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IGTV: The 3 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Upload


IGTV: The 3 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Upload

Number 1: Take your time to really understand what it is that you want to share.


It can be very tempting to just treat this as the new next best thing to do when it comes to Instagram. For those of you who are reading this and you have worked hard to build your online presence, you need to do the same when it comes to IGTV. I know, I know, it’s that “one more thing” and if you’re like me change can be challenging.  But as you know in this industry we have to be able to roll with the punches.

You know the saying if you can’t beat them, join them.

The first thing you really need to consider before hitting that upload button is to have a plan. Make sure you take some time to really understand what it is you would like to share. For me I want my IGTV to be informational. I want my followers to get more in-depth information from me outside of my IG Feed and/or YouTube Channel. This was the number one thing I struggled with prior to uploading my first video.

I asked myself 3 Questions:

  1. What MORE can I offer my audience?
  2. How can I use this “new” feature to connect with my audience on a more personal level?
  3. What is it that I can share that can help my audience?

With all the above factored in, I felt more comfortable with my “why” behind my IGTV and more importantly I had a good solid plan.


Number 2: Don’t sacrifice quality over convenience.


I know when new things are introduced it can be scary and fun all at the same time. When there are new features and platform that are presented to us within social media scene, we want to just post whatever we “think” is relevant. When  IGTV was rolled out to the masses at first, many people were not sure of the “reasoning” behind it. According to Instagram, IGTV is the first ever video platform where you can upload a vertical video. They understand that so much of our time is spent on our mobile devices these days, to it just makes sense.

However, the number one thing that stood out to me, was that people were just uploading content that wasn’t quality content. Also, how do you make sense of IGTV when it is so similar to IG Stories and IG Live.

Take your time and do it right!

If you have invested blood, sweat, tears, and most importantly time, be sure to treat IGTV with the same respect. I have watched numerous IGTV segments to wear the person just uploaded old content and it did not fit the dimensions designed for quality video on IGTV. Keep in mind, if Instagram decides to allow you to monetize your IGTV Channel (kind of like YouTube) then you want to make sure that it is quality content worth monetizing!

Would you be interested in a step-by-step tutorial?
If so, let me know and we can make that happen!


Number 3: Make sure you have video editing software installed on your phone or desktop.


Can I be 100% transparent? This part almost made me give up on even tapping the upload button. Seriously, because I take all the content that I create and share VERY seriously. I wanted to make sure that I invested the time to learn and research on the best way to upload and approach IGTV. But, the actual “upload” process took some getting used to and I almost gave up.

Thankfully, with the help of a few apps (and programs), I was able to get the desired footage uploaded and I was satisfied. Yes, there is much more to learn but I think that I am on my way one step at a time. So, with that being said, if you are like me, and you want to be able to edit on the go there are a few apps that I have discovered they may work. Keep in mind options may be limited due to the “newness” of IGTV.

If you know of any other apps that have worked for you please share in the comments section below!

On the Go Editing Apps (IOS):

1. Spark Video Editor  – $2.99

2. Video Resizer– Free.99

3. Instagram/IG Stories

Other Editing Software:

– iMovie

– Final Cut Pro

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Check out the screenshots of my process of uploading my first IGTV!
Also if you are interested in creating a custom cover photo for your IGTV posts check out Canva or Creative Market.



IGTV: The 3 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Upload-Tiffany D. Brown


IGTV: The 3 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Upload-Tiffany D. Brown


IGTV: The 3 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Upload-Tiffany D. Brown

IGTV: The 3 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Upload-Tiffany D. Brown



IGTV: The 3 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Upload-Tiffany D. Brown

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