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2018 Conference Recap | The Blog Societies

On August 9th-11th I attended the 6th Annual The Blog Societies Conference in Alpharetta, Georgia with my sister De’Ana Fierce. The conference was hosted by the beautiful Hotel Avalon.

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

I don’t even have enough words to describe our experience staying at Hotel Avalon, so much that I will be doing a separate post to share my thoughts, pictures, and video.

But since you are here to read about The Blog Societies Conference (#TSBCON) recap I will spare the hotel deets and dig right into the conference juice!

But, before I share all the deets I wanted to let you know I have my sister De’Ana Fierce with The Modeling Standard joining me on this post today. Furthermore, I’m so incredibly blessed to travel to conferences with her and to learn and experience new things. So, I’m kicking it off with My 3 Key Takeaways from this year’s conference from my perspective and De’Ana will be sharing her 3 Key Takeaways too!

Let’s get into it!

3 Key Takeaways from this year’s conference:

1. Planning and Organization

Now, I have attended some really amazing conferences the past couple of years. It’s funny how when you go to different conferences you see that things can be done differently. For example, I have attended conferences the organization was great! But then going to The Blog Societies Conference this year really exceeded my expectations.

From the moment we arrived on site, everyone was so nice and accommodating. Justin in valet treated us like queens. Later that evening, when we were in search of something to eat Justin, took us for a spin on the hotel golf cart! Y’all this golf cart had all the bells and whistles. We laughed so hard and it really helped set the tone for the experience that was yet to come.

After we checked in and Jeremy saw that we were a little frazzled due to our flights being delayed and having to drive over an hour through rush hour traffic in a thunderstorm to get to the hotel. He was so nice to gift us complimentary drink coupons to help rest our nerves. lol.

Can we say winning?!

If you want to check our IGTV Sister Chat video just click here 

We settled in we had to quickly change clothes to make it down to the Welcome Party. Arrived at the registration table and Ms. Caroline (Birdie & Boe ) had the biggest smile on her face, she gave us the warmest welcome and handed over all of the details we needed to get the most out of our first night.

Once registered and we received our tote bags, itineraries, and lanyards for the conference.  On the back of the lanyard, there was a very detailed itinerary that broke down what my individual schedule was based on what I had selected in the survey prior to the conference.

You’re probably wondering what is so great about that.

Well, let me tell you. Have you ever attended a meeting or conference and you had to keep up with a sheet of paper?  Yeah, what if you lose the paper? Yeah. This small attention to detail was amazing because I didn’t have to ramble for papers because it was right around my neck.

2. Focused On Cultivating A Community

After we registered and we had our schedules in hand, we came across a sheet of paper. On this sheet of paper was ALL of the Instagram handles for everybody who was attending the conference. It included, first and last name what state they were from. Also included was everyone’s Instagram handles. There was also Instagram handles for every sponsor of the conference!

Can you say efficient and organized?

You know so many times we attend conferences and we’re so busy and concerned about passing out business cards and trying to follow everybody at that moment. It was a great experience because after following and engaging with fellow attendees profiles, the next day we were able to meet them in person. This really made our interactions with fellow attendees more personable. We weren’t there in the sense of exchanging business cards, because they already had that information for us.

What more could you ask for?

3. Constant Communication of Daily Events

My favorite thing was receiving a recap of the previous day in my inbox at 6 o’clock every morning during the conference. Yes, you read that right! Daily Conference recaps and updates. More importantly, there was a link to all the images for us to use (with giving credit of course).  You guys everything we needed at our fingertips. Hands down this conference had to be one of the most stress-free conferences that I’ve been to.

Honestly, there was no feeling of being rushed or feeling as if there was not enough time in the day to do things we wanted to do to unwind. Our schedule was streamlined and organized and the sessions went from 9 to around 3:00 or 4:00. This type of schedule gave you plenty of time to go explore take photos or hang out the pool.


Hands down this was the most informational conference I’ve been to. This conference for us was the validation that what we are doing, we’re doing it the right way and we’re on the right path. Yes, there’s still a lot of work to be done. I have to become a bit more discipline. There are so many things that I really need to focus on to get my blog and brand to where it needs to be.

The best part about this is that I can reach out to any one of the blog society’s members that I met and ask for their feedback on things I may be struggling with. I honestly feel that they will be open and honest and give me the feedback that I would need to help grow my business and my brand.

Now, this is what my sister De’Ana Fierce has to say…

On top of all of the things, Tiffany listed out about The Blog Societies Conference I have a few more I must add.

4. Photographer and Videographer present

You all know how I feel about photographs and videos especially when it comes to quality content. And Cathy and Jessica nailed this portion of hosting a conference! There was a professional photographer Colleen (@xxiiiphoto) and videographer, Drew (@drewglickmanfilms) who were both presents for the entire conference.

During the opening party when Jessica was welcoming us to the conference and I heard her that they wanted us to spend less time on our phones trying to get great images for blog content and focus on learning and connecting it took me back. She followed up by introducing the photographer and videographer that would be present to snag video and photos for us to use. Talk about a lifesaver, this may seem small but it was a huge help!

5. Speaker Knowledge & Workshop Topics

There are 2 main things I look for when attending conferences, education, and connection. This conference delivered on both. The Blog Societies founders curated 6 major topics that bloggers, online influencers and entrepreneurs (like ourselves) really need to know. The workshops flowed easily and gave us the opportunity to dig into the top areas we wanted to learn more about.

We were able to attend 4 different workshops each lasting a full hour. And these workshops were presented by amazing speakers who were eager to share their experiences from mistakes to ways to do things right. The speakers did not hold back on filling our heads with so much knowledge inspired us to get up and get at it! Here are the workshops we attended and the bomb speakers!

The strongest point I can make about each of these workshops that we attended was that the information that was shared was on a higher level. I am going to be real, I do not want to invest my money in a conference that is on a beginners level or teach me the things I already know. I want to have a place I can go and continue to elevate my knowledge.

Although my head was about to explode by the end of the day it was SUCH A GOOD FEELING!

Because I was overflowing with ideas, inspiration, and steps that I could take after attending these workshops.

6. Transparency and Acceptance of Questions

The knowledge sharing didn’t stop after the workshops. Oh no! Saturday was dedicated to more educational and elevating information. This time it was in a speaker format and all of the attendees joined together in one room to hear the speakers and panel discussions. What I loved the most from this day was that Jessica and Cathy laid out the house rules in the beginning and continued to remind us that these sessions were open to questions. We didn’t have to feel like we had to save all of our questions till the end of the speakers’ session, we were able to ask questions as soon as they popped in our heads.

Which I found to be so valuable because sometimes you just can’t remember it all and 99% of the time if you have a question there is at least one other person in the room that has the same question but may not be willing to ask. But by having the openness to ask questions and receive immediate feedback was extremely helpful. It also gave us as the attendees the opportunities to share information that we know with one another. Yall, this was a powerful session. Let me hit on one other fact, transparency. I know we are hearing that word a lot but The Blog Societies made this word shine. If you had a question, you got an answer that was open honest. You never felt like you were getting the runaround or the filtered version answer to your questions. I really appreciated this.

This blog post could go on and on about The Blog Societies Conference 2018 and it will be one that we will talk about for days to come.

For this both Tiffany and I want to give a HUGE thank you to the founders of The Blog Societies Cathy (@poorlittleitgirl) and Jessica (@mystylevita) for the dedication, love, and passion they have for this community.

Definitely go show them some love (actually everyone we mentioned here would love some virtual love from you all!) and if you haven’t checked out The Blog Societies (@theblogsocieties)  make sure you do that right here!

We are always looking for communities to join and conferences to do our next sister takeover!
Have you attended a blog conference?
What do you look forward to the most? Let’s chat in the comments!



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6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown


6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Things You Need To Know About The Blog Societies Conference-Tiffany D. Brown



Photo Credit: Colleen Walter

YouTube Video Credit: Drew Glickman Films

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Here Are 3 Reasons Why Creating Original Content Is Important-Tiffany D. Brown

Original Content

I know you have probably heard this before, and you are probably saying to yourself, what is she talking about? Seriously, 3 Reasons Why Creating Original Content Is Important?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, but I create original content all the time. But, is your content truly original? Have you copied someone else’s blog post and turned it into your own post? Or, have you ever had a conversation with a friend on a topic and decided to write a post similar to that discussion?

If you have to second guess yourself while thinking about the above-mentioned questions then this post is for you.

Don’t’ worry, because today we will be discussing 3 Reasons Why Creating Original Content Is Important.

The reason why I decided to write this post on this particular topic is that I believe that it is very important that we as bloggers, influencers, and content creators need to realize that all of the content we create is important. But more importantly, it needs to be our story, not someone else’s.

think about it.

Every day we are sharing our passions, we are opening ourselves up to the world and we are letting people see us in a different light. But more importantly, we are sharing tips, tricks, how to’s, what to’s with our audience all of the time. Of course, the internet has so much to offer with a lot of it being around some of the same topics that we share. But how do you set yourself apart? How do you be original?

For me, the easiest way to stay original is by producing content on the topics that I am passionate about and sharing MY stories. Now, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by fellow bloggers or influencers to help you to create relevant content around the same topic. Just be sure to keep in mind the following:

3 Reasons Why Creating Original Content Is Important

1. Brand Representation

YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. It doesn’t matter if you operate under your legal name or under your blog name. You are representing your brand at all times. This is why it is so important to create content that is original and a part of your niche and story. This demonstrates to your audience that you are genuine, authentic and they can trust what you are sharing. Check out The 7 Things You Need To Know To Grow Your Brand if you need some tips.

2. Collaboration

If you are inspired by a post or someone’s story, be sure to share the link to their page or social media. This is where you can really demonstrate the term we hear so much but rarely act on it, COMMUNITY over COMPETITION. Besides this will really help with future collaborations with other content creators and bloggers. Pay it Forward.

3. Credibility

Your credibility is always on the line. If you are inspired, but you go and take someone’s ideas and turn them into content as if it is yours, it doesn’t look good.

If you take one thing away from this post today, just remember to always be credible. You don’t want to be singled out as a creator, or influencer that takes others ideas and uses them for their own benefit. #sharingiscaring

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7 Steps To Grow Your Brand

Website – check. Instagram – check. YouTube channel – check. Where do you go from here? There are a million different questions going through your mind. Where do I start? Are people going to like my content? Do I need all of those social media accounts? Will it be worth my time?

Trust me, I have been there. To the point that at the beginning of 2017, I completely re-branded. This wasn’t easy, and I basically threw away over $500 in web design and “custom logos” I had to come to terms with the change because this change was for the better.

7 Ways To Grow Your Brand-Tiffany D. Brown

When it comes growing your brand or setting the tone for your brand, there are some very important foundational things that need to be done. This is where the good, bad, and the ugly start to show up and show out. Honestly, you are not going to like it and it just may be the most unfavorable thing you will have to do.

Hear me when I say … IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT!

1. Target

It’s not enough to have wonderful content – you have to get it in front of the right people. I encourage you to develop an audience persona. Think of this as your bull’s eye – the mark you want to hit. Out of all of the people in the world, what does YOUR ideal client look like? For me, I want guide professional women between the ages of 22-40 as they navigate their professional lives. These women are diverse: Mothers, wives, college educated, looking to enter the workforce or snag that next promotion. I take all of these factors into account and keep this persona at the forefront as I develop content. This also helps me to use the appropriate communication platforms, promote the most applicable products, be strategic at events where I speak, and make the smartest investments for any advertising I do.

2. The Defining Moment:

Think about when you knew you hit your stride. I haven’t always had my brand solidified. However, I was persistent and I experimented. I learned from my setbacks and was grateful for the opportunities that came my way. My big moment was when I reached 1,000 followers on YouTube! I realized that I had to define my own success and stop comparing myself to others. To date, I have hosted hair shows, started a podcast, expanding my social media platforms, attended NYFW and been a guest speaker at countless events, including ALT Summit! Started at the bottom … now I’m here – and continuing to grow!

3. Communication

The one thing that will set you apart is how you communicate with your audience. This goes back to that persona in step #1. You know who your target audience is, so research the best ways to connect with them. For example: Do you have an older audience? Snapchat is NOT a smart choice. Do you have a visual brand but don’t have a YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram page? Don’t set yourself up for failure. The key is to work SMARTER, not harder.

4. Confidence

Gaining the confidence to follow your passion can be TOUGH!

You are the BOMB.COM and you need to know that! The reason why you need to get into the mindset of knowing that you are the BOMB, is because this is your business, this is YOUR brand. Get started on the right foot and know that the content that you are creating for your supporters is good content. Your brand is a huge part of who you are and most importantly, it is what you are passionate about. Be confident when you go out to engage with your supporters and other content creators. You have to be confident in the information that you are sharing. You are the expert on your brand. No one else can tell your story the way that you can.

5. Focus

You have to have focus when you are building your brand. I know that I am a multi-creative and I can’t be put in a box. I have so many different things that I love to do and that I am passionate about. Because I do so many different things, it can be challenging on just focusing on one thing at a time. It can get overwhelming trying to do “everything,” so set goals for yourself. Start small, plan accordingly and get organized. Develop a content calendar and plan your posts. Use Hootsuite and Facebook’s automated scheduling features for multiple posts. There are methods and resources out there for you to balance everything.

6. Purpose

This one has to be the key to my success so far. What’s funny about this is, I just figured it out last year (2017) while attending New York Fashion Week. I have always worked in the makeup industry and transitioned into a lifestyle brand. However, my No.1 strength is business and sales. Therefore, I was able to refine my brand and carve out a niche for petite corporate style. Think about what makes YOU unique – this will help you to discover your purpose. By being honest with yourself and knowing the answers to these questions, you will be able to create relevant content that will spur brand loyalty and growth.

7. Consistency

This the KEY to your brand. If you lack consistency, it may mean to some that your brand can’t be trusted. A consistent brand can have long-term benefits and it will cement who you are and what you are trying to do. Consistent posts, responding to inquiries, liking comments – all of this goes a long way in how people will perceive you. Also, be sure your name is the same. If your business is “The Write Stuff,” be sure that your social media handles and website reflect this as well. It is important that you can be found, regardless of where people are looking.  

You’ve got the tools – get out there and thrive!


If you find this information helpful, will you share this post?

Other Resources:

How To Boost Your Chances of Becoming A Brand Ambassador-Free Download

Social Media Terminology Cheat Sheet

PC: Unsplash-J Kelly Brito

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Brand Ambassadorship

Becoming a brand ambassador may not be as hard as it may seem. If you are new to blogging or social media this is a term you may see or read often. Maybe you have always wanted to become a brand ambassador but just don’t know where to start. Well look no further, I am going to share some tips with you on how you can boost your chances of becoming a brand ambassador. I also will be sharing my FREE DOWNLOAD with you to help you get started.

How To Boost Your Chances of Becoming A Brand Ambassador-Tiffany D. Brown

When I first started posting pictures on social media of the brands I love, did not know that it would turn into brand opportunities. Little did I know that many of them would turn into paid brand opportunities. Now, don’t get me wrong there will be times that working with certain brands that will offer you a good deal. For example, a percentage of the sales from your followers using our discount code. Some programs offer to ship you free products of value for you to share with your audience.

Before working with a brand as an ambassador, know your audience.

This is very important because you want you brand/audience to be in line with the brand that you are looking to work with. Besides, if you love the brand and are a true fan of their products it will make your job easier. If you have a loyal and engaged audience they will know when you are not being genuine about the products you share with them.

Think about it, if you have been following your favorite blogger on social media for a while, you can probably tell when they post a photo of something that is not in line with their brand.  I know it may be hard, and very tempting to take the “free” item but remember, it may cost you your credibility in the long run.


If you have no idea about the brand and would like to give them a try, always stay truthful in your opinions that you share.

Learn how to get started by downloading my 5 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Becoming A Brand Ambassador 

5 Ways to Boost Your Chances of Becoming a Brand Ambassador-Tiffany D. Brown

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