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  Today I am going to be letting you in on the little secret of my favorite places to shop for professional outfits. I have been in corporate America for 12 years (and counting). My beginning story is a very interesting one, it all started with knowing I was destined to help others. I remember going on what […]

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The Jumpsuit…Petite women can wear them too!   Before we get into the details about this jumpsuit, I want to share a little story with you. I am sharing this story because I hope to inspire you, the way you inspire me. When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a model and actress. I […]

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Keeping It Classy Alright, calling all of my hard working ladies looking for a classy dress! I think I have finally found “my kinda dress” if you have a chance to read my New York Fashion Week post, this dress may look familiar. Yes, I have it in white too! I know it can be challenging to […]

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Trending…SEQUINS! Before we get into Sequins I just want to say that today has been CRAZY busy. Actually, the past couple of weeks has been busy, between the kids’ school programs and prepping for Christmas in the Cabin I have finally found some time to catch up on my blog. If you follow and read […]

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Best Outfit That Quickly Goes From Day To Night My best outfit is one that 99.9 percent of the time does not require that much effort. Now if I can stay away from wearing black all the time I would be ok. But, the all-black look with the festive dark green top is perfect for the […]

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One Skirt You Need For The Holidays One skirt that you can rock this holiday season will have you on cloud 10! I would have never thought I would actually wear this skirt because it was hanging up in my closet for months. I really wanted to style something metallic and this skirt was perfect for the […]

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Classy Black Off-The-Shoulder Dress I already mentioned in previous posts that I absolutely love the color black. Green is my ultimate favorite color, but when it come to fashion the color black is my weakness. For most of us women we have our go-to party outfit but what about a classy black dress? I recently […]

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Petite Ladies Can Wear This Too   Petite style already has its challenges in the fashion realm. I love seeing models wear this long vest style, but honestly, I was afraid to try it for myself. I am only 5″3, and trying to wear a long vest terrified me! However, I found a little bit […]

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Cape Jacket For Every Woman   Cape Jacket- Have you seen one? When I first laid eyes on this jacket, I just knew that I had to have one. I am a cold natured person, it is rare for me to go anywhere without a sweater or a jacket. Here in Florida, it is still over […]

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Blazer Season Is Here! Blazer Season is in full effect and you want to make sure you are prepared! I am so happy that I found this Blazer recently. I actually took a chance and ordered it online and crossed my fingers that it would fit. When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to tear open […]

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