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What Happened When I Told My Boss I Was Pregnant


Real talk there is another level of stress that some women have when realizing they have to tell their employer that they are pregnant.

This was me.

What Happened When I Told My Boss I Was Pregnant-Tiffany D. Brown

As most of you know, I recently started a new job in May. At the time I signed and accepted the offer letter, I had no idea I was pregnant. So, when I found out one of my first thoughts were…

How am I going to tell my boss?

Months went by and I never said a word. I even went to sales training in New Jersey and I was able to keep the bump a secret. To be honest, I had to ask myself why was I afraid to share the good news?

Why did I feel bad or worried that I would compromise my new job if I told them I was pregnant?

All of these questions went through my mind. Then I had the thoughts of, its really none of there business. I have the right to be pregnant and have a job.


What Happened When I Told My Boss I Was Pregnant-Tiffany D. Brown

Well, clearly the answer is HELL YES! I couldn’t help but think of other women like me. Women who are worried that their employer will fire them because they are pregnant. Better yet, the women who are afraid to take the time off work after having their baby because they are worried their job will not be there when they return. Don’t get me wrong, these are valid things to be worried about. However this week I learned a very valuable lesson.

We worry about things that we shouldn’t.

When my manager came to town to work with me for the day, I knew I had to tell him. I had to tell him the secret that I have been withholding for months. There was one thing that was certain, I wanted to tell him face to face. I did not want to send a text message or an email because I felt that because this was such a big deal he deserved to hear it from me in person. Not to mention,  I want to see his reaction and get a feel of what may come of the conversation.

I proceeded to say to him, ” I have some news I need to share with you.” He stared at me with this scared and worried look on his face and replied, What?!”

I responded with, ” I am expecting my third child and I am due in November.” His reaction to the news really surprised me.

He screamed CONGRATULATIONS! My boss was super excited and happy for me. All this time I  thought he would feel some way about the news. He actually mentioned to me that he was worried that I was going to tell him I found another job! There is a lesson in all of this.

Often times we worry and stress about the things that will never happen. We talk ourselves into the worst possible scenario versus just trusting in our journey.

What Happened When I Told My Boss I Was Pregnant-Tiffany D. Brown

I learned a lot that day.

More importantly, the fact that God has me covered. What is for me is for me and no man can take that from me.


I hope this post inspires you to stay true to yourself and your journey. As women, we have so much to think about and consider. Especially if we get pregnant or have plans on expanding our family. We should not have to worry about whether not we will have a job to come back to after maternity leave. Better yet, we shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not our employer will fire us if we are pregnant.

One thing I have learned over the years, if you perfect your skills and craft, your employer has no reason to fire you. Even if they do, you can take your skills to a company that values you as a person and the damn good job you do in your position.

Be confident in all that you do.

What Happened When I Told My Boss I Was Pregnant-Tiffany D. Brown

One of the greatest gifts in my life has been becoming a mother, and no job nor employer will dictate my life based on what they think I should do.

Have you ever dealt with a similar situation? I would love to hear your story. Please share in the comment box below.

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