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Tiffany D. Brown

Welcome to Tiffany D Brown, a blog dedicated to the style, beauty and professional lives of women!

 I have a true passion for helping others enhance their personal life, as well as their career. Through my smart and fun, fashion and beauty tips, you will be set for success! My goal is to help you become strong and confident in everything that you pursue in your everyday life.

 I have over a decade of experience in Corporate America as a sales representative (and counting). I truly love my what I do and my ability to help others learn more about themselves. I successfully have coached women just like you on how to market themselves for the big interview. From your attire and the power you possess in your look, the effectiveness of the “brag book” and how to “close the deal,” I can empower you to be the top candidate. 

As women, we celebrate various milestones throughout our lives: Sweet Sixteen, prom, graduations, weddings, baby showers and more. I can help you exude the confidence you have inside and help you look your absolute best. My roots are based in makeup artistry and fashion, and I have worked with brands such as Elf Cosmetics, The Mane Choice, 1-800-Flowers, Classy Momma Designs, Mississippi Natural Hair Expo, Be Still Clothing Company and much more.

 I look forward to continuing to grow this site and share inspiration with you along the way. Please feel free to drop a note with any questions, comments, or just a simple hello!

Business inquiries contact me at hello@tiffanydbrown.com

Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth