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Baby: 6 Month Old Milestone Update


6 Month Old Milestone Update

Baby E is officially 6 months old. I get emotional at just the thought of it. Seriously, where has the time gone? In order for me to keep up with her milestones, I am going to start sharing them with her on the blog.

I decided to start sharing these milestones for those of you who have been there with me from the beginning. In the past, I didn’t share my children on social media that often, but I have started to share more. Just the overprotective mama in me.

Baby: 6 Month Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

Please keep in mind that if you read these posts, every baby is different. Babies do what they want to do when they want to do it. Remember your baby has his or her own development path/journey.

Don’t get discouraged.

Baby: 6 Month Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

So what has Baby E been up to lately? Here are a few things that I have noticed.

  1. She notices us. She knows who mommy, daddy, sister, and brother look like.
  2. Reaches and grabs for the things she WANTS (bring on the food) when she sees the bottle, she reaches for it.
  3. Baby E has discovered her voice. To be honest, she discovered her voice at around 2 months. When her brother and sister are around, she CHUCKLES. It is the cutest sound I have ever heard.
  4. Now, she is starting to roll. Right now she is only rolling on her side, but it is a milestone so I will count it.
  5. Our daily family walks have become her favorite part of the day.
  6. She found her toes! (socks too)
  7. Baby E loves to hang out in her chair for playtime with her brother and sister.
  8. We have started adding cereal to her bottle to see how she does. So far, so good.

We are also making sure that she gets her Tummy Time daily. Baby E loves to try and “sit up” so I make sure that she gets lap time so she can sit up and see what’s going on. Her favorite thing to do is sitting outside with me on the back patio. I think she will love hanging out there just as much as I do.

Baby: 6 Month Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

6 Month Pictures

Every month my goal is to capture Baby E in her element. I love the pictures we took this time around because her little personality is starting to show more. These will definitely be print worthy to have and look back on for many years to come.

Baby: 6 Month Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

Baby: 6 Month Old Milestone Update-Tiffany D. Brown

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