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Pregnancy: Repeat C-Section-What To Expect During Your Pre-Op Appointment


I can’t believe it!

Yall, we are only a few days away from meeting Baby Brown and I am not gonna lie… I am NERVOUS. I am nervous for many reasons but mainly because this is my first rodeo having a baby in Florida.

My other two children were born in Louisiana and I absolutely love my OBGYN and the process was stress-free and easy breezy. Well, for the most part. The thing that puts me a little on edge is the fact that although the doctors and surgeons have explained the process, I still don’t know what is really going to be like. After my 39 week appointment, I had to go in for my pre-op appointment.


The location was not in the hospital but it was actually around the corner. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to go into the hospital for the pre-op appointment. The location was just for pre-registration and surgery patients. We went in and Mrs. Carol was hands down one of the nicest receptionist I have met (and I work in the medical field).  She asked for my license and insurance and if I had any paperwork from my doctor. Afterward, she gave me two sheets of paperwork to fill out where I had to explain my health history.

Up next, I was escorted back to sit down and discuss…

Insurance & Payments

This process didn’t take that long because thankfully I had already pre-registered and I had an idea of what my out-of-pocket expenses would be. Let me just say…it is a blessing to have insurance. When she showed me the breakdown of the cost…hunny it was over $60,000 if you did not have insurance! Say What?!

She asked me if I wanted to pay something that day and explained that I would save 25% if I chose that option. But, I opted to wait for the hospital to send me a bill and I would pay it later. Now, remember this payment was JUST for the hospital. I will also be receiving a bill from my anesthesiologist and my OBGYN that will be delivering the baby.

Talk about a lot to process!

Pregnancy: Repeat C-Section-What To Expect During Your Pre-Op Appointment-Tiffany D. Brown

Bloodwork & Urinalysis

After I wrapped up with that I had to wait in the lobby for the phlebotomist to come and get me to do some bloodwork. Mrs. Annette was amazing! After some small talk, I found out that Mrs. Annette is originally from Moss Point, MS! Mississippi is my home and it was so good meeting someone else from there. Needless to say, we really hit it off and she was the sweetest lady. A part of the pre-op process you have to do all of your vitals, which included, temperature, oxygen level, and blood pressure. I also had to do a urinalysis and then I had to have blood drawn.

The process was pretty extensive but it was also quick. Up next, I had to meet with the nurse.

Meet With Nurse

Once I finished up with Mrs. Annette she escorted me down the hall to meet with Nuse Janet. During the trade-off, they had 3 different people verify and triple-check that my blood in the vials was indeed mine and it matched my armband. Once all the verification was complete, nurse Janet reviewed all of my information and asked me additional questions. Nurse Janet also gave me to run down on what I need to do to prepare for my c-section surgery.

She explained that I would have to shower with a CGH soap Sunday night and again on Monday morning prior to arriving at the hospital. She was very clear on the fact that I was not to apply any lotions or powders after suing the was and that I was only allowed deodorant. Then she informed me that  I couldn’t eat anything after 3:30 am. and I could only have 16 oz of water on the day of surgery but it had to be consumed prior to leaving the house.

The Arrival 

We finally got through all the logistics of preparing for the surgery then she told me that  I would need to arrive at the hospital at 11:30 a.m. (2 hours prior to surgery). She said once I arrive I would check-in at the front desk and they would escort me to the 2 floors to prep me for surgery.

Please don’t be fooled, this is a very extensive process and can be a little scary. On the other side of my fear is a blessing and I can’t wait to go from a family of 4 to 5 real soon!

Send all the prayer and good vibes our way!

Have you had a repeat c-section? What was your pre-op appointment experience like?

Pregnancy: Repeat C-Section-What To Expect During Your Pre-Op Appointment-Tiffany D. Brown

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