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Hair: 3 Things You need to STOP doing NOW!

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STOP Doing These 3 Things To Your Hair


First of all, I am preaching to the choir. For many, MANY years I have straightened my hair using some form of heat. About 4 years ago I discovered the heat protectants. I was ok with this because I would never wear my hair in its natural state….N-E-V-E-R! There are many reasons why, but I will save that for another post.

When I started paying more attention to my hair and my wallet, I started to look into wearing my natural hair. My problem was that it was all over the place. I just didn’t know what in the hell to do with it. Parts of my hair were wavy, parts were curly, and some parts were straight! I mean parts that would not curl at ALL.  Why my hair was doing this? So, by doing some research, I found that it was from heat damage. On top of all of this, I love my hair color, and bleaching on top of using different methods of heat on a DAILY basis was killing my hair.

Actually, my hair was being stripped of its natural curl pattern, all from doing things that were not good for my hair! Seriously, I still have piece in the front section of my hair that will not curl. I am in the process of repairing the damage but it taking a while.

I want to help you start out on the right foot if you are thinking about transitioning but find it hard to put down the heat. Here are 3 things that are pivotal in starting in the right direction to have healthy hair.

  1. Put down the FLAT IRON.
  2. Do Away with the Curling Iron/Wand
  3. Stop using a BLOW Dryer on HIGH HEAT

If you are interested in seeing the process of me straightening my hair you can check out my post here. I am not saying for you to go and flat iron your hair, but I want to show you how years of this process that has now placed me on the road to recovery.

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