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Baby: 7-Month-Old Milestone Update


Baby E is 7 months old!

I’m trying to hold back the tears. to be honest I would be lying if I told you that this month has been an easy one because it hasn’t. Well not for me at least. There is so much going on in the world and it makes me want to hold my babies so much tighter. As mothers there will never be a day where you won’t worry about your children.

Today I wanted to share what Baby E has been up to and what milestones she has achieved at 7 Months Old. She has been a busy little bee and she is the sweetest little girl. I know she will grow up to be an amazing woman. Ok, let’s talk about these 7-month-old milestones!

7 Month Old Milestone Update 

  • Baby E has started to sit up unassisted yall! 

  • Started baby food/solids

  • Finally has picked up a little more weight, therefore, we had to upgrade her wardrobe pieces

  • She has her ears pierced!

  • She is obsessed with her new activity center

  • Loves to “talk” and dance.

  • Tries to hold her own bottle

  • Says mama (well as least that’s what it sounds like she is saying to me)

  • Has separation anxiety.

Baby: 7-Month-Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 7-Month-Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 7-Month-Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 7-Month-Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 7-Month-Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 7-Month-Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 7-Month-Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

The last one caught me off guard. When she returned to daycare after being at home with me for 3+ months she was not happy. To be honest, I wasn’t happy that she was going back but you know…


They are not “requiring” me to return to the field but let’s just say that the pressure is on. I didn’t want to get the word that I had to go back to work and not have a spot for her at her daycare so I opted to let her return to get reacclimated back to the school and the teachers. When I handed her over she was fine then once she realized that I was no longer holding her she was so upset.

She cried so hard. 

With her crying like that just broke my heart. Before I knew it I instructed the teacher to hand her back to me. I wanted to be the one to calm her down to let her know that it was going to be ok. We are on week 2 now and it’s getting better day by day. But leaving her never gets easier.

No one can take better care of your baby than you.

On the plus side of her returning to daycare, she can learn from her other little buddies in the class. There is so much for her to do and see and that is what makes me feel a tiny bit better about leaving her. Now, the first week I did not leave her there all day. It was only for a couple of hours. To me, this was the best way to allow her to transition and to get into the swing of our new routine.

I’m excited what this month will have in store for baby E. Maybe she will start to crawl or maybe she will get her first tooth. We will just have to wait and see!

When your baby was 7 months old what milestones did they achieve? Let me know in the comments.


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