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Podcast: Healthy Work-Life Balance


Have you been struggling with maintaining a healthy balance of work and life? In today’s episode, I will be sharing some simple ways you can find work-life balance. It can be a challenge but it is not impossible!

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About a month or so ago I did a youtube video and I was talking about how I tend to manage and balance everything that I have that goes on in my life because I still work full time in corporate America. But I also have several little mini passion projects or side hustles I guess you could say that helped me to stay creative.

It’s helped me stay grounded in what my passions are.

So again the questions around you. Tiffany how did you manage to keep up with it all working full time. Being a mother of two. Being a wife blogging going to events showing up and being present and you guys it is no easy feat but hopefully, on today’s episode, I want to share some keys to help you determine what will work for you.

work-life balance

We all have been there before. We’ve been there with a struggle of just trying to get through the day and make sure that we accomplish every goal or every to do list. Every task that we have on our planner and sometimes it can be very very difficult. You know a lot of times when it comes to our careers our goals.

It can be challenging because you’re always thinking about the fact of what I have to do at home. You have I to make sure you’re spending time with your family. You have to have some sort of social life and within all of that, you need to find the time to relax. Like seriously. I know. For me, it’s quite rare but I do try to make sure that I take some time to take trips to help me get refocused. Honestly, I think it’s something that we could all try and do.

If you think about work-life balance it may be putting your personal relationships at risk.

Learn how to be present. Leave work at work.

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Podcast: You Need To Say This Word With Confidence And Without Hesitation


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EP 010: You Need To Say This Word With Confidence And Without Hesitation

Today over on The P Word Podcast we are getting into the nitty-gritty about something I believe that we all struggle with. Being the oldest child, I struggle with this saying this one word a lot. I struggle with it at work, and with friends.

This year I have learned more about myself than I ever thought I would. I realized that there is one word that has hindered me. It’s the word that I have learned to say with confidence and without feeling bad.

It’s the one word we all need to work on saying with confidence!

Especially in situations that put more on us than we can handle. In this episode, I will be discussing a few ways to help you gain the confidence you need to say this word.

This episode is the TENTH one! I can’t even believe it! If you haven’t had a chance to download and tune in, I highly suggest that you do! We have had some amazing guests on the show and its only getting better!

Check out The Path of Most Resistance episode!


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EP 009: The Representative

When you meet the representative you know the representative the person that shows up and paints a pretty picture of who they are but they’re really not that way. That’s who we’re going to be discussing on today’s show when you meet the representative and how to handle it.


Today’s post it’s in regards to some things that I have had to deal with personally and I thought that I would share my story in hopes to help you navigate through dealing with it as well.

When you meet the representative.

The representative is a term that I’m using because we all have them. The representative is the person that shows up that paints a beautiful picture, who tells a story that either that they are good for a job that they are good to start a relationship with.

The thing about it is when it comes to meeting a person’s representative we meet the part of them that is not always the genuine part. It is not true to the person that they really are. For example, you could see for example you could meet somebody in person right. You watch their videos you tune in.

You know you’ve always longed to be in their presence and wanted to meet them because you’re such a huge fan. But then that person comes to town and you’re excited. They’re having a speaking engagement or they’re they’re making an appearance and you go up to them and you ask for a photo. The attitude that they giving you is not the same person that they perceived or expected them to be.

They’re not the same person. They’re completely different.

That is what I mean by the representative. A representative is a person that paints that picture that shows up that the way that they think that they should be showing up.

That creates this facade of how they want to be seen but when the rubber meets the road it’s a different conversation. You know we always meet a person’s representative we never really truly get down to the nitty-gritty of who they truly are as a person.

I have done business with people who I thought were good at the job that I commissioned them to do. But it turned out that they were not a good fit.

We need to be true to who we are at all times.

We need to be authentic at all times.

Because when the crap hits the fan and things don’t go the way that we thought they would go then it puts a strain on the relationship that we have been trying to foster. Where they come from? What did I do?

I thought you know we were cool. I thought everything was good and all of a sudden everything changes.

You have just met their representative you have met in the beginning who they wanted you to perceive them to be. You never did meet their true self like you have to get behind the scenes of who people really are.

For all of my entrepreneurs out there, all of my women who are trying to be entrepreneurs, who are trying to get their brands and projects off the ground hear me when I say… make sure that you know who you’re dealing with upfront.

If it takes time to do a little research to ask questions to really get into the nitty-gritty about a person’s history, do it! You may need to do interviews for projects etc. ESPECIALLY if you are investing your hard earned coins!

Make sure you know who you are dealing with, more importantly, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Because I guarantee you’re meeting their representative and it’s going to save you a nice little burn in the long run.

We’re all trying to paint this picture that we’re perfect.

People will try to deceive you into believing that life is wonderful. That’s not the reality and we have to learn to ask those tough questions to really get down to see people for who and what they really are.

Sometimes there is not a happy ending. It can end with broken relationships and hurt feelings. On top of all of that, the situation can be so bad that you’ll never work with that person again. You’ll never have any kind of communication with that person again. And that’s not good.

All I ask is that for all of you entrepreneurs, bloggers, brand people who are helping others you know kind of get their brands off the ground and kind of help them through that process.

Show up and you’ll be true to what you say that you’re going to do for someone.

Because in the long run, it hurts both parties. And we’re all in this together, we’re all trying to figure out where we fit in.  I want to be able to be happy and live the best life that I possibly can.

We can do better.

We all can do better in some sense when you show up for someone show up. Be who you are, be true to who you are because at the end of the day you being authentic in the long run is going to help you more so than showing up as a representative.

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Podcast: How To Build Healthy Professional Relationships

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[00:00:50] I know that I have been a little MIA over the past week due to just traveling and also being under the weather and so I’ve finally got my voice in check enough to get on here and record some more episodes for you guys. So as always thank you so much for tuning in and downloading and I really hope that today’s show helps you in some kind of way.

We are going to be discussing just a couple of ways how we can learn to compromise. As we all know, being able to compromise improves our relationships be it a partnership be it a business partnership being a personal relationship. We know that that is vital.  Today I will be sharing a few tips on learning to compromise and how it will help improve any of your relationships. Starting with number one:

We don’t always have to be right.

[00:02:22] This is one that’s big for me because anytime we get an argument with anybody at a friend’s like it’s a co-worker you know we always want to be right and you know the first problem with fights is that everyone that’s involved wants to be right. We all want to win. It’s understandable that we feel that way. But you know it’s something that we really need to stop feeling. That feeling of I have to be right I have to win this argument. When you want to win you’re not listening to the other side of the argument or conversation.

[00:02:57] So sometimes we have to take a step back and listen to our partner friend or co-worker and understand their point of view because of nine times out of ten, we probably are not right. Although we may feel that we are and hearing the other person’s side of the argument is vital to any relationship and is definitely vital to being able to compromise. The other thing you guys we need to learn how to do is:

Let things go.

[00:03:27] Now I know this is a tough one for many people. Heck, it’s a tough one for me. I mean I can dredge up stuff from like seven years ago and bring it up to the T but you know needing to be right is just the first thing you need to let go of.

[00:03:45] So we don’t want to hold on so tightly to all the things in the past when somebody has wronged us. I mean you’ve heard the saying you know you have to forgive and forget. You know it’s really not the other way around. Where is forgive but hold a grudge and a lot of times we can get sucked into that holding a grudge aspect to where we lose relationships. Holding on to grudges and basically carrying that burden is one that we have to learn to let go of.

Re-think your expectations.

We all have expectations of people we have those expectations that are known. But more importantly, we have expectations that are unknown.  You know we have to be aware of the expectations that we put on other people. Many times people don’t have any clue that they have that expectation. Then we get upset and we get frustrated and we get mad. Another thing you guys,

We have to be willing to change.

I know. Change that word right. The one word that nobody probably really likes to hear. But deep down inside we know there’s a lot of things that we could do to change that could help benefit us in the long run. But we have to be willing to change. So after you rethink your expectations you know you’ve got to be willing to act on those changes as you see fit. Now it’s one thing to say that you’re going to actually compromise and you’re willing to compromise. But you know entirely different when you actually have to act on that change because a major part of compromising is actually following through with the resolution.  I know we can you know to the very end.

But you know once you tell someone that you’re willing to change and that you’re going to do better and you go to work towards doing better and being better make sure that you’re following through on that because not only does it hold you accountable but it also shows how much you value that relationship that you have with that other person.

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Podcast: EP 001: The Path Of Most Resistance























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How To Build A Healthy Professional Relationships

[00:00:01] So Tiffany why is it important to have good healthy working relationships?  That is a really good question and that is what we’re going to get into today on the show is talking about number one defining what a good healthy working relationship is. And number two some things that can help you build a good healthy working relationship. So you guys let’s get into the show.


[00:01:23] All right you guys let’s get into today’s show. Thank you so much for tuning and downloading so we can learn a little bit more about building relationships before we get into this topic I want you to ask yourself is there someone that you work with either personally or professionally that you just don’t know how to build a relationship with maybe you’ve been trying and you’re just struggling you can’t seem to figure out what it is and why you’re not connecting. Well if so this is for you. So today we’re going to be discussing ways to defining a good relationship but more importantly a good working relationship. So if that is you and you are in that boat just keep reading.

Why do we have to have good relationships especially in the professional realm?


[00:02:17] Well for starters good relationships are necessary if we hope to develop our careers. After all, if your boss doesn’t trust you it’s unlikely that he or she will consider you when a new position opens up. And overall we want to work with people who were on good terms with. And we also need a good working relationship with others in our professional circle. I mean think about it customers suppliers you know any key elements to our success in those relationships is so important to build and maintain really great working relationships with these people. So we’re about to get into defining what that looks like. What does a good relationship look like?


[00:03:01] Now there are a few characteristics that make up a good healthy working relationship and we are about to go through those right now number one trust is the foundation of every good relationship. Really when you trust your team and your colleagues you form a powerful bond that helps you to work and communicate more effectively if you trust the people you work with. You can be open and honest in your thoughts and actions and you don’t have to waste your time and energy watching your back. You guys have all heard the term C.Y.A. cover your you know what you don’t have to waste your time watching your back or see whining. I guess you could say when you trust the people that you work with. Okay

Number Two: Mutual Respect

When you respect the people you work with you value their input and ideas and they value yours in return. So working together you can develop solutions based on your collective insight, your wisdom and creativity. And that’s really where we want to be. We want to have respect for each other. We want to have that trust. You know that is really the foundation of it all.


Number Three: Mindfulness

This means taking responsibility for your words and your actions. Yall know how we can be sometimes when we get angry or somebody says something to us we want to go and say something back.


[00:04:28] You have to be mindful of what you say and how you react to the things that people say to you so people who are mindful and careful of what they say they really normally don’t tend to let their negative emotions impact the people around them.

That’s what you have to focus on if you’re trying to build a good healthy working relationship.

Number Four: Open Communication

We communicate all day whether we’re sending e-mails instant messages even if we’re face to face the better and more effectively we communicate to those around us the richer your relationships will be. I mean really all good relationships opinion open honest communication open honest communication. It all goes here and here. So now it’s you know what the definition or a few aspects of the definition of good healthy working relationships.


Let’s get into how you go about building a good healthy working relationship.

What do you need to do?

Where do you fit into this equation?

Number One:

You want to make sure that you’re developing your people skills a good relationship starts with good people skills. A lot of times it goes by just interacting with people. It goes with you being respectful of people. It really goes back to that definition of defining a good working relationship.


Number Two:

You want to schedule the time to build relationships.


[00:06:02] I mean seriously you guys we gotta got to put the work in a little bit if we’re hoping to have a good healthy working relationship with our co-workers and or our employers devote a portion of your day toward relationship building even if it’s just 20 minutes and you can break that up if you at like too. For example, you could pop into someone’s office during lunch and you know maybe send a couple of messages out on LinkedIn and just check and you know some of your co-workers and just to see how they’re doing. Or maybe you want to take a lunch break outside of work and go get a cup of coffee or what have you. There are these little interactions that help build the foundation of a good relationship especially if they’re face to face. We have gotten so far away from face to face interaction is now become more social media based.


[00:06:51] And we really do thrive for that connection with people and sometimes we have to put the phones down.


[00:06:58] We have to really consider the other person and let them know that hey I see you I’m paying attention to you and what we’re doing here is building a really great healthy relationship and that’s worth it to me. So make sure that you are scheduling the time to build relationships.

Number Three:

Appreciate others show your appreciation whenever someone helps you. Everyone from your boss to the office cleaner. I mean seriously god everyone wants to feel that their work is appreciated. So generally compliment the people around you when they do something well. This will open the door to great work relationships. Like really just think about it for a second. If you did something where you really weren’t expecting to get any kind of recognition for and you’re doing it because it’s your job and your coworker comes up to you because they’ve taken notice because they’re building this relationship with you and they say you know what I really appreciated you-you know taking those copies off the copy machine for me.


[00:08:02] The other day and laying them on my desk. I really appreciate that to be like dang, you know I was just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. Ace gives you this sense of you know what. Thank you. Thank you for noticing guys appreciation goes so far. I don’t care if it is the smallest act of kindness. Let them know that you appreciate them. You also want to be positive. You guys we have to focus on being positive at all times and this could be a tricky one because a lot of times we want to get in the road of. Knots day. You know I’m not I’m not trying to feel happy and all of that great stuff. Not today I’m having a really bad day but positivity is attractive and contagious and it will help strengthen your relationships with your colleagues.


[00:08:45] Because think about it no one wants around someone who is negative all the time. Nobody wants to hang what negative Nancy. Nobody is going to come to sit with you at the lunch table. Now nobody is going to want to come to sit in the break room with you.


[00:08:57] So be positive at least try to be positive while you’re at work because it really does go a long way. And it is contagious when others see you being positive. And last but not least you want to listen actively practice active listening. When you talk to your customers and colleagues I mean is it can be difficult sometimes because you want to get and talk about me me me.


[00:09:21] This is what I’m doing. Check me out.


[00:09:23] Watch this see that this is what I did and people respond to those who truly listen to what they have to say. So focus on listening more than you talk and you’ll quickly become known as someone who can be trusted. Guys, I’m telling you. Active listening. Trust all of this stuff is where it’s at. It is what it takes to build a good healthy working relationship.


[00:09:50] Yes it can be challenging. No, you’re not going to have great relationships with everyone but if you put your best foot forward and you put in the effort at least at the end of the day you know you tried.


[00:10:03] So there may be some people that just flat out don’t like you for whatever reason they’re never going to be nice to you but you always take the high road and do the right thing and at the end of the day they’ll see that you know what you know is so bad after all.


[00:10:21] Like after everything I’ve done and said you know she’s still nice to me and not to mention the fact that your employer and your other colleagues are paying attention. So make sure at all times you’re doing the right thing and you’re taking the high road.


[00:10:36] You guys I really do hope that you enjoyed today’s show. If so please please please please head over and rate it and write a review and let me know what you’re thinking of the show so[00:11:20]  I want to send a huge thank you out to each and every one of you who have downloaded the P word podcast we are now over 200 downloads and it really hasn’t even been a full month and I’m so excited. So thank you thank you thank you to each and every one of you I really do appreciate it. And as always thanks for tuning in and we will chat on the next show.

Podcast: How To Build Healthy Professional Relationships-Tiffany D. Brown


Podcast: EP 003: The Secrets to a Killer Resume

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Show Notes




7 Ways to Avoid the Silent Killer: Self-Doubt

Show Notes

Self-doubt is one of the major obstacles to living the life you truly deserve.


[00:00:05] Do you find yourself doubting your abilities, doubting the goals that you have set in place for yourself? Do you struggle with self-doubt? I sure do. I do. I struggle with self-doubt on a daily basis. Actually before this podcast was even a thought in my head. I struggled with self-doubt. I struggled with the fact of having to face putting something out there that’s so personal, that’s so open and it’s something that I normally don’t do.


[00:00:41] And self-doubt started to rear its ugly head, saying Tiffany, who is going to listen to that? Nobody wants to listen to that, but I know and I deep within my soul within my gut that what I’m going to be offering with this podcast is so is so much bigger than me.


[00:01:52] All right so let’s get into this show. Thank you so much you guys. First off for tuning in downloading today’s show on the P word podcast and our topic today is going to be Seven Ways to Avoid the Silent Killer. It’s called self-doubt. I know we’ve all been there. I’m there probably every day, about something it could be anything small minute they probably really doesn’t matter. But I always find myself falling into that trap of self-doubt and I know I’m not the only one. I know that I have conversations with a lot of different people and relationships that I have that deal with it as well. So I thought I’d be a great topic to discuss on today’s show self-doubt is one of the major obstacles to living the life you truly deserve. So we need to overcome self-doubt, self-doubt is a silent killer. It is something that people struggle with internally is something that people may not come out up front and say hey you know what. I’m not really feeling myself today. I don’t like this. I don’t look pretty. I don’t feel good. Instead, we put on that perfect face of everything is fine and dandy and it’s not self-doubt stops you from achieving your goals.


[00:03:07] So don’t let it do it to you know that when you achieve your goals you inspire other people to achieve their goals too. Now, this is so very true. I have had people come up to me who in conversation may enjoy some of the content that I produce or the videos that I produce and they tell me that they’re inspired by what I’m producing and putting out there and that’s so humbling to me because a lot of times we think what we know or what we’re familiar with. That may seem like to us a common sense or oh it’s something I do it’s no big deal that there’s somebody out there who doesn’t know and we are the vessels of inspiration. A lot of times for other people for other people to try things that normally they wouldn’t try because we suggested it or it’s something that we like. So know that when you achieve your goals you inspire other people to achieve their goals too.


[00:04:03] When you overcome self-doubt you’ll love yourself for it and the world will love you for it as well.


[00:04:09] So instead of telling yourself I really really really want this but I can’t get it I want it if only for this if only for that if maybe I just had this or maybe I just had that. And things would be better.


[00:04:22] Yall, All this is doubt. Doubt, doubt, doubt. So when you’re trying to achieve a goal a lot of times this is when doubt will rear its ugly little head. It will start to get in your head and start to tell you different things you start to listen to those little voices and it’s time to let go of all that because self-doubt is a killer.


[00:04:43] And when it comes to what we’re trying to do and creating these goals and fulfilling them it seems like it always step in the right time especially when you’re really close to doing something that you’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. For me, my personal story would be this podcast. I started out with a podcast a couple of years ago thinking I was going to do it. You know I think it would be fun.


[00:05:11] Not really understanding that it wouldn’t have a purpose for me, therefore, it wasn’t as fulfilling for me to complete it to finish it and to move forward with it and here I am again coming full circle and doubt creeps in. Doubt was creeping in prior to launching the first episode. Honestly, you guys, I was terrified of even telling people about the podcast. Although I knew that it would be very beneficial and I firmly believe in my heart and soul that the content and the interviews and the expert advice that we’re going to have on the show is going to be great. But I doubt myself I doubt myself a lot more so than I really should. And it was funny I was having a conversation with my sister and she had posted the podcast launch picture on her profile and she was getting some DM’s she was saying and she was asking people what they thought about the show and I immediately told her I was I don’t want to hear I don’t hear it because if I hear it then I think really bad.


[00:06:09] And I don’t want to think that people don’t want the show and I don’t want to start doubting myself and what I’m doing because I really feel like I’m on a good path here and she’s like, Tiff, chill out like it was all good stuff and it’s just like I just started laughing because I’m like I’m really hard on myself you guys and I doubt a lot of things I do when I know what my soul is something that I really love is something I want to do.


[00:06:31] So just a funny story of how just that quick self-doubt stepped in it was like oh she was she is about to tell you she didn’t tell you things that they don’t like the show and I was starting to think immediately well maybe I shouldn’t do this.


[00:06:44] Maybe I should move forward with this and I’m glad she told me to take a chill pill and listen to what she actually had to say before jumping to any kind of conclusions.


[00:06:54] So we all want to be successful and we all want to feel fulfilled in life and we have goals that we want to achieve but sometimes we feel that maybe we’re too small or we’re not as experienced to actually go after them. Then there are those who unconsciously doubt themselves now you know where before the words even leave your mouth even process through your brain all the way you’re already doubting yourself. So they don’t even dare to step outside the box and think big because they believe that the top is not for them or since it has never been done before.


[00:07:32] Why should I be the first person to do it in that kind of goes hand in hand with finding your niche you know a lot of times people have trouble finding my niche I’m having a hard time figuring out what it is that I want to do and they may think because someone else is doing already that there’s not a fit for them. But that’s not true. We all have our own purpose and nobody’s going to do it the same way that you do it.


[00:07:53] So you have to ask yourself you know which boat did you fall in.


[00:07:58] Do you fall into the boat where you unconsciously doubt yourself? or do you fall into the boat where you just flat out doubt yourself? and I think I’m a little bit of both.


[00:08:10] So I don’t think I just put myself in one group I think I’m a little bit of both. So I wanted to give you seven ways to avoid the silent killer of self-doubt. This is hands down my number one. You guys stop thinking too hard. Stop thinking too hard. I over analyze. I am considered an A-type personality. I love numbers. I love analyzation I love like analyzing a lot of different things and. honestly, it is really not as serious as it may seem.


[00:08:45] Seriously guys I think of Instastories for example, I overthink Instastories.


[00:08:52] Yeah I overthink so much just self-doubt creeps in and I decide not to post anything only on Instastories when it’s supposed to be a fun exciting engaging app. I over analyze it. I overthink it and therefore I don’t post to it like I should.


[00:09:07] I know of Crazy I’m crazy I know number one.


[00:09:10] Stop thinking too hard you guys it is really not as serious as it may seem because our mind creates scenarios and problems that nine times out of ten aren’t really reality. They’re not really there, and they don’t even exist. So save yourself the stress and don’t think too hard before taking action.


[00:09:29] Number two is a big one guys. It’s a big one is to let go of fear if fear has kept you silent.


[00:09:41] Then it’s time for you to let it go and speak up. We all have a voice. We all have a purpose in life. So people are really waiting to hear your voice because your story matters and you can impact so many people your story can impact so many people and I know I have plenty of stories and nobody knows anything about.


[00:10:06] But it’s very important that we realize the stories our experiences have made us who we are.


[00:10:16] And because of those stories and sharing those stories with other people, we never know how it may help them. So if you have a story you feeling your spirit and your gut that you should say something and you should share it then share it. Don’t hold it in because that story may inspire the next person the next generation whatever. But it’s going to impact someone.


[00:10:40] So let go of the fear let go. People want to hear your voice because your story matters and you can impact so many people don’t let fear hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself because you guys it’s not worth it. Don’t let fear steal your joy.


[00:11:00] Don’t let fear steal your joy because it will snatch it straight up just like it can snatch the edges off the side of your head.


[00:11:09] It will snatch up. OK so don’t let that happen.


[00:11:13] Number three, everything is a process right. It’s no different when it comes to greatness. Greatness is a process.


[00:11:26] Now self-doubt can arise when you feel like when you’re not where you want to be in life at that very moment. I know I’m not necessarily where I want to be in life I envision my life differently in many occasions but I’m learning to accept my journey to walk my path because I know eventually, I’ll get to that point. I want you to understand one thing that no great person made it there overnight. Now you have heard overnight success stories now with the influx of social media and videos going viral and the next thing you know you’re on the Today show talking but you know this that’s not often so.


[00:12:08] I guarantee you if you put in the work you will see the desired change that you’re looking for. But if you sit around and allow your doubt to rule your life you will never move forward progress is the goal.


[00:12:23] So let’s not remain stagnant. We cannot remain stagnant we have to keep pushing. Number four everybody doesn’t need to know what you have going on. Everybody doesn’t need to know what your plans are. So stop letting people in on your secrets and your plans.


[00:12:43] Now if you talk to people that you know that are very negative why in the heck would you tell them your plans your ambitions your goals. You don’t want to do that you want to tell your dreams only to the people that will feed into it not swallow it up and make you feel bad for dreaming about it. Or aspiring to be better or aspiring to do better. You know you don’t want to share that with them because they’re not going to feed into you the way that you will need them to. So you want to choose your crowd very wisely and only hang around and associate yourself with those who add value to your life. Value,


[00:13:22] value, you guys, okay. Quality over quantity, quality over quantity. People usually believe in us more than we believe in ourselves and we need to see ourselves through their eyes and not through the eyes of self-doubt.


[00:13:41] I can tell you a story where I have a circle of friends and you know you have those friends. You don’t have to talk to them every single day or every month but you pick up the phone you pick up just like it was yesterday. But I have friends in my corner to where whenever I’m feeling like I can’t do it. They’re there to remind me of. Yes, I can. Here’s why. And this is what I need for you to do. I so grateful so very grateful to these friends because every time I feel it I can’t do something or I’m starting to doubt the process they give me the reasons why I better be doing it. They give me the reason why. Why not. Like nobody else is doing this a while. And you want to do it. So they push me they push me to be better. They pour into me and you really need to have someone in your camp your circle your tribe is going to pour into you now.


[00:14:34] This was tough but you have to stay away from complainers.


[00:14:38] The negative nancies and there are a lot of them out there.


[00:14:43] Stay away from negative nancy stay away from the complainers stay away from people who cannot handle other people’s successes. Stay away from them because if they can’t handle other people’s successes and they call themselves your friend and associate partner whatever they are not going to be able to handle your success. And let me tell you-you’re on the verge of being successful. So we don’t need them in our corners. You don’t need them in the in your corner and I want you to start accepting your flaws start accepting yourself who you are. You know just stay authentic to you and it’s not easy but you can do it. Having a strong support system is great but you have to learn also to be strong for yourself you need to accept yourself flaws and all. And remember that no one is perfect. Allowing yourself to learn through this journey we call life to learn to live in the moment and love every single moment of it.


[00:15:49] Number five who are studying you know if it’s your idea to be great and you want to be successful and you want to set these goals and you want to achieve them then who are you looking at to help inspire you to help motivate you. Do you have a mentor? Do you have someone you can talk to that’s going to feed into you? That’s going to bounce those ideas off. You know where you have a conversation you could figure things out when you have challenges they’re there for you. Who are you studying? Who are you looking to aspire to be like or who are you looking at that is impacting you in such a way that is making you want to step outside your comfort zone and try something different. Research is so important not only from a professional standpoint but from a personal standpoint as well. What do you feed yourself is what you become so if you desire to be great then learn from those at the top of their game learn from those were the top of the game or whatever industry that maybe you want to make sure that you’re doing that because that’s where you’re going to find success. That’s where you find that determination that push that you need to keep going number 6 is to get out of your own head. I need to live in my head for days like days and not really say a word to anybody about it. But your mind can be your best friend. Or it could be your greatest enemy. There’s also so much I mean there’s just so much to life you guys and you don’t want to be stuck mentally and emotionally. I don’t want that for you. So any time you see yourself dwelling on your doubts about limiting your beliefs I want you to get up and start moving start moving your body or your computer find something to focus on. It’s going to help get you energized reinspired and motivated. Do anything that’s going to get you to stop thinking. Take a break. Go for a walk whatever you need to do.


[00:17:46] So last but not least let’s discuss number 7. Number 7. Take care of yourself. I’ve said this on other episodes. Nothing is more important than taking care of yourself and can tell your whole story.


[00:18:04] I think I like telling a lot of stories about me because I don’t really share a lot about me personally but recently I fell into this trap of self-doubt. I was taking blogger photos or fashion style photos and I really wasn’t liking what I was seeing on the other side of the lens. I was like you know being to like the kind of let yourself go away and two kids later are not acceptable.


[00:18:29] I’m not saying that it is but I really let go of myself. I let go of taking care of myself taking care of myself goes further than getting your nails or hair done or getting a message which don’t get me wrong is totally awesome I love getting my nails although I don’t get my hair done anymore I love getting my nails done but tackling task and knocking those off their lives have been overwhelming. 2 You can really really make your day so set yourself a self-care day. Have a list of things that you want to get done and that you want to check off your list. You know because I know for me after I finish them. I’m like dang I got that done. I’m feeling productive now. Go and do something else. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Whatever seems to be a mountain before you. God gave you an unlimited, unlimited amount of power and strength and it’s honestly left up to you to recognize it. Let’s stop looking at all the wrong things are all the what-ifs or you know maybe I’m not good enough. And let’s start focusing on what’s right and I’m telling you-you’re going to see just from doing that one thing. You had everything you needed all along. Learn from your mistakes and let’s keep pushing. Before I let you go I just want to give you just a little encouraging quote life either gives you a blessing or a lesson. That’s something to think about you guys so there’s no reason why we should be doubting ourselves. There’s no reason why we should let doubt sneak in and creep in and steal our joy. We have been equipped with everything we need.


[00:20:10] We just have to trust it. Trust your gut. Stop thinking too hard. Let go of fear. Be great because greatness is a process. Stop telling your plans and ideas to everyone who is negative. And it’s not going to feed into your purpose. Steady who you want to be like. Do some research find out what they’re doing this work and that maybe could help you get out of your own head and take care of yourself.

Podcast: EP 003: The Secrets to a Killer Resume

Podcast: EP 004: 7 Ways To Avoid the Silent Killer: Self-Doubt

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The Secrets to a Killer Resume


Tiffany: [00:00:52] All right guys. So today on the show I have two amazing women that I cannot wait to ask a lot of questions in regards to helping you be the best candidate you can be when it comes to interviewing especially from an H.R. standpoint. I know that you know it can be difficult sometimes if you’re really not in the know and I’m hoping that today’s show will shed some light on how you can step your game up when it comes to interviewing.


Tiffany: [00:01:23] So first we have Ms. Davia Rose Lassiter. She is an award-winning communications professional and marketing strategist with experience and publication management journalism graphic design social media and public relations. She earned her B.A. from the University of Southern Mississippi and her master’s from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Davia honed her talents working for a variety of media outlets and non-profit organizations before joining Kennesaw State University’s College of continuing and professional education in 2012. She currently serves as director of marketing and develops award-winning marketing and communication campaigns.

When Davia is not working she enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, and exploring everything that Atlanta has to offer. Singing songs from Hamilton, perfecting her yoga poses and being a personal assistant to her fur baby, Cookie the Monster.

Davia, we are so excited to have you on the show today. We also have Ms. Monique Jenkins, a human resources professional with almost 10 years of experience in the public and private sectors. She is currently the talent manager for the state of Georgia helping senior leaders attract and retain a high performing and motivated workforce. In addition to her work she currently serves on the board of directors for the Council of State Personnel Administration and is a volunteer leader with the Society of Human Resources Management Atlanta where she was awarded the president’s award for volunteer excellence for her service as chair of the SHRM Atlanta young professionals affinity group. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Mississippi University for Women and her MBA from Mercer University and currently resides in Marietta Georgia.

Monique, welcome to the show. I’m so glad to have both of you ladies on today. First, I want to start with Davia, can you just give us some of your favorite things to do.

Davia: [00:03:39] Well, first of all, thank you so much, Tiffany, for thinking of me and having me on this show to share my experience. I’m really excited about it.


Davia: [00:03:47] And as far as what I like to do when I’m not working I actually do like to work. But I’ve learned to take time for myself. So I do love my dog little Cookie so we like to go exercise. We like to like to hike. I also really enjoy cooking.


Davia: [00:04:06] I am addicted to the tasty app and Pinterest so people who follow me on Instagram know that they can always catch me cooking and baking something so that is something that I really enjoy. I also love the performing arts. Anything that’s on the stage. I recently saw Hamilton and I am obsessed with it. I listened to the soundtrack too much and I love traveling. I recently got my passport so I’m ready to fly.


[00:04:38] Me too and that is funny because I actually just sent my renewal in like two days ago. So I’m like you I’m ready to travel internationally. I’ve done enough in the States I’m ready to like go see other other cultures and just have some different experiences so that’s that’s really really cool. I’ll be your travel buddy. Hey, I’m down for that. I’m down for that. Leaving the kiddos behind and jet-setting. That is my goal. Israel. So Monique what are some things that you enjoy doing outside of work.


Monique: [00:05:11] Yes so like you ladies I am definitely interested in traveling. I love to travel. I did have to renew my passport here viri not too long to do and I was very sad because I had to get rid of my old one that had all my stamps.


Monique: [00:05:37] But outside of traveling so I’m a big SEC football fan so anybody who knows me knows that I’m always waiting for September to roll around because the fall equals football. Particularly SEC football and that is just one of my favorite things in the world. I’m a big Mississippi State Bulldog fan so I love to go to the games and watch them on TV so I love it. And outside of that, I’m big into volunteering so one of the things that I didn’t mention on my bio was the fact that I love to volunteer and I’m currently involved in quite a few volunteer organizations. One of them being the Junior League of Cobb-Marietta. I’m just really interested in giving back to my community and serving in my community. Those are the things that make me happy.


Tiffany: [00:06:23] Oh I love it. I love it. So you mentioned that there are several different organizations that you do volunteer with if you don’t mind sharing those we would love to know more about. Maybe just kind of give a brief rundown of that maybe the names of those organizations in case there is somebody else out there who are maybe looking to join some of those if you could share that that would be great.


Monique: [00:06:46] Yes so currently I am volunteering with The Junior Leauge of Cobb-Marrietta. I like I said earlier and we are an all female women’s organization dedicated to serving our community. We focus on women and children and we basically raise money for other non-profits in the Cobb-Marietta community and give that money back to them in the form of grants so they can continue to do their good work.


Monique: [00:07:16] We can be reached at www.jlcm.org And one of the other organizations and I spent a lot of time with at this point is the INROADS Atlanta Alumni Association. So I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with INROADS but it is a minority based internship program that basically takes interns from the high school level and at the college level and prepares them for the workforce by giving them job skills. And of course internships with major corporate players throughout the United States. I’ve been involved in that organization for more than four years. It’s a great organization.


Monique: [00:07:56] You can find them at www.inroads.org you know what that is so funny that you said inroads because I’m going to tell a quick story when I first started interviewing and I was trying to work for Pfizer as most people know now that it took me about two years to do so. So it was very challenging trying to get a job within that corporate role as a pharmaceutical sales rep. And I remember going to training and there was a group of inroads students or interns there. And I formed some really really great relationships with them and I was so intrigued at the fact that there I wasn’t the only one that looked like me at the corporate office when we were training and I made some really amazing friends and it just brought flashbacks.


Tiffany: [00:08:46] When you said INROADS I was like I remember those group of people with such a great time when we were in training.


Tiffany: [00:08:51] And you know what’s interesting to me although they all started out doing the INROADS program and they were within Pfizer. They all branched out and they are doing something like completely different from that and it’s just like wow I really do feel like that program really set them up for success and that is just so cool and that’s one reason why. You know I was compelled to do this show because I do feel like there are so many women especially minority women double minority women that could use some help and insight when it comes to landing something like that like being a part of INROADS or working for a company like Pfizer and just kind of knowing the ins and outs of tips and tricks and how they can do it as well. So it’s just wow.


Tiffany: [00:09:38] Just give me butterflies when you said that was like remember that so clearly like literally we were in the hotel room with the white butcher paper and markers what we were studying all of this stuff is just really working together and forming and like those relationships that like here it is 13 years in and I still remember it like it was yesterday.


Tiffany: [00:09:58] So that is that is so very cool. Very cool. So thank you so much for sharing that. Ok, ladies so we know that when it comes to hiring there are so many questions that go through an applicants mind. And I’ve heard. And I want you guys to chime in on this for me. I’ve heard that and I’ve read also that is that H.R. professionals or managers it normally takes them less than five minutes to review a resume before deciding whether or not a job applicant makes it to the next round. Now starting with Davia is going to want to get your insight, Monique, of course, you can chime in or we could just make this an open conversation and just kind of share. Either way, it’s fine with me. So just you ladies like I guess based on your experience and your background. Is that true? Statement true?


Davia: [00:10:51] I think 5 minutes is very generous.


Davia: [00:10:56] And I know that because my role as Director of Marketing, however, I am responsible for hiring. So with that said I don’t participate in HR activities full-time. I’m running marketing for a college. So when it’s not for me to hire whether it’s a student assistant which is essentially a temporary worker or a full-time employee to look over hundreds of resumes five minutes apiece. I honestly don’t have that type of time. So that’s why is super important for your documents to really and truly for lack of a better word be on point.


Davia: [00:11:35] Because the minute I see a typo recycle and that may sound harsh but if you’re trying to apply for a job in communications I’m looking for perfection because if you work for me then that’s my standard. And even on the cover letter, I’ll never forget they were applying for a job at the University where I work. And they had to the hiring managers of Home Depot recycle to so where there’s a cover letter or a resume. It really does need to be you know perfect simply because unlike Monique HR is not my full-time position. And even you know say I give it a minute looking over it for a minute. It really does have to stand out. And the minute I see typos. Bad punctuation. You know Microsoft work spellcheck that for you. It could tell you to fix this, fix that so to me you haven’t put in the effort to get your foot in the door. And to me, that’s going to be reflective of potentially how you’re going to work.


[00:12:40] Monique may be a little more lenient but I in marketing I can’t afford to because if you (Monique) I am absolutely not more lenient that and Davia if you are getting resumes from applicants that have typos you are not. You do not have very good recruiters on your team. Exactly.


Davia: [00:13:01] Again working in communications I mean a typo could be your career. So I feel better about my process but I will have a very good track record when it comes to hiring employees. I bring them in and I truly have a team. But you know you have to meet certain requirements to get your foot in the door.


Monique: [00:13:23] Yes. I’m just gonna second that.


Monique: [00:13:25] So recruiting is where I started out. And so I spent a lot of time as a recruiter and now I’m back in the recruiting role.


Monique: [00:13:33] So for me it’s been in five minutes on a resume that’s way too long. Literally, for me, it’s going to be a matter of seconds. It may be two minutes maybe. But that’s only if there’s something really good about their resume.


Monique: [00:13:53] But literally I need your resume to meet all of the requirements that were set out in the job posting. And I need for your resume to show very clearly how your skills relate to the position that you are applying to. And if you don’t do that well or if you have typos or if your resume is not organized or if just two lengthy the there are any number of things that will immediately disqualify you from consideration at that point.


Tiffany: [00:14:26] That’s because so basically attention to detail is imperative when it comes to putting your application in. Instead of just saying like hey you know I’m a go on you know whatever Monster.com and apply real quick and just really not pay attention to what you’re uploading could be detrimental. It’s funny because you said as far as you mention about resume being organized. So just from that standpoint alone to get on a resume organize. Do you suggest that applicants use bullet points? Do you suggest that they use more of a paragraph format?


Tiffany: [00:15:04] What is your professional experience stands out the most to you like when it goes through like sifting through those resumes like what stands out to you?


Monique: [00:15:15] Yeah. So I definitely don’t think that you need paragraphs because paragraphs take up a lot of space and nobody is reading very lengthy resumes right. So I would say it needs to be a combination of short sentences descriptions and bullet points. Definitely. OK. And the other thing that I would say you know that’s going to depend on the role that you applying to. Definitely the industry as well as some industries like work in state government. You know while we don’t require CV’s or very long resumes that may be a requirement for research positions or for federal government positions. So some of that is going depend but just in general bullet points and short descriptions that maybe describe the place that you worked would be appropriate for a resume.


Davia: [00:16:07] Wow. I definitely agree with bullet points. I’ve done quite a few resume revisions for different clients that I have.


Davia: [00:16:14] And I again second that notion about people are not going to take the time to read paragraphs and paragraphs. If we don’t have five minutes to look over your resume then bullet points are key. And of course, make sure that it’s formatted in a way that is attractive to the eye is going to catch the hiring managers attention but also think about the content. If you have three to four bullets per position that needs to be the top three or four things that you’ve accomplished on the job as well. So it was nice to have a bit of a snapshot on your resume in the form of those bullet points because that was going to get you in the door. So what I’m looking at your resume when Monique is looking at your resume we’re able to easily scan and say This person has created X Y and Z. They were able to get 5000 people at this event or whatever the case may be. So we’ll put you in the yes stack. So after we go through those resumes and we look at our yes stack that’s when we can take a little more time to really vet you as a candidate so bullet points are definitely.


Tiffany: [00:17:19] And you know it’s funny because on my resume when I first started out I did the bullet point you know format, of course, I had to tweak it as interviews went along but especially from a sales standpoint is very important to me to have those bullet points because they want to know. All right compared to your metrics like what did you do in 2016 versus 2017. How did you grow your business? What are those actual numbers? How many doctors did you call on? What was your call list like?


[00:17:49] So in that type of situation bullet points are very important because there’s a lot of information to try to I guess explain to like you said Davia, about to catch the Hiring Managers attention or either just getting through the systems that when you upload your resume just getting through those systems with those keywords and I know there are rumors out there I’m sure is very true in regards to system checks for keywords on resumes and cover letters. Is that you know do you guys have. Have you seen that? Are there systems in place that you guys use when sifting through those resumes and cover letters that basically track the keywords to where they say I was a viable person you know in comparison to the job description. Do you see a lot of that?


Tiffany: [00:18:40] Or is there a certain program that you guys are familiar with in order sifting out candidates for me.


Davia: [00:18:50] I actually get every single resume that that comes across in my department where I work. We have different departments within our college so our age our team simply provides the resumes for us so we’re able to vet them. So it’s a little longer process but I’m really interested to see Monique uses some software. Maybe there’s something we can incorporate where I work to make things more efficient.


Monique: [00:19:15] Yes so disclaimer first before I answer the question so applicant tracking systems get a bad rep because I think a lot of candidates who think that is just a computer who is deciding that it’s deciding who makes it to the next round. And that’s just simply not true. Because if that was the case people like me would not have jobs that would not exist. So to answer your question yes we do use systems are called applicant tracking systems.


Monique: [00:19:44] And they are designed in many different ways. So I can tell you after being in  HR for almost 10 years and being a recruiter for the entirety of my career I have yet to use a system that specifically uses a keyword search to screen candidates out.


Monique: [00:20:03] But the keyword search is helpful for us to go very quickly through hundreds of candidates for one position.


Monique: [00:20:13] Ok. And so just to give you an example if there is a technical position that you are applying to one of our requirements is that you have a certain experience with a particular software or a particular programming language then using our Applicant Tracking System we can very easily hone in on those people who included that in their resume. Okay. So it does have its purpose in its use and it helps us see those applicants who have included what we need very quickly. But there is somebody behind the computer behind the applicant tracking system reviewing your resume. Okay.


Monique: [00:20:52] And so as one of those people, is going to be very important to not necessarily be focused on and trying to beat an Applicant Tracking System or put keywords in your resume what’s going to be more important is making sure that your skills align to the position that you are applying for. And if there are very specific requirements for software for Internet programs for sales programs that’s included.


Tiffany: [00:21:20] Wow that’s wow.


Tiffany: [00:21:23] And it’s funny because out after all that you know these keywords are applicant tracking system that the keywords are a big deal. So thank you so much for shedding light on that and just kind of opening our eyes to the fact that hey there’s still somebody behind the computer or I wouldn’t have a job, and we use it to make our jobs more efficient when it comes to finding the right candidate to make sure that those qualifications align up to what you know. The hiring manager or company is actually looking for. So wow. Since we’re on the topic of resumes what would you say have been the biggest red flags that you have seen. Like what is absolute from the moment you glance at it say it like no outside of typos or punctuation like what are the big red flags that you’ve seen?


Monique: [00:22:13] Ok so I’ll start with that one.


Monique: [00:22:16] So one of the immediate red flags for me is if a resume has zero organization to it. I am not going to take the time to organize a resume as a recruiter I’m just not going to do it. So what I mean by the organization is I need it to be some kind of order your work history and I don’t really care if it’s chronological or if you put the skill set. But there needs to be some order to your resume. And if I look at a resume and I don’t see that I’m not going to take the time to look at it. The other key piece is if it is not organized appropriately. OK.

If it if it has too much information if there’s not a good proper use of white space if it just looks like you just threw it together. I’m not going to take a look at it. And so let me give you guys a warning about templates right. So if you go and you download a resume template from Monster dot com or CareerBuilder dot com or any of these other Web sites that have sample resumes where you just plug and play. I need you to be very smart on the computer and remove any indication that you downloaded a template and if you are not that savvy then don’t do it because I will see and I will toss your resume.


Davia: [00:23:33] Yeah, I definitely agree with everything you said. As far as the format again I work in a creative industry and you know if it’s not balanced like Monique said and the whitespace is not balanced. Also, there are 3 different fonts. I’ve seen that on a resume.


Tiffany: [00:23:55] If your resume is what do you mean about three different fonts are you saying. Like maybe like doesn’t need to be one consistent font but even if you bold it or whatever like what do you mean by that.


Davia: [00:24:06] Well bolding is fine they’ll use the same font in bold maybe do all caps. You know where appropriate. That’s fine. But I’m talking about if you have comic fans times new roman and Helvetica.


Davia: [00:24:20] That that is really unattractive and again it shows that you’re not putting in the effort to get the job. So what type of employee will you be if for some miracle you’re hired?


Monique: [00:24:31] So I want to just add really quickly. I hate that I have to say this in 2018. It is very important that you have a professional email address if you have anything in your email address it’s not professional. I am not putting that to a hiring manager. I’m just not gonna do it. Don’t be sexy mama 2013 with your resume I have seen h cater to a team


Davia: [00:24:58] Exactly like we don’t need to know about your personal life. You better get a GMAIL first name, last name, and figure it out. Again that effort. Email is free. There’s no reason why you should have you know big chicken 32 on your resume.


Davia: [00:25:17] It goes into my recycling bin work.


Tiffany: [00:25:20] Basically the trash right. That’s basically what that is.


Davia: [00:25:23] Pretty much. And in another huge red flag to wear a flag still, the first one is if your job experience is kind of here and there hit or miss. So you’re at this job 6 months then you’re at his job two and a half weeks. Then you had another job for four months. That lets me know that if again if a miracle happens and you’re hired that, I have a two-week 6-month window where you actually be my employee and that is a waste of everyone’s time. So that type of job experience that is you going to have three degrees and all types of certifications. But to me that says that I don’t need to invest the time in welcoming you to the team getting you acclimated because you’re going to leave. So a person like that because of how experienced they are they will not get an interview with me.


Tiffany: [00:26:13] No actually before you go into the next one. Going to try and how you’re talking about the gaps in employment. So how is it handled? And I’m speaking from my own personal experience when I got laid off. I was only on a contract for maybe 6 months now. I went from working at Pfizer for almost three years and they had huge layoffs like back in 2009 and it took me a little bit to get another job. And when I did it was a contract position selling like medical devices and all of a sudden that job ended and I was only on that job for like six months so I know you say that it doesn’t matter in regards to like your degrees or your level of experience when and when you see these gaps on a resume it’s still kind of sends up a red flag. So what about people like me who maybe didn’t leave on their own and it was more of the company’s you know reasoning why. Like how has that looked at me because you can’t really state that I guess on a resume? I mean I guess you could. I don’t know. How does that look for somebody like me who maybe got laid off you know every six months there’s a layoff depending on the company or the contract that I’m on?


Davia: [00:27:26] Why should we revise a resume for a client of mine and she has a lot of contract experience as well as some full-time experience.


Davia: [00:27:35] So what I did is I grouped her full-time experience together and her contract experience together.


Davia: [00:27:40] So if she was at a place two months here four months here you know six months here at least the employer could see what she was a contractor. So I think that that expectation is that the contractors you know maybe you know may be at a job in varying lengths of time but I think its just how the resume is formatted. I gotcha makes sense.


Davia: [00:28:05] And I do have my second point is the salary. So, I was in a situation where I hired someone who made about 30,000 dollars more than what we were offering. And the group matched the hiring group that I was with. We did discuss the pros and cons but we gave them a chance because he was so experienced. He lasted about two months.


Davia: [00:28:30] So we did take a chance on him because he was so incredible. But


Davia: [00:28:35] That was the one chance that we took, and moving forward if a person makes significantly more than what we’re offering, not that we are offering pennies. But you know some Universities may have bigger budgets than others but they make significantly more. That’s not someone that I would even grant an interview only because I know that what they can probably land a job with us. But they’re still looking for another job that’s going to be comparable to what they used to make.


Tiffany: [00:29:03] It just wouldn’t be a good use of time. So it’s just best not to even go that route.


Davia: [00:29:07] You know. And I’m saying resumes with photos on them and to me, I don’t understand that because your resume is again on point.


[00:29:22] if it’s you know organized well, formatted well and it will have that relevant information. Then we’re going to see what you look like because you’re going to get an interview and then I think about spacing on the resume. Well, that’s just taking up the room. So I mean and I have a design mind. I just don’t understand is don’t put your picture on your resume. Everyone is listening.


[00:29:47] Don’t do it as quiet fussing at me because I was one of those people. Of course, this was like 10 years ago but I was one of those people that. Not only do I have it on my resume I think I have my cover letter but you know what.


Davia: [00:30:02] You said you hit it on the head so you said it was 10 years ago. You were younger. And to me, a photo on your resume screams young and in a way, it screams a little inexperienced but it’s kind of like fast forward now you know better protocol.


Tiffany: [00:30:18] Right. I went dare do it now. I wouldn’t dare do it now but it’s funny looking back. I remember this Shurmur the photo like that I use is crazy.


Tiffany: [00:30:26] It’s just crazy. She said like no photos on resumes but wow.Y’all are


Tiffany: [00:30:31] dredging up old memories.


Tiffany: [00:30:36] These are really, really, all great tips like seriously I’m even learning myself and it’s not that you know I’m currently seeking employment. But who knows the contract that I’m currently on I very well may maybe soon. So just kind of getting that refresh even for myself I trying to get through that process is that this is really great. This is all really great. So now this one is kind of like off the topic, of cover letters and resumes but just in your experience how important is it to do research for the companies that an applicant is applying to. Because I know from my experience the first thing that I do when I see a job posting first I look at the requirements. You know when I look to see what’s going to be the most important thing and I want to go next to go over to the company website and really look into their company culture what they focus on how they give back you know how customers may be dealing with them or whatever their reviews are. I kind of want to have an insight on that first before I put myself in a position to maybe get a callback for something I may not really want. So in your opinions how important is it for a candidate to do their research on the companies that they’re applying to.


Monique: [00:32:01] So it’s very important because it just shows that you are prepared as a candidate. And you know I’ve been in this game for a long time and I can tell you the horror stories of not even at the interview if you are job searching going to be one of my tips later. But if you are job searching is very important for you to know who you apply to and know what that company does.


Monique: [00:32:26] So in my case I work for state government. So we or agencies or entities we are not companies we are not organizations. And that’s important.


Monique: [00:32:36] If you research that you will see that on our Web sites on all of them and you need to have an idea of what it is we do because you have to know that I’m going to ask you I want to know that you want to work for my agency and you need to understand what it is we do so that you understand how you fit it so that you can ask meaningful questions during the interview. And if that is not something that you can do in this day and age when we’re so transparent and especially the state of Georgia you know is one of my pet peeves. I get asked all the time about benefits or about leave or about retirement and the reality of the situation is if you take five minutes to google any of that information you’re going to find very quickly the team.georgia.gov website that will lay out all that for you. So research is very very important and you have to now I’m going to do it on you.


Monique: [00:33:31] So that is my expectation that you’re doing it on me and for the agency.


Tiffany: [00:33:37] Well said. Agree with you 110 percent on that one


[00:33:42] Said, Davia, what are your thoughts on it? Definitely everything you know I get resumes for jobs for creative positions and the people are just applying for a job they have no qualifications so you know this is an indicator you didn’t even look and see what the requirements are for the job you just saw. job opening and applied for it. So that’s a quick way to get your resume thrown in the recycling bin/trash just by not doing your research because it’s not really worth your time to put in work for a job that you’re not going to get because 1 you don’t fit the requirements because 2 you didn’t do the proper research to see what you actually applying for. And some things come out in the interview. I remember interviewing for or excuse me I was interviewing someone for a social media position and the resume was stellar. The cover letter was amazing, references checked. So we brought this person in and I asked her to provide some feedback on our Facebook page. Her response was oh I didn’t look at you’re interviewing for a social media position and you haven’t looked at the Facebook page. So in my mind, I said to myself Self this interview was over but you know I have to be the professional.


Davia: [00:35:01] And we continued on. But at that moment it was a wrap for me because you know you show up to interview 10 12 15 minutes early. Couldn’t you take five minutes to look at the Facebook page at a minimum? Doing your research ahead of time to get your foot in the door as well as doing your research to not only answer questions at the interview but ask questions. I find it very impressive when a candidate has questions specific to the college our branding our marketing because it shows that they are going above and beyond and they’re getting the job. I actually hired a PR specialist about two years ago and résumé was outstanding, the interview was outstanding. Second the interview was outstanding but one of the many things that took her over the edge was as she told us about our competitors and had suggestions for us to become just more strategic in our marketing and public relations efforts. The girl did the research and even now she is an incredible researcher she is always though again just her work ethic and getting the interview and securing subsequent interviews and getting the job. All of that continues to show in the work that she does for our college.


Tiffany: [00:36:16] That’s like really really good information really good information. so outside of research, Are cover letters are still an important thing? I know Monique you mentioned in your position I don’t think that they may not be as required.


Tiffany: [00:36:32] Davia, they may be in yours but do you see because I can’t tell you the last time I uploaded a cover letter to no kind of job search system. I don’t mean I’ll bring one and if I have to, but normally I just bring in a resume.


Tiffany: [00:36:44] So do you feel like cover letters are still something that people should focus on or at least have on hand.


Davia: [00:36:50] I do. One I’m an overachiever so welcomes me but


Davia: [00:36:56] So to me you know again your resume is a snapshot. The cover letters help you to paint a picture and is also an excellent way to put it putting your key performance indicators. So resume has a snapshot. You can even highlight even more of your accomplishments on the cover letter. And you could tailor your accomplishments to what they’re looking for in the qualifications for the job. Not only the main qualifications but also the preferred qualifications. So I love reading cover letters because again I’m getting more of an idea of what type of team member you’re actually going to be.


Davia: [00:37:34] And it also shows your writing skills your written communication skills. I’m looking for different things and again if the job requires a resume but you also submit a cover letter again that work ethic you’re putting in extra to again get your foot in the door and secure the job. Yeah.


Monique: [00:37:54] So I’m going to agree with Davia on almost everything that she said.


Monique: [00:37:59] My caveat is so for me and what I do cover letters are sometimes required specifically for the reason that the readjustment. It shows your writing skills.


Monique: [00:38:11] And so in one of my last roles we were hiring financial reporting analysts that they were charged with writing the annual financial report and compiling all the notes that go into that report. Well, that report is what we published for the public. And it’s also used by our auditors. So it is very important that you are able to write. We will ask you for cover letter. Okay. So if I ask you for a cover letter you most definitely need to upload a cover letter.


Monique: [00:38:38] This is very important especially for interns because in every position where I hired to intern I’m asking for a cover letter and I’m doing that for a number of reasons but mainly I want to see if you can write.


Monique: [00:38:51] Number two I want to see if you can follow instructions. And number three I want to see if you will address it to me as the recruiter because I’m giving you that information and the job posting and I want to see if you’re tailoring it to my agency which a lot of interns miss not just interns but employees regular applicants. They also miss that right. They are not paying attention and they’re not feeling it.


Monique: [00:39:14] So I’m going to say definitely yes if the position asks for it if it doesn’t ask for it and you upload it then I need it to be very well written. Because if you write a bad cover letter then I may hold that against you.


Tiffany: [00:39:29] Yeah it almost like following instructions. although you can go above and beyond. But when you do make sure that it’s still in line and it’s going to be in your favor not against you.


Tiffany: [00:39:40] Yeah. Correct. Oh wow. makes sense.


Tiffany: [00:39:44] So what would you say will be the top five things that HR Managers want to see on a candidates resume or if you do want to give me five, I’ll take three, I’ll take three.


Monique: [00:39:56] Well really I don’t think it’s five. I mean I think really an HR Manager or a recruiter or a hiring manager you know they’re looking to make sure that number one you have the required education and skills for the position.


Monique: [00:40:11] That’s why we write minimum education requirements and qualifications and that’s why we write preferred. So we want to see how closely you aligned to what our expectations are that’s going to be number one and then the second part of that is we want to see a well written well laid out resume because we do not have time to try to piece it together. Hiring managers are busy, HR Managers are busy recruiters are busy. Help us help you by crafting a well laid out document.


Davia: [00:40:46] I agree with that as well the experience, the education and also how have you continued your education. Have you taken any additional classes do you have any certificates.


Davia: [00:40:58] Because I got my degree in 2004 my first degree in 2004, the second in 2006. Well, a lot in media communications have changed. So what I’ve done is taken some continuing education classes I’ve gotten some certificates to help keep me current so that something important as well because for someone that has been out of the workforce for a while and they’re trying to return, having that extra edge will help them as well.


Davia: [00:41:24] So I’m really interested in how people keep themselves relevant.


Tiffany: [00:41:28] Well that’s a good point. All right. So last but not least before we kind of wrap up here. I just want I guess each of you to just share any professional tips that you would like to share with you know the audience listening or maybe potentially you know people who are in that process of interviewing. Any tips that may kind of give them an edge when it comes to this process.


Davia: [00:41:58] I’ll say without fail and just reiterating everything that we’ve been talking about is just doing your research that will be to your benefit from the time you begin working on your resume to land a job and even just doing promotions because your goal should be to continue to grow in your job and not to be stagnant so the more you can do to educate yourself about your position trends in whatever interest industry that you are in just continue doing their research so you remain relevant you remain valuable and it could help with career advancement.


Davia: [00:42:37] As far as again landing that interview getting your foot in the door your documents are very important. So having other people look at your resume may be making an investment in someone like me who helps people get interviews because I redesigned resumes and write cover letters. Just try to find a resource that will help you get your foot in the door. what people have to remember is your documents will help you get an interview. But you’re the one that has to land the job. So that’s where the research again comes into play. Another very important thing is to make sure that you have questions to ask the interviewer. That is very very. I always enjoy getting a challenge from someone who is interviewed for a job meaning that they’re asking us questions that are making us think because we typically expect questions like what type of employee are you looking for. Describe your work environment. But if you ask us a question that really, in the beginning, has us a little speechless. In a way, it’s really really impressive as we’re thinking wow this person is really dynamic. They again did their research and they are really proving their worth and their value and they haven’t even gotten the job yet. It is really really important and I’m old school. So send thank you cards.


Tiffany: [00:44:00] That’s a big one for me too.


Davia: [00:44:01] e-mails are OK because they’re definitely a little more you know you can do it in real time. But again me being an overachiever, taking that extra step and going the extra mile to actually write it out, put a stamp on it, put it in the mail.


Davia: [00:44:21] And here a Pro Tip, already have the cards written out. OK. Find out who your interviewing with have the cards ready to go. You leave the interview, drop them at the post office done. In the past, I’ve gotten second interviews because I sent thank you cards.


Davia: [00:44:36] That’s not the only reason but there’s something they put me over the edge. They like me. They looked at my qualifications they were pleased with that but they were really impressed. That I took the time out to, again, take that extra step and to just show some gratitude for giving me a chance to interview for a job.


Tiffany: [00:44:52] Yeah that was a good one for me. And I actually you said a couple of things I just want to kind of quickly chime in on. when you mentioned the fact that asking questions in an interview is very important. One of the tips that I used to do was I would go to the company’s recent press releases and I would see recently what do they have going on.


Tiffany: [00:45:16] What events they attend in my case. What new drug is coming down the pipeline that they’re excited about? Who are they going to target with it? That kind of stuff, so I could have questions for them in regards to that but I believe that’s why I’ve kind of been very successful as well. When I do interviews because I have at least on minimum maybe five to eight questions most of them are very general. OK. What is your training timeline like. You know what is this process going to look like a field ride. Like just general ones. But if I would have to say for me especially in a sales role the most important question you can ask in an interview is the one that’s going to close them for the job.

Because I’ve I’ve walked away from a couple of them was either simply forgot or like you said, mailing those thank you notes. I forgot to ask for a business card to where I could actually handwrite and mail a thank you note or whatever. In my situation because it’s not more of an office that you go into because they’re coming from all over the world to interview you or whatever. But my number one success thing I would say has been just asking them for the job. I honestly believe that the more confident that you are when you just go in there and ask like why are you there. You’re there to get the job. So you need to ask a person who’s going to be responsible for giving you that chance you need to ask them for that chance.


Tiffany: [00:46:41] So it’s just funny as you said those questions that there’s so very important and I could not agree with you agree with you more. You know and definitely send out a hand thank you note if you can and if not an e-mail one I guess I know sometimes I’m in my world or industry is a little bit more difficult because I’ll give you the corporate office mailing address then I won’t give you a personal one. So it would be I guess more effective to do the e-mail versus a handwritten note. But those are really great tips.


Monique: [00:47:14] Well you ladies went deep. I’m going to keep it simple


Monique: [00:47:19] For the listeners and that kind of focus on a couple of key areas. So the first thing that I want to say is I know everyone hates to fill out an application. However, at this point, they are not going away. They still exist in some form even if your first application is just short and sweet. You better believe that the application is coming at some point. So that means that it is very very very important for you to follow the instructions and fill out the application completely. I cannot tell you how many times I have not reviewed resumes and tossed applications because somebody did not fill it out completely. Do not I repeat DO NOT WRITE see resume on an application or on prescreening questions. OK. And this is a Pro-Tip this is also an Insider Tip. When you see screening questions on the application process we are doing that to help narrow down the field. They are designed to screen you out. Help us screen you in by answering those questions. If you put “see resume”, I will not even look at the rest of your packet. So if you had a great resume you had a great cover letter but when it came to my application, and the prescreening questions that I attached to the job posting and you write see resume guess what?. You go into the recycle bin. So that is very very very important because we’re asking you those questions for a reason. Number one to see if you can follow instructions. Number two, to see how much you’re paying attention. OK. So that’s applications now resumes and we’ve talked about this. But really what you want to do with your resume is just so show that you are fit for the role that you’re applying to.


Monique: [00:49:12] And that can be very simple by just tweaking a few things on your resume but make it relevant to the position that you’re applying for.


Monique: [00:49:19] And then when it comes to interviews so there are a couple of things that I want you to do and more are talking about interviews I mean face-to-face interviews and even phone screens Ok phone interviews and phone screens in particular. If I call you and you are not in a position to talk to me tell me I will call you back.


Monique: [00:49:38] Ok. Do not try to talk to me while you’re driving your car in the rain on the road and I hear background noise or do not try to call me when you’re in the grocery store and you’re shopping for groceries or you’re in a bad area and your service keep going in and out because that is going to annoy me.


Monique: [00:49:54] Just go ahead and tell me hey this is not the best time.


Monique: [00:49:58] May I give you a callback? I’m going to say yes. Also, do not feel pressured to go right into a phone interview if you’re called by a recruiter. you can actually schedule that. So if you’re out somewhere and you’re not in front of your computer and you’re not able to get the information about the company that you’re talking to. Again it is OK to say this is not the best time. May I give you a callback. My answer is going to be yes. OK. When it comes to face to face interviews there are two things I want you to know. Number one I want you to have an answer to the salary question because you know we’re going to ask you do not allow me as a recruiter or a hiring manager or any other HR professional to determine your worth. You should know that. OK. And research is really easy. And if you don’t know that you can just ask me what the range is and then you can make a decision about what the answer is going to be but you need to have an answer. The answer should not be oh whatever you think or I’m flexible. Right because ultimately I’m going to come to you with an offer that may or may not be our best offer but I’m going to come to you with an offer that you are probably not going to like so I need you to have an answer to that salary question. And then lastly do not seem desperate. Okay. We can see desperation a mile away I know that it can be frustrating and I know that if you’ve been out of work for a long time at some point you’re going to get to where I just want a job but do not show that in the interview because that will sink you. OK, desperation is not attractive.


Davia: [00:51:34] Monique something you said target something in my head. So just going back to the applications if you have a LinkedIn page and you have your resume ready.


Davia: [00:51:45] Copy, paste, edit because I do understand you know that you are filling out this application but you’re also uploading your resume as some people do put that see resume. And again that is a little on the lazy side because applications there for a reason like you said.


Davia: [00:52:03] But you know you have the information there when they’re asking you for a description of your duties. Pull it from your LinkedIn, pull it from your resume and just edit it to the Website or the application site that you’re applying for that’s my two cents on that.


Monique: [00:52:21] Definitely we don’t need you to reinvent the wheel. But for the state of Georgia for a lot of our agencies, we are still looking for that paper application because there is an attestation. At the end of that that you have to sign off on. And so we need that. That’s a legal document. So it needs to be complete and it needs to be accurate and please resume is not an appropriate response.



Tiffany: [00:52:54] When people fill out applications and they leave the blanks is it appropriate to put N/A in the blank should something be in the blank or should you just leave it blank. Like what. What is your I guess the formal way of recommending that?


Tiffany: [00:53:11] Like what. What does that look like?


Monique: [00:53:13] Because our process is electronic. If it doesn’t apply then there’s usually going to be N/A option. Our system is not really designed for you to leave blanks. So if there’s an option for you to write N/A day I would definitely see it that way. If you’re filling out a paper application. Certainly right. It is not required. This is not a star. I think it’s OK for you to leave it there because our process is electronic. We don’t allow you to leave anything blank make sense.


Tiffany: [00:53:47] I know some systems do and that’s why I was just asking because that’s one thing I learned when I was like 15 years old and I was working my first job at the Department of Veteran Affairs in Jackson Mississippi and there was a lady named Ms. Von Norwood who took me under her wing and we were filling out applications for like a summer program or whatever. And that’s the first thing she said she said You do not. And she was strict like she was serious business. She like you don’t leave saying blank on this application.


Tiffany: [00:54:17] I’ll never forget that application was yellow. Never. And she was like What. No, you’re not finished with this.


Tiffany: [00:54:24] This is not complete. This is unacceptable. You need to go sit down. If it doesn’t apply to you need to write in an in the blank. That’s the reason why I asked that question. Even for young listeners out there, I think that it’s important to kind of know some of those small little tidbits they really may make a difference. Like you said your system really does not allow for it to just be left blank. But there are some systems out there where you know you can fill it in yourself so that’s the reason why I was kind of asking that question because I was like Hey I remember when I was 15 it wasn’t an option on a paper application. Even for those who don’t know you know for positions like with McDonald’s or just for people getting started. If there’s some sort of online thing I’m sure there is. But for those who actually go back go somewhere and get an actual paper application you know is very important. Like you were saying to fill them fill those blanks in. But we’re moving. All right. And before we close out the show I definitely want to give you guys the opportunity to leave your information on the show for people to contact you. I know Davia said you offer you know resume writing services cover letter services so definitely go ahead and plug all of your information so people out there listening. If there’s something that they’re looking for they can definitely reach out to you.


Davia: [00:55:39] Sure will. My business is burgeoning. So I’m in the process of getting my Web site and everything together but the name is The Lassiter Firm, I specialize in cover letters, resumes, copy-writing, and marketing consulting. So if you would like to reach out to me you can just shoot an email davialassiter@outlook.com and you can also find me on LinkedIn. I’m on LinkedIn quite a bit so that is another way to reach out for me and just look out for thelassiterfirm.com coming very soon.


Monique: [00:56:23] Yay. OK so if you had any questions. About the state of Georgia employment or just interested in the current openings we have. I would definitely recommend that you check out our careers web page and it is team.georgia.gov   that website also provides information on State of Georgia benefits and the discounts that are offered to State of Georgia employees. And then if you’re looking for me in particular, my name is Monique Jenkins and you can feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at Monique Jenkins, PHR or you can shoot me an email my email address is dawn_m_jenkins@hotmail.com And I look forward to hearing from you guys.


Tiffany: [00:57:28] Again ladies thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. As one of the goals here on The “P” Word podcast is all about professionalism and helping people find their purpose. And so I think that by just having you on it sheds a lot of light and not only to just empower but to be a resource to those who may be looking for it. So again I really, really appreciate it and thank you so much for being on today. Thank you for having us.


Podcast: EP 001: The Path Of Most Resistance



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Show Notes

Social Comparison

[00:00:51] First, before we get started on today’s show I want to give a big big thank you and virtual hugs to each and every one of you who have trusted me enough to download this podcast to listen to it. For those of you guys who tuned in to the official launch episode of The Path Of Most Resistance thank you so much. I received so much love and support from so many people. On launch day,  I had so many DM’s text messages coming through just saying congratulations.

Now we’re going to get into today’s show, and today’s show is, The One Social Group You Don’t Want To Be A Part Of. I know you think there’s probably many of those groups you probably don’t want to be a part of but this social group, in particular, is just a name that I kind of came up with.  In the ever-evolving world of social media, it is really hard not to fall into the comparison trap sometimes.  For example, when I open up my Instagram application I’m constantly reminded that everyone is different, but more importantly how different I am in comparison to everyone else.

I really want to focus on a discussion around the social comparators. Those people including myself, that look at social media painting all these pretty pictures and give you all the warm and fuzzies.

It is not realistic.

[00:02:55] For me, I found myself falling into that trap of looking at their situations by looking at what they have what they have accomplished. I found myself and second-guessing what I’m doing. Always second guessing. I’ll never be good enough to do that. I’ll never get to the point where I’m comfortable doing that. Just so many different variations of comparison. So, for me, it always seems like I’m always 10 steps behind everyone else.

You can’t appreciate your own accomplishments because you’re secretly wanting to be like everyone else.

[00:05:16]  For example, I look at my career being a pharmaceutical sales rep, not to say that I haven’t overcome many challenges, but on the outside looking in, people will come up to me and they’ll say, you’ve worked your way up.

You’ve moved from Mississippi to North Carolina from North Carolina to Louisiana and now from Louisiana to Florida, and you’re doing really good. So to everyone else, they’re thinking that I’ve made it.

[00:06:05] Honestly, I still feel inadequate to some extent because I’m always comparing myself to other people.  Like I said, this is not the group that I want to be a part of. This is not where I need to be at all. I really have to step back and break that cycle of feeling and unaccomplished.

[00:06:29] The only thing that really matters in the big picture, is what matters to me, and focusing on me. For those of you reading this, it is so important to focus on you what you’re creating, how you’re creating it and being passionate about it. But most importantly, owning it.

[00:08:10] The Internet can be a very dangerous place if we allow it to be.  Today, I am going to give you three reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others. Most importantly, why you should not be a part of the social comparator group. Number one…

[00:09:14] It is damaging to your sense of self. You are damaging your self by comparing yourself to others. I know most of you would agree with me when I say that comparison is the thief of joy.

[00:09:33] Research has shown that by comparing to others you start to foster those feelings of jealousy, low self-confidence, and depression, as well as the ability to trust others.

[00:09:58]  I know you have heard the term, community over competition.

How can we build a community when we’re always comparing ourselves to someone else.

[00:10:13] We’re always trying to keep up and do the same things as someone else. That is not what we were meant to do. We are meant to walk on our own path fulfill our own purpose and do it the way we know how to do it. If more of us did that very thing then we will be more of a community.

[00:11:00] Jealousy versus connection, jealousy versus connection. Competitiveness versus collaboration. Those are some things I really want you guys to think about especially when it comes to comparing yourself to what anybody else is doing.

[00:11:40] Moving on to number two, What you are comparing against, is nine times out of ten inaccurate information.

[00:12:31] When you see these pretty pictures on social media don’t always take it so seriously to think that you’re doing something wrong because you never know another person’s situation. And let’s face it, what people present to the outside world is usually an edited version of their reality.

[00:14:41] Number three, comparing yourself to others doesn’t actually help you accomplish your goals. It’s going to decrease that the motivation to get those goals knocked out that you have on your list. Instead, you need to dedicate your time and energy to your own values.

[00:16:26] Today I want you to ask yourself a few questions, and I want you to really think about these. The first one is, What kind of person do you want to be? Really think about it.  What kind of relationships do you want to have? But most importantly, What do you want people to remember about you?

[00:17:30] If I’m focused on those three questions alone,  I could careless with Susie Q or anybody else is doing it on their Instagram their Facebook their whatever.

If comparing is how you evaluate your worth, you will always be losing.

[00:17:55] There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by other people, but instead of trying to be as good as or better than others try to focus your energy on being the very best version of yourself. Just be you. So now the next time you catch yourself using someone else as a benchmark for your own worth, I want you to stop and remind yourself of how ineffective this strategy really is. Instead, I want you to redirect your energy and attention to your own goals and what is required to achieve them.

[00:18:32] And if you’re still worried about others, then you’re not focused on yourself. And I know this all too well because it used to be me.

Now, I like the way that I’m starting to create my content. It fits me, and if it’s what I like and I just need to go with that and trust my gut. Best of all, when you do that, there’s no need to copy anyone else. You have your own tools, your own information, and you are unique in every single way. Only you can shine and the way you can shine, and you have to trust that you are enough!

You are enough.

[00:19:44] If you keep looking back, you’ll miss what’s right in front of you. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You can go further if you focus on your own unique gifts rather than get stuck on what others do better than you. It’s time to stop comparing and start doing. I want you to give you a try.  Can you do that? Can you start giving you a try?

You don’t have to look to anyone for validation.

[00:20:49]  Comparing yourself to others will ruin you, and you don’t want your dreams to end before they even get started.

[00:21:02]  If you have not done so already, please do me a huge favor and download and subscribe to the podcast. I would love to know your thoughts on today’s show. Put them down in the comments section below. I want to be able to feature some of the reviews and comments.

[00:21:38] Love the show? share it with a friend! Because Teamwork makes the dream work.

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EP 001: The Path Of Most Resistance



The Path of Most Resistance. Have you ever thought to yourself, am I on the right path.? Is this the direction in my life really should be going in right now?

I know I’ve had that struggle. I’m sure many of you have had that struggle as well. And trust me, it is a struggle. It’s tough and frustrating to really figure out what path you should be on.  Hopefully, in today’s show I’ll be able to shed some light on some questions that maybe you can ask yourself  to help you figure that out.

I want to tell you a little story about me.

There are many many things I love to do. There are many things that I’m passionate about. And trust me this did not come easy for me. It came through trial and error. It came through failing at numerous things and spending a lot of money on things that I thought I needed that I thought I wanted to do and it just didn’t feel right.

Within my gut, I knew something wasn’t right. So what happened to me is, I mentioned I’m a sales professional. In 2009, I was let go from a job that I worked very hard to be a part of. I interviewed for two years straight before actually landing the job. After 3 years, there were major layoffs within the entire industry.

There I was, sitting there on my bed, sobbing uncontrollably because I really didn’t think I was going to get cut. But I got cut and I’m sitting there thinking to myself What now. What am I supposed to do now?

I don’t have a job.

I worked so hard to get this job. What am I going to do now? When a company comes and picks up your company vehicle tells you to turn in your corporate cards and cuts you completely off. It is a life changer.

It is an eye-opening experience.

And from that moment I knew I just felt within myself that there’s something else I should be doing for me.

I had someone pouring into me into my spirit into my life telling me Tiffany you’re really good at makeup you’re very passionate about makeup. Maybe you should start your own makeup artistry business.

I was like chile, please! I can’t do makeup on anybody else like I can only do my own makeup.

But low and behold that went little seed that was planted has led me to do so many different things to work with you know movie stars to work on set to be in magazines. And I say that all to say is that sometimes one door closes another one opens but you will feel in your soul that this is the right thing.

This is exactly where I need to be.

Don’t think that I have it all figured out. Like I said I’ve been around the block with figuring out my path. I have had failures. I’ve shared a lot of tears. I’ve spent a lot of money but in the end, I always have this sense of calm and peace about my journey when I know that I’m on the right path. A lot of times I will run into people or have the opportunity to meet other people that start speaking to me and start giving me that confirmation that I’m on the right path.

It is always good to get to know other people go out have conversations do some meetups. Figure out what they’re interested in and figure out how they speak to you because you never know. Out of that one conversation, it could be the confirmation that you are on the right path.

Today I’m going to be giving you three questions that you need to ask yourself to see if you’re on the path of most resistance.

1. What do you love to do?

What do I love to do? What is that thing that you can do over and over and over again? It is your happy place. Like what is that thing that just gives you the butterflies and gets your adrenaline rushing. What is it? What do you love to do?

2. What are you especially good at?

What is that thing that you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are good at this is nobody else can do it like you? You have a thing for it is your niche. And that is all you. What is that thing or things?

3. Where can you use your talents to make the greatest contribution?

If you are service oriented like I am, your contribution is going to mean so much. Because you get so much fulfillment out of it. You’re going to feel like, you know what this is it! This is exactly where I need to be.

I  have another funny story for you. And it’s not really funny is actually a serious story but I remember years ago being a makeup artist I always wanted to attend New York Fashion Week but I wanted to attend New York Fashion Week in the capacity of being a makeup artist. You know key makeup artist or assistant key makeup artist well that never happened.

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week. It was on a whim, seriously, decided I was going to call my sister up. We booked our tickets and BAM, we were there. We were in the place.

I still get chill bumps talking about it.

So we’re walking the streets of New York. We have our bag on our shoulder. We have our camera on deck because we’re going to take all of these fashion photos in New York and we’re going to have these ready for our blog and for Instagram accounts and I get there standing in the middle of the city and I had this epiphany like I just felt like something wasn’t right. I was like you know I really want to take these pictures, but I’m not feeling it. So my sister whips out my heels that were in the bag that we were carrying around and I put my heels on.

In that moment, I realized where I needed to be, in that moment I felt that if it wasn’t for me being at the right place at the right time in this instance at New York Fashion Week I would have never really understood my purpose and what gets me excited and why do all these fashion photos and you know  why do I take all these pictures.

I realized at that moment that I’m a petite girl.

There are so many petite women out there that there’s no realm for them to go get you know corporate styling advice or inspiration. So all of this was birth right there in the streets of New York. So that’s when I started to look at what I do in a different light. I want to be a service to other people so I want to be of service in the fact of being petite.

We have our struggles you know little people we have struggles you know so how can I share that with other women to help inspire them. This is this is cool like we can still do fashion the same way as if we were walking down the runway. No, we might not be six feet tall but hey we can make this work. And in that moment of putting those heels on my feet in the streets of New York.

I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

Life: My AH-HA Moment

The key to surviving those times when you doubt your path is just to remember that you do have a path. Everyone has a path whether you are taking steps on that path now or not.

You have a path. You have a purpose.

You are on this journey we call life. And so there is something for everybody. We were born with a purpose, it is instilled in us. It just may take us a little while to figure it all out. I really hope that this podcast sheds some light and gave you some questions to really think about and ask yourself to see if you are on the path of most resistance. If you’re on that path of most resistance nine times out of ten you are headed in the right direction.

Don’t give up. Keep pushing my friends, keep pushing. And it’s all going to work out.

There are times when we lose our mojo and we fall into a rut of not being motivated, and not really wanting to do anything. But let me tell you now it will come back to you. It will come back. There’s going to be something stirring in your soul, that’s just not right. You can’t rest your thinking about it all the time or somebody says something to you or you see a picture on social media and it’s going to spark that interest all over again and get you re-inspired just have the courage to have a vision for your life.

And when you do when you take this step towards making that vision real then you’ll know you’re on the right path.

What if we all walked our path?  What if we committed to this journey?  What if we didn’t try to make ourselves wrong for wanting to do it differently?  What if we fed the curiosities and the nudges that we have within our gut? And what if we can know for sure what our path is?

Honestly, I believe that we are all here to unleash the power of our souls to live a life that is our highest authentic expression to walk a path that is ours and not someone else’s. Before I close out the show I just want to say remember this one thing if you remember nothing else that I’ve said today…

The only way you can get lost is when you walk a path that isn’t yours.

Thanks so much for tuning in you guys.  Follow me over on Instagram @thepwordpodcast or a personal account @tiffanydbrown_ until next week.

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Introducing The “P” Word  Podcast


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Show Notes:

: [00:00:01] Hi welcome to the P word podcast. I am Tiffany Brown and I am here to introduce my very first episode of the show.

: [00:00:11] Now I know what you’re probably thinking the P word. What is the P word?

: [00:00:17] I know it’s not what I think it is. Well, actually I don’t know. Do you know what the p-word stands for? If not I’m going to share it with you very soon.

: [00:01:18] My name is Tiffany Brown. I am an entrepreneur. I am a social media influencer and I am a sales professional with 12 plus years of experience within the pharmaceutical sales industry. [00:01:30] Now this career of mine that I have had the experience of working for so long comes from a passion for serving others. I have a true found passion for helping others that just have questions about general things in life and how to land jobs and positions.

So back to the question at hand as to what the p-word stands for this show, It stands for professionalism. I [00:02:00] know you’re probably thinking. What?! not professionalism I clearly thought it was something else. But no, it stands for professionalism, and the reason why the show is going to be centered around the P word. There are so many words that drive who we are, for example purpose, perception as many of you probably thought this show was about something else and it wasn’t. Perception, power, what [00:02:30] else can I say.

There’s just so many other words that this show is going to be centered around with topics is going to help educate you motivate you. But more importantly empower you. Empower you to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do and I’m going to help provide resources. We’re going to have some expert interviews on the show.

We’re going to get down in the nitty gritty and really get to the real talk behind how we do what we do what keeps us motivated and how we as people and as influencers [00:03:00] and entrepreneurs help motivate those in our circle and those within the world. Now you’re probably thinking on my watch this podcast and I’m glad you asked because funny story though I’m going to tell you. When I was in high school,

: [00:03:16] Many of you know we have class nights you have class nights on your senior year high school and we had class night at my high school and the class thought that one day Tiffany was going to host her own talk show and [00:03:30] funny, Here we are now and I’m hosting my own talk show although it’s been many many years later it’s finally coming to fruition. And here I am recording my very first talk show.

My goal with this show is to help women men. People like to find their purpose. It is my purpose with this show to help motivate you and encourage you. Because let me tell you I’ve been rejected many many times and [00:04:00] going through the process of being rejected is very very hard. It’s something that we have to learn to cope with. We have to deal with and we have to pick ourselves back up off the ground and tell ourselves you know what it’s OK it’s a no I can do this and I can’t push forward. And I can make this happen. So for me it took me two years to get into the pharmaceutical sales industry two whole years.

I’m talking interview after interview flight after flight rejection after rejection. But now look at me 12 years [00:04:30] into a career that I genuinely love. So if you want to tune in and go on this journey with us, with the P word podcast, please be sure to hit the subscribe button and head over to the site for more episodes, more information about the P word podcast. As always thanks so much for tuning in.

: [00:04:49] And we will chat very soon. Thanks for listening to The P Word Podcast

Podcast: EP 001: The Path Of Most Resistance

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