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Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time


Love At First Sight

If I remember nothing about my life, I would want to remember the day my babies met each other for the first time.

I finally shared Baby Brown’s birth story and today I wanted to share the second part of that story. In today’s post, I will be sharing my recovery story and the special moment when C and M met the baby for the first time.

Before we get into the post, I want to thank Melissa Ann Photographer for being so patient and accommodating to capture these priceless moments for me. Hands down one of the best investments I could have ever made.

Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time-Tiffany D. Brown

The Recovery.

Whew chile, where do I begin? I wish I could come here and tell you that my recovery process was a breeze but it wasn’t. It was by far one of the most challenging parts of my delivery process. Yes, I understand you may be thinking, it is supposed to be. But not this way. After the delivery of Baby E, I was feeling fine. Then about 24 hours into recovery, I started to feel really bad. What made it worse, I wasn’t expecting Melissa to show up for photos that morning.

Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time-Tiffany D. Brown

Push Through.

I had to push through like never before. I was constantly nauseous and none of the medication I was given was helping me. The only thing I kept thinking about was, today is the day C and M finally get to meet their new baby sister. A reaction I had been waiting so long to see.

Melissa arrived and she was so patient with me and my family. She came in and captured the moment that C and M met baby E. I felt bad that I wasn’t in more of the photo but I literally could not push through any longer. After she left, I spent time with my family and started to feel worse.

I informed the nurse that I wasn’t feeling well and something was off. Well, they found out that something was wrong. My intestines had not yet awakened from the anesthesia. There was no motility (movement) of any fluids. It quickly turned into vomiting and not being able to hold anything down, not even the medicine.

The nurse had previously taken me off the IV fluids because we thought everything was going to be ok. When she gave me the actual medication to take I warned her that if she made me take the pills, I would throw them up … 

She didn’t listen.

As soon as I swallowed them, I threw them right back up. All over her comfy nurse shoes. Then I was told that I would have to be shooed back up on the IV and the doctor would have to be called in to see what was going on. I had to endure multiple blood draws and an X-Ray.

I missed Thanksgiving with my family. All because my body couldn’t bounce back the way it had with my other two children.

I was scared.

When you are constantly throwing up, feeling terrible and wondering if you will ever feel better, you start to realize that life is so short. You can go in for a routine procedure that has been performed 1,000 times and something can go wrong and you don’t make it. The experience had me reevaluating my relationships and everything in between. Things that once seemed big were not as important anymore.

My delivery was on a Monday and I was not released from the hospital until Friday. It was a journey, but I made it. We decided not to let the kids come to the hospital on the day of the delivery because we wanted to make sure everything was good and the baby was good. So we had our parents bring C and M to the hospital the next day to meet their new baby. Pictures don’t do it any justice, so be sure to enjoy the Welcome Baby Emerson video to experience it, too.

My biggest fear was how C and M would accept the baby. C was not happy when we made the announcement reaction video However, the moment he laid eyes on Baby E, he was in love. He couldn’t stop talking about how cute she was. He was so happy she was here and worried about me at the same time. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry … because I did.


Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time-Tiffany D. Brown


Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time-Tiffany D. Brown


Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time-Tiffany D. Brown

The moments that C and M shared with baby E were precious. My prayer is that despite the arguments and fights, they learn to love each other unconditionally.

Siblings are truly a blessing, even when you don’t always get along.

Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time-Tiffany D. Brown

How did you introduce your baby to their siblings? Share in the comments below!

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Baby Brown Meets Siblings For The First Time-Tiffany D. Brown

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