute and styled.

Types of Protective Hairstyles for Kids

Cornrows are a versatile protective style that works well for active kids. Younger girls look adorable with puffs which are quick and easy, which is especially important with wiggly toddlers. For older girls, perhaps box braids or a two-strand twist hairstyle is the perfect

Nourishing Hair Products to Prevent Kids Hair Damage

Almond Jai Twisting Butter from Camille Rose Naturals –can be used as a leave-in conditioner. It also works well as a twisting butter for two-strand twists. By moisturizing the hair and nourishing the scalp, it’s perfect for twist-outs and braids.

Aunt Jackie’s Seal it Up Flaxseed Recipes – this hydrating sealing butter moisturizes your child’s hair and keeps it looking healthy, shiny and nourished. Flaxseed oil, honey, avocado, and shea butter work together to seal in moisture and repair damaged ends.

Cantu Care For Kids Leave-In Conditioner is another product that is great for deep conditioning to prevent damage to your child’s hair.  Use it along with a deep conditioning cap like the one from Cupcakes Little Hot Head for a nourishing hair treatment for your child. Consider the Leave-in conditioner and Detangler Set.


Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly works well for defining your child’s curl, refreshing the curl pattern and combating frizz. It works on all hair textures from 2a to 4c and is ideal for a perfect wash and go style.

Helpful Tools For Healthy Hair

Using the right tools is important to maintaining healthy hair. Stretching, combing, pulling, and brushing delicate textured hair can cause irreparable damage. Whenever possible, opt for natural hair products that are designed to put less stress on your child’s hair.

Detangling is key in ensuring the health of your child’s hair. Getting out knots in a safe and gentle manner is a top priority and the Tangle Teezer: The Ultimate Detangler does the trick. Available from Ulta, this detangler removes knots without pulling or snagging.

Putting your child’s hair into a protective style requires the right styling brush. Goody is the classic brand name in hair products and the Goody Wood Styler Brush is one of the best options.  To secure those twists, opt for Goody Ouchless Mini Elastics. They eliminate pulling and snagging of the hair.

Healthy Habits that Prevent Damage to Your Child’s Hair

In addition to the right products for your child’s hair and incorporating protective styles into their hair care routine, instilling healthy hair care habits is equally important. Most of us grew up with the wash-day routine, often Saturday night meant getting a full wash, condition, and style for the week. A thorough wash and detangling and conditioning routine coupled with a protective style is just the beginning.

To prevent damage to your child’s hair use a satin bonnet or satin pillowcase at bedtime. Bonnets can help prevent breakage and split ends. Keeping your child’s natural hair covered also allows the conditioners and oils to do their work. Covering hair with a bonnet will allow those oils to penetrate through to the hair shaft. Keeping hair protected at night results in healthy, hydrated hair.

Using a scarf or bonnet works to prevent damage to your child’s hair. Getting ready in the morning easier. A bonnet leaves less chance of the style coming undone, getting tangled, or falling out.

Textured Hair Care For Boys

Natural girls aren’t the only ones whose hair needs protection from the elements. Textured hair is versatile and resilient, but it also needs proper care. Boys are not immune to hair and scalp damage, so it’s important to use the same types of products to prevent damage to your son’s hair.

Adhering to a hair care routine for your child when they’re young is a great way to ensure they stick with it as they get older. The process of shampooing, detangling, deep conditioning, styling goes for boys’ hair as well. Depending on your child’s hair length, you may want to use a hydrating hair butter to seal and protect those curls too.

Taking time to find the right product for your child’s hair can be challenging. What may work for one child may not work for their sibling. Similarly, as your child grows, their hair can change, meaning, that what worked on your daughter’s toddler puffs, may not suffice for those long elementary school days. Trial and error along with patience and consistency are the keys to preventing damage to your child’s hair. The time you take now, however, is helping to instill healthy personal care habits that will last a lifetime.

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How To Prevent Damage To Your Child's Hair To Keep It Healthy And Strong-Tiffany D. Brown

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