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Learn How To Make Money As A Nano Influencer


How To Make Money As A Nano Influencer

Today’s post will be focused on a topic that I get a lot of questions about. Being an influencer definitely has its benefits but it also has its challenges. If you have an Instagram following of fewer than 5,000 people then you are going to want to continue reading.

Recently, I was asked by one of my Instagram followers, how could they make money or work with brands if they don’t have 10,000 or more followers? Believe it or not, this is one of my MOST asked questions. We are all very passionate about the brands we love and would want to work with one day. We purchase the products and we share and tag the brand on social media. Ultimately the goal should be, is to one day work for the brands you love AND to be compensated for the time and the content that you create.

Now, brands are starting to look at influencers who have less than 5,000 followers to work with. The name for these influencers is Nano Influencers. These influencers are starting to become the voice of the everyday consumer. Brands believe nano influencers potentially have a more engaged and authentic following. Now, some brands will want to send you product for FREE and would want you to share on your social media profiles.

To be transparent, FREE is not always better.

With that being said, if there is a brand you LOVE and just want to get your foot in the door to show them what you have to offer, then I would say, go for it. If not, you should get paid for your time and hard work. If you consider yourself to be a nano influencer, my How To Make Money As A Nano Influencer Workbook will be very helpful.

Learn How To Make Money As A Nano Influencer-Tiffany D. Brown


How To Make Money As A Nano Influencer Workbook will help you level up your influence and work with brands that you love. With over 20 pages of tips, tricks, and actionable steps, this workbook will help you to make money as a nano influencer!

What you get in this workbook:

– Learn why nano influencers are important
– Content creation strategy
– Helpful planning tools and apps
– Influencer platforms that can help you to monetize your influence
– Learn how to build an authentic and engaged community
– Tips to optimize your Instagram profile
– How to make money from your influence

Grab your workbook HERE!

How To Boost Your Chances of Becoming A Brand Ambassador-Free Download


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  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom says:

    Thanks for sharing. I made some money when I was under 5k. I’m now almost to 20k and I’d love to start making more.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. April says:

    I totally agree about the free aspect! I only work with brands on exchanges for things I would set out to buy on my own. I also have a minimum that must be met. Don’t just take on every single job because it’s free product!

  3. Jo says:

    Great advice doll

  4. Ritu Roy says:

    Thanks for sharing the book here! I’ll check it out.

  5. Monika says:

    This is such a good post. I need to get your workbook and get on reading!

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